Secret Diary of A. Ferguson aged 68 1/4

Alex Ferguson Qatar

11 January 2010 – Fitba, bloody hell! If it is nae bad enough that ma team was knocked oot the FA Cup, it had tae be the wee bassas Leeds. It’s enough to drive a man tae the drink. Nae that there’s anything wrong with a wee dram or a boatle a’ soup. Giggsy calls […]

Secret diary of A. Ferguson, aged 67 3/4

Sir Alex Ferguson

30 December 2009 – It’s been a funny week in fitba, no doubt aboot it. Ma auld pal Hughsie – or Linda as the wife indoors calls him – wiz fired this week by the windae lickin’ bassa’s at Citeh. Jesusjonny!! Two defeats all season and they’ve already fired the mincy heid! What is the […]