Lighthearted review of the transfer window that was

Luis Anderson

There’s an old adage oft-employed by footy fans when discussing players they deem dispensable to their club: “I’d have personally given him a lift to the airport myself.” It’s a phrase heard bandied about boozers nationwide. Whilst most vehicle owners can accommodate a quartet of passengers, if this rule is applied to every Manchester United […]

A boy who can do (almost) anything

Adnan Januzaj

There is much reason for double celebration for wunderkind Adnan Januzaj this week. The boy turns 19 today amid news that he’s been awarded the much-vaunted Manchester United Player of the Month award, verisimilarly the first of many accolades he’ll accrue during his Old Trafford tenure. What Januzaj represents, first and foremost, is that if […]

The science of scapegoating

Tom Cleverley

Tom Cleverley has felt the full force of Reds’ frustration, as Manchester United fans clamber to scapegoat someone, or even seek to earmark a trip of scapegoats, including Ashley Young. Fans aplenty are literally endeavouring to master the science, perhaps even aspiring to an MSc(apegoat.) And yes, I’m labeling scapegoating as a science as opposed […]

Subbuteo Art competition winners

The Art of Subbuteo

The response to United Rant’s ‘Subbuteo Art’ competition was resoundingly positive, with hundreds of suggestions, ultimately spawning over 60 unique and novel ideas. Many iconic moments, including Matthew Simmons’ attempt to headbutt Cantona’s boot, were proposed on countless occasions, so those who came up with the new idea first were entered into the competition. Many […]

The art of Subbuteo

The Art of Subbuteo

Released in the 1940s, and surging to prominence in the ’60s, Subbuteo harkens back to a simpler, more innocent, arguably more beautiful epoch, particularly when discussing the beautiful game. And this pertains to football both on- and off the field. On the pitch, diving was less prevalent – if not non-existent – reflecting the sturdier […]

The future is bright, the future is Red

Eric Cantona

If you aren’t feeling optimistic about Manchester United’s prospects over the next few years, then you must be the eternal pessimist. Either that or you’re a staunch subscriber to those theories espoused by Alan Hansen. Of course, it’s all too easy to get too carried away too early, and sometimes it’s best to remain level-headed […]