Rantcast 188 – Moyes parks the bus

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In what was ostensibly a good week for David Moyes, Ed & Paul contrive to record their most ‘Moyes-Out’ show yet. It was hard work ladies and gents, but somebody has to do it! The show covers the win against Aston Villa at Old Trafford, and Manchester United’s brave, plucky, up and at ‘em bus […]

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Rantcast 187 – Aspiring to Football Weekly

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Following the ray of hope that was the game against West Ham United, and the full blown downpour of dooooooom that was defeat to Manchester City, Ed and Paul cover all the stuff that matters in the world of Manchester United, provide some analysis, and ending up spending ages talking about ol’ David Moyesey. With […]

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Rant Cast 185 – We’re gonna win the league

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On this week’s show Ed & Paul look back on United’s triumphant victory over the might of West Bromwich Albion, compliment the genius of Marouane Fellaini and look forward to United lifting the title in May… Or perhaps not. There’s a look ahead to the games against Liverpool and Olympiakos, and chat about the investment […]

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Review: “The Class of ’92″

The Class of '92

It’s ridiculous, when you think about it. Six mates, two of them literal brothers, the rest of them brothers in all but blood are possessed of a profoundly driven will to win and a deep personal love of a football club. They learn their trade together, bonded forever by their experience, and then they set […]

Dear Sir Alex, Thanks

Sir Alex Ferguson

Football serves an odd function – and if you are reading this there’s a good chance that you really care about it. I am endlessly fascinated by what football represents to those of us who become so invested in the outcome of a few men kicking a ball around that it is transformed into drama, […]


Dimitar Berbatov

I don’t actually know what the weather is typically like in Bulgaria, but I’m going to guess that the winters are chilly. And a good job too, because Dimitar Berbatov will have had some practice at being out in the cold; his position in the Manchester United pecking order is a solid fourth choice. Rooney’s […]

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We really, really appreciate you listening to Rant Cast, our weekly podcast, and both Ed and Paul really enjoy doing it. We’ve done a show almost every single week for the past season and a half, and quite a few the season before that, and of course we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love […]

The genuine, non sarcastic, magic of the Cup

The Paul Ansorge column appears each month in Rant Monthly. Once upon a time the magic of the Cup was a term with very different usage. 2012’s FA Cup will see that phrase used by television marketers to add glamour to ties that see the elite clubs of the land field third string midfielders away to […]

Football Manager 2012 review

Football Manager 2012

Football Manager 2012 is absolutely, totally and utterly brilliant. I can’t imagine that surprises you much, dear reader. Football Manager has been absolutely, totally and utterly brilliant since it was called Championship Manager, and there was a Mitre Magma on the cover. What is really such an extraordinary achievement is that they really do just […]

Review: “Red” by Gary Neville

Red - My Autobiography

There are moments in “Red”, Gary Neville’s autobiography, when you are reminded what an absolutely extraordinary career he, his brother and – as he never fails to refer to them – “Butty, Becks, Giggsy and Scholesey” had together. In the second batch of photographs included there is an image, captured in the dressing room before […]