Brutal, disrespectful, and United’s only choice

David Moyes

So there it is – the moment so many Manchester United supporters seemingly craved, at least if social media is any barometer. After 10 months in charge at Old Trafford David Moyes has gone – to dancing on the streets of Twitter. It has been an anarchic period; a failure of manager, management and Sir […]

The new man has much to do

David Moyes, Everton

As if the season wasn’t chaotic enough for those at Old Trafford, Liverpool is set to win the Premier League for the first time, while Manchester United is in a desperate fight for Europa League qualification. Little wonder that United’s 2-0 defeat to Everton proved to be the final straw, ending David Moyes’ disastrous 10 […]

Moyes ignored Fergie’s plan and it cost him his job

David Moyes, Sir Alex Ferguson

David Moyes’ nightmarish reign is now over. Manchester United, however, has been left in tatters with rookie coach Ryan Giggs in charge for the final four games. Given the lack of available top class managers the Welshman may very well end up as the best choice to take over on a permanent basis. It leaves […]

Preview: Everton v United

David Moyes, Roberto Martinez

It is the longest running saga in Manchester United’s history – the 188th time the Reds have faced Everton since the teams first met in 1892. Everton hammered Newton Heath 6-0 at Goodison Park that September to set up an unbeaten run against ‘United’ that would last 15 years. More than a century on and […]

Rebuilding Manchester United

Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic

With little left to play for in an altogether disastrous Manchester United campaign thoughts turn to the summer’s principal highlight. A period when great men come to the fore and the hapless are mocked with little mercy. Time for dreams to  be made and then shattered; where the hopes of millions are peaked and snatched away. […]