Author Thariq Amir

Author Thariq Amir

Dennis Viollet, a United man: An Interview with Rachel Viollet

March 21, 2016 Tags: Opinion 3 comments
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“Never begin to think you know everything. There is always something to be learned.” – Dennis Viollet

Dennis Viollet passed away on 6 March 1999, just a couple of months before Manchester United completed the treble. When Teddy Sheringham and the Ole Gunnar Solskjær scored the crucial goals against Bayern Munich to bring the European Cup back to Old Trafford for the first time since 1968 it’s hard not to think that the dramatic ‘never-say-die’ performance that night in Barcelona was a fitting tribute to Viollet.

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The teenage riot of United’s sonic youth

March 1, 2016 Tags: , Opinion 3 comments
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Four goals in two starts, a pair of braces no less, represents a fairytale start to life in Manchester United’s first team for Marcus Rashford. The 18-year old enjoyed a dream Premier League début against Arsenal, to quote an oft-used cliché. Rashford’s strikes were predatory; his movement sharp, while his hold-up play and awareness to set-up Ander Herrera displayed maturity beyond his years. The Fletcher Moss Rangers graduate deservedly picked up the man of the match award for a sensational performance at Old Trafford. What happens next is up to him, but Rashford could become a key player should his progress continue. Read More

The Wilted Tulip – Louis van Gaal’s United Legacy

February 21, 2016 Tags: Opinion 7 comments
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Ever heard of a short story called Den lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne”? It’s the Danish title for Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale commonly known in English as The Little Match Girl.”  It’s the tale of a poor girl trying, unsuccessfully, to sell matches on the cold streets of Denmark. Eventually, as the temperature drops, she makes her way to a nook and keeps herself warm by lighting the matches she was supposed to sell. With each match struck the girl sees visions of happier places and times. It’s a story that ends in tragedy as the cold finally claims the little match girl. Read More

‘Don Patricio’ – the Patrick O’Connell story

February 16, 2016 Tags: Opinion No comments
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1959. He was discovered dead in his brother’s attic, pneumonia having claimed another penniless soul. Buried in St. Mary’s Churchyard, in an unmarked grave, Patrick Joseph O’Connell was gone and seemingly forgotten. It was an unremarkable end to a man who led a colourful and sometimes controversial life. He was the Manchester United captain embroiled in scandal, a title-winning manager for Real Betis and FC Barcelona’s saviour. O’Connell was many things – in Spain he was affectionately dubbed “Don Patricio.” Read More

United unwinds in Wile E. Coyote country

February 2, 2016 Tags: , Opinion 6 comments
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The winter transfer window has come and gone with a few departures and no Old Trafford arrivals. Ordinarily the headlines might have focused on the fact that United failed to bring in a fresh face in winter window for the first time since 2005. These are no ordinary times though as Manchester City confirmed football’s worst kept secret: Pep Guardiola will take charge of the Blues next season. Read More

Jorge Mendes: United’s would-be kingmaker

January 25, 2016 Tags: , , Opinion 11 comments
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There are many ways to describe Manchester United’s latest performance in a season littered with setbacks. “As timid as a mouse,” comes to mind, but that might be disrespectful to the little critter that made its way onto the pitch at Old Trafford this past Sunday. It certainly moved with more purpose and adventure than United’s players. Read More