Rant’s £1 bet club

£1 bet club

“The safest bet is the one you didn’t make.” Each week, in United Rant’s match preview, we lay a £1 bet on an event in the coming game. It could be as simple as a scoreline, but more often its a little more ambitious than that. Last season Rant ended up £4.50 on the season. […]

United Rant Fantasy League 2015/16

Fantasy League

There’s a difference between fantasy and reality. No really, there is. Rant enters the following into evidence: That David Moyes could ever be the ideal replacement for Sir Alex Ferguson was a fantasy. That David Moyes was the worst possible choice as United manager a stark reality. That “this year is Liverpool’s year” is the […]

Introducing Utd Way fanzine

Utd Way

Producing a fanzine is hard and mostly thankless work – especially when it comes to putting together the old fashioned multi-feature designed kind. We know here at United Rant having put heart and soul into six editions of Rant Monthly a few years back. That’s to say little about the effort it has taken to […]

Merry Christmas from United Rant


It’s that time of year when Rant Towers is decked with bells and holly, the staff swap gifts with loved ones and everyone gets rip roaringly drunk. So whether you’re celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, (the end of) Chanukah, the Anglo-Saxon feast of midwinter, or simply enjoying the build up to tomorrow’s fixture with […]

Competition: Win Cantona and Rooney Ts

Eric Cantona T-Shirt

That one second that changes everything. The sudden rush of ecstasy. The complete loss of inhibition. The wild celebrations. There is no better feeling than a stoppage time goal. The Art of Football’s crafted designs emulate the beauty of those moments never forgotten, capturing the energy, passion and euphoria that erupts from that one magical […]

United Rant Fantasy League 2014/15

United Rant Fantasy League

Rant knows what you’re thinking. After the David Moyes ‘era’ almost anything is now a fantasy; Louis van Gaal’s rapid Old Trafford revolution more than but a dream. Fear not friends, for while the Iron Tulip is very real, there is little to beat the annual United Rant Fantasy League. More than 600 teams strong […]

Subbuteo Art competition winners

The Art of Subbuteo

The response to United Rant’s ‘Subbuteo Art’ competition was resoundingly positive, with hundreds of suggestions, ultimately spawning over 60 unique and novel ideas. Many iconic moments, including Matthew Simmons’ attempt to headbutt Cantona’s boot, were proposed on countless occasions, so those who came up with the new idea first were entered into the competition. Many […]

The campaign for a teen-only section at Old Trafford

Manchester United fans

Over the past two decades the average age of supporters inside Old Trafford has been on a steady incline. The price of tickets, and the ever ‘ageing’ population of season ticket holders, has served to generate a changing demographic of match-going Manchester United supporters. Indeed, surveys conducted by the Premier League suggest that the average […]

United Rant forum, mark IV

United Rant Forum

There have been, believe it or not, four variations of the United Rant forum since the website’s birth in 2004. The first iteration, live between 2004 and 2007, became an infamous and somewhat rabid den of all that is iniquitous and unholy on the internet. Fantastic entertainment for around 5,000 users in other words. Then […]

Rio: My Decade as a Red

Rio Ferdinand

There have been times over the past decade when Rio Ferdinand seemed destined for anything but a lengthy stay at Old Trafford. It has been a journey from a £30 million transfer in July 2002, through a controversial ban and subsequent contract re-negotiation, to genuine – well almost – respect on the terraces. After all, […]