Moyes replacement candidates

David Moyes

News this week that Manchester United director Joel Glazer – or Bryan depending on the report – may have met Netherlands national manager Louis van Gaal comes as little surprise. While the club denies a meeting has taken place it is surely inconceivable that United’s executive management is not forming a contingency plan. After all, […]

Moyes’ 50 failings in 50 games

David Moyes

It has, without hint of hyperbole, been the most disastrous season at Manchester United in a quarter-century. Transition from Sir Alex Ferguson may have proven difficult whomever was appointed at the club, but in David Moyes there is an increasing body of evidence that the club’s executive has made a serious mistake. After all “transition” […]

Attacking trio lights way to a more dynamic approach

Juan Mata, Shinji Kagawa, Newcastle

Imagine for a moment a Manchester United side without Robin van Persie or Wayne Rooney. In the kind of thought experiment common in pubs throughout the land consider, if you will, whether United could actually be better off without two of the finest strikers in Europe? Odd as the premise may seem, there is growing […]

Moyes’ fear finds its way

David Moyes

There was something terrifying about Tuesday night’s draw with Bayern Munich in the Champions League. In more than 50 fine years of Manchester United’s participation in European competition rare has been the occasion on which United was so palpably adrift of the opposition. Defeat to Barcelona at Camp Nou in 1994 springs to mind; two […]

Not yet the wrong one

David Moyes

It has been Manchester United’s worst campaign of the Premier league era. This is undeniable. The rumblings of discontent with David Moyes that have been present since the Scot joined the club last summer have surged in recent weeks as United fell to Liverpool and then Manchester City. Yet, it is the campaign among some to […]

Attacking balance holds key to United’s Euro fate

David Moyes master plan

David Moyes should still be replaced as Manchester United manager despite the Reds hard-earned draw against Bayern Munich on Tuesday night. After all, United’s decent run in the Champions League this season is pointless if the club is not in it at all next year. Still, the Reds defended efficiently in this season’s quarter-final first […]

Rant at 10

Rant Birthday

Happy belated birthday – United Rant is ten. Well sort of. Born 9 March 2004, Rant has lived in two instalments: first, to March 2007, and then again from April 2009. The hiatus a story too long to recount. Yet, it has certainly been an amusing if sometimes expletive-laden ride; more than a decade of […]

Moyes must adapt or go

David Moyes

In 1975 Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard to found Microsoft, although in later years the billionaire would frequently return to the institution. Realizing that he needed to learn business to nurture his new enterprise, Gates went so far as to butt into faculty poker games and bet himself into the professors’ brain trust. In […]

From first to nowhere in less than a year

Yaya Toure

One bad season does not equal a trend. It is an observation worth remembering as Manchester United’s campaign inevitably unravels over the next fortnight. Yet, it was not so much the Reds’ 10th defeat of an embarrassing Premier League campaign that hurt on Tuesday night, but the way United capitulated to Manchester City at Old […]

Smiles better for Moyes but true tests to come

Wayne Rooney, West Ham goal

It was a phenomenal effort, arching high over Adrián del Castillo’s head, bouncing once before catching the top of the net at the Bobby Moore end. Neither true volley, nor half, Wayne Rooney’s goal at Upton Park on Saturday is the kind that could spark a season into life. Yet, David Moyes’ celebration at Rooney’s […]