Liverpool signs midfielder, Giggs runs for the hills

Liverpool tonight moved to sealed a £10.7 million deal for Porto midfielder Raul Meireles, the Portuguese international. The player, who appeared for his nation at the World Cup in South Africa will fit in well at Anfield. After all, he’s already abused one of Manchester United’s legends…

Raul Meireles

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  1. captainhormone captainhormone says:

    jammy bastard

  2. :D LOL! Ando looks appropriately disconcerted!

  3. captainhormone captainhormone says:

    anderson looks like he is having a cheeky wank to me

  4. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Ed… does Giggs have a Facrbook page or summat? Be funny as hell to send him that pic.

  5. He does, Alf. I’ve got him added but I promised not to hand it out willy nilly

    Just close friends, you know how it is

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