Dimitar Berbatov’s seven habits of highly successful people like me: #7 Spreading Yourself

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Hello fans

It’s that special time again, the period I look forward to a lot, the most magical time of the year for me and all those who love me.

No I am not talking about Jesus’ birthday party, but a much more significant event.

Yes fans, it’s the personal awards season again, the time when true recognition is given to me and all the other successful people who have helped shape the modern world.

This year has especially been great. I must thank the great people of earth, for voting me Bulgarian Man of the Year. A truly global award, second only to being BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

I have been receiving awards regularly throughout my life. This has not only helped me overcome my natural shyness, but has also helped me reach out and touch many people I would have otherwise ignored.

Berbatov Receiving One of Many Awards

Berbatov Receiving One of Many Awards

So what better way to end this journey I have taken you on (for no cost), than by sharing with you my final piece of life advice. No it’s not the habit of accumulating awards, but something altogether more all embracing.

My final habit of successful people like me is habit #7: Spreading Yourself (for the ones who love you).

Berbatov Spreading Himself to Fans

Berbatov Spreading Himself to Fans

I always think back to my childhood cartoon hero Captain Communist, whose catchphrase was “Give it back to the people or the secret police will come and get you.” It is catchier in Bulgarian.

His wise words taught me from a young age that becoming more successful than most people, allows you to touch others in ways being normal can’t allow you to do.

Spreading yourself onto others is both a duty and a privilege of success; it is the direct result of all the great habits I have taught you to practice over this series.

From fans, to team mates, to lonely people, spreading yourself brings joy to all those around you. It is not complicated but very rewarding. It can take many shapes and forms and can be done at anytime and anywhere. Beware though, it can also be very time consuming, especially if you want to be an all round spreader like me.

Berbatov Spreading Yourself IBerbatov Spreading Yourself IVBerbatov Spreading Yourself VI

So during this period of giving, you must take example from me, from Jesus, and even from the Manchester United defensive crisis, and let people in. Sharing success with those who have none is the noblest act a successful person can do.

With those wise words, I must go now. It has been a pleasure teaching you how to be more like me and live more successfully.

Believe in yourselves fans and in your hour of need, feel free to look at me for the inspiration that will guide you from the darkness to the light.

There is one small thing I ask in return. I think it is time you updated the famous song you all love to sing at Christmas, and here are the changes I think would work really well:

“….On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, seven Berbatovs… and a Dimitar Berbatov!”

Good bye


Hiphopotumus - December 26, 2009 Reply

No! The end?! I will miss you.

Dani - December 28, 2009 Reply

Not the end! Please!!!

lk5w - January 10, 2010 Reply

Brilliant series! Who will take the spotlight next?

Cliffhanger - January 12, 2010 Reply

too funny… will be missed!

nya - January 25, 2010 Reply

nooooooooo!!! you can’t finish now

ncyl - February 27, 2010 Reply

hi Kei, first timer here. hope you’ll continue similar series with another current players. been repeating this series twice since completion date. Awesome!

BerbaBaby - June 25, 2010 Reply

Yes Dimi please write more…. I love you. Will you marry me? If not, then please write some more! PLEASE!!! xoxo

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