United ready to show off the money debt equity players

'Show me the money'

One certainty when dining at the top table is that the fare on offer can be mighty pricey. It seems that Manchester United’s appointment of Louis van Gaal to the manager’s post signals the club’s intention to eat à la carte once again. While the Dutchman boasts a fine record of working with youth, over more than two decades as a front line […]

van Gaal rises to his greatest challenge

Louis van Gaal

There is a tendency to view Manchester United’s future in one of two extremes: those who believe the sky has fallen in on a once great empire, and observers who hold true that all ills have been cured by dismissing David Moyes. As ever the truth lies at neither poll, although it is axiomatic to suggest Louis […]

Season review and ratings 2013/14

Ryan Giggs

There is a risk in analysing this most disappointing season that supporters become trapped in the accusation of infantile complaint. After all, Manchester United’s fans have enjoyed two decades of almost unbroken success. Now is not the time to become churlish. That success was enjoyed until Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, the Glazer family’s parsimony and David […]

Rant’s Premier Predictions 2013/14 revisited

David Moyes

Each year Rant predicts the season ahead. Manchester United’s performance, the winners, the losers and the individual stars. There have been mixed results over the years – check out 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13. The 2013/14 season proved one of the more traumatic in United’s recent history. While Rant predicted that United might struggle under […]

Brilliant van Gaal must prove he is the right man at the right time

Louis van Gaal

Legend has it that Louis van Gaal greeted appointment to his first management job with the boast: “congratulations on signing the best coach in the world.” It is one of those quotable moments where the subtly is perhaps lost in the passage of time. Still, if the Ajax board didn’t believe the rookie coach in […]

Reds seek reason to include ’1992 Committee’ in van Gaal’s new United

Louis van Gaal

The “1992 Committee” – as fanzine Red Issue recently dubbed Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and Phil Neville – scored something of a victory when David Moyes was dismissed as Manchester United manager last Tuesday. It is not that the quartet had actively sought the Scot’s removal, although there has not been word of […]

Giggs’ endurance offers shot at the top job

Ryan Giggs

“Tearing them apart since 1991,” declares the banner adorning Stretford End’s upper tier. It feels longer such is the institution that Ryan Giggs has become. Willowy kid, to world-class winger, midfield schemer and now manager – it has been an evolving journey in the 23 years since Giggs made his Manchester United debut. Add time […]

Brutal, disrespectful, and United’s only choice

David Moyes

So there it is – the moment so many Manchester United supporters seemingly craved, at least if social media is any barometer. After 10 months in charge at Old Trafford David Moyes has gone – to dancing on the streets of Twitter. It has been an anarchic period; a failure of manager, management and Sir […]

The new man has much to do

David Moyes, Everton

As if the season wasn’t chaotic enough for those at Old Trafford, Liverpool is set to win the Premier League for the first time, while Manchester United is in a desperate fight for Europa League qualification. Little wonder that United’s 2-0 defeat to Everton proved to be the final straw, ending David Moyes’ disastrous 10 […]

Moyes ignored Fergie’s plan and it cost him his job

David Moyes, Sir Alex Ferguson

David Moyes’ nightmarish reign is now over. Manchester United, however, has been left in tatters with rookie coach Ryan Giggs in charge for the final four games. Given the lack of available top class managers the Welshman may very well end up as the best choice to take over on a permanent basis. It leaves […]