1. Albert Yome says

    That was during. It highlights the gulf in attitude between those who are legends, Giggs and Charlton and those who are surplus to requirements.

  2. sadique says

    When i saw that, i was embarrassed for the two of them. As it stands they are not good enough for United and SAF is giving them a chance to have a go and all they are interested in is their music and sms. Bebe also has a drink in case he got thirsty WATCHING the game. Offload them!!

      • jenre says

        cus it’s impossible to get thirsty without doing strenuous exercise. i mean, what does this professional footballer think he’s doing keeping himself sufficiently hydrated??? SELL HIM!!!

    • Geno says

      Mate, if you ever went to a live match instead of just watching from your living room or a pub, you might notice that a lot of the fans also buy drinks.

      These 2 are a disgrace and I’ll bet Giggsy was thinking it’s a shame they don’t speak English so I can tell them to keep their eyes on the game so they might learn something, like how to play. But to have a go at Bebe for having a drink…FFS…

    • jenre says

      no, you can see he’s watching the game.

      yeah, it’s bad obertan is listening to his ipod, but Bebe looking at his phone? it’s a 10 second clip, i don’t think its that awful to read a text for gods sake.

      some people need to get some bloody perspective

      • tedthered says

        Perspective??? When I’m at work and being paid I check my phone at lunch or on a break, I’m not being paid to check a text.
        When I watch United the phone is off.
        Why would anyone want to check a text whilst watching United in the presence of Sir Bobby and Giggles anyway.
        It would be an insult if it wasn’t for the fact that the pair of them are clearly ignorant.
        I don’t mind that they aren’t that good they can’t help that, but on the phone during a game just shows that they aren’t interested.
        You obviously don’t understand what being part of Manchester United entails.

  3. Bill says

    Whatever your take on this, simply throwing these two on the transfer list and selling in the summer won’t be the best decision. At least send them out on loan and then sell. At the moment you wouldn’t get above 2 mill each = definitely not value in the market. My guess is Fergie goes end of 2011/12 season.

  4. captainhormonecaptainhormone says

    TBF THEY ARE USING BLACKBERRIES SO THAT MAKES THEM PONCES…..i mean bebe probably doesn’t know how to use it anyway

  5. Bill says

    Yes this is possibly another adverse side effect of the media age we live in. Its bad timing, but looking at your phone during a football match is surely acceptable.

    • Albert Yome says

      It’s not just that BOTH were using devices, at the same time, but the fact that they are supposed to be professional footballers with rather a lot to learn and can’t seem to have a ninety minute attention span in them. Although the master winger could arguably have nothing left to learn, HE was intently looking at the match. Even Lady Charlton looks really interested. So, were Bebe and Obertan above studying Nani’s performance, or found Scholes boring? Or perhaps looking at Fletcher playing on the right wing and thinking that they could perform better in that position, particularly when Giggs, Park and Valencia were all injured? It’s frankly insulting.

  6. Alfonso BedoyaAlfonso Bedoya says

    Come on ffs… what’s with all the self righteous indignation?
    It’s a pic of two lads flicking through their phones… how long does it take to take that pic… seconds?#
    Obertan could be turning up the volume… Bebe could be answering a text from his mom… and five seconds later they both might be seen watching the game.
    You lot are carrying on like they were caught playing Warcraft, ffs.
    Giggs doesn’t seem to be bothered, or I’m sure he’d tell them to smarten up… and if it IS an issue, then I’m sure Ferguson will be made aware and he’ll deal with it, but fuck me… you lot would be dangerous with a few yards of rope.

    “Badges, to god-damned hell with badges! We have no badges. In fact, we don’t need badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges, you god-damned cabrón and ching’ tu madre! Come out from that shit-hole of yours. I have to speak to you.”

    • Shane says

      Haha this is spot on ^…Get over yourselves ffs!
      If it was Evra and Vidic,you all would probably be having a laugh about this.Be it two out form players,they should be sentenced to be hanged at dawn…

    • whiteside85 says

      they should be using every opportunity to pick up anything that benefits their game. Sorry but if i were Fergie id be pissed. i know i was whilst watchin it because it came after the pair of them put in the most dire performance iv seen from a red in a lond time last wkend

  7. Annabell says

    All of you above are distgusting? How can you judge them for living in their era. And how this website can only pick out these 2 shocks me because they are far from the most disrespectful players in football.

  8. Annabell says

    I would also like to mention that Rio Ferdiand has been tweeting during the matches he wasnt able to play because of injury. Are you all going to make a big deal out of that….No i didnt think so.

  9. David says

    This was actually shown live yesterday on setanta sports in ireland when the ball was out of play, the camera man focused on our bench and both were unfortunately caugth flicking through their phones.Fair enough it doesn’t look well but if the ball is out of play then honestly so what??I’m sure they were studying the game and could have been on the phones a matter of seconds.On another note for those who want them sold i agree they need an awful lot of work,bebe more so,but give them another year maybe two and if nothing has improved then get rid

  10. eddieTheRed says

    Top teams generally don’t allow use of mobiles during training and matches; I’m surprised United lets them away with this.

  11. Victor says

    My god, I remember seeing this during the game. It was so embarrassing and you could see Giggs watching from the corner of his eyes in disgust. Pathetic fools Bebe and Obertan.

    I thought I was the only one who would have noticed but bravo to the cameraman and this website for picking this up.

    I even made a funny caption of this pic, only if the site would let me post it.

    • Victor says

      Why? When they have a senior sitting right next to them? Why do they need to hear or read a biased commentary from a team of nitwits when they have a living legend next to them? Language barrier? Fine. I found it weird when I saw it during the match, still do. The ones defending probably didn’t see the game probably.

  12. han says

    aye bman
    except i doubt the pair can read……..

    ffs anyone would think they were wanking each other off during the game
    leave them alone
    they are hardly guilty of a major crime and its not as if all the ranters have never taken their eyes off a game be it on tv or at the ground

  13. Neil_Barsley says

    I for one would HATE to have to go and watch MY team play. That must be SO boring. I probably would have asked Fergie if I could wait in the bus because the crowd would have interrupted my music.

  14. says

    I understand the confusion and anger directed at these 2. But instead of reading the endless comments from fans not really in the know, I’d like to hear what Giggs, Sir Alex, Bebe and Obertan have to say about the incident.

    * Were they really listening to music or chatting with mates?
    * Were they listening to commentary of the game in their own language? (Bebe doesn’t speak English fluently yet)
    * Were they listening to data from United Trainers as they watched the game? (something Giggs and Charlton would not need to do as vets)
    * Would Fergie actually allow these guys to listen to music or gossip instead of concentrating on the match. That would be a fault of Sir Alex, no?

    I don’t know the answer to these questions, but another comment on this list is meerly speculation. If the boys were guilty of an offense, I still wouldn’t transfer them as they do have quality. But who better than Sir Alex knows how to deal with this “in-house?” (Just ask Giggs and Lee Sharpe about a similar post-game incident when they were teenagers for the club. It happens but can be corrected!

    Lets let Sir Alex deal with it. I trust him!

    Just my 2 cents….

  15. han says

    aye well posted dre…
    except SAF will be too busy defending shrek from the feeding frenzy thats gonna happen after that wigan game

  16. TK says

    Very upset with those two players,not because of this careless and unacceptable behaviour but because of their poor poor performance on the pitch .They need to up their performance or they should be shown the door.Till this moment of time ,they are millions miles away from being Man Utd quality.

  17. bman says

    I see some of our players listening to headphones a lot during matches, but it could well be that they are listening to the match commentary from somewhere, perhaps in their own language if they don’t speak/understand English well. Either way, Obertan is definitely not the only one I’ve seen do it. Maybe some players listen to music as a psychological relaxation thing to keep their nerves down in case they are subbed on. Maybe they’re just attention-deficit twats.

  18. Matthew Grima says

    How many times have we seen rio and the likes on the phone? That said I still want the two sold for being shit.

  19. Geno says

    OK, so you’re Gabriel Obertan…you’re a speedy winger who has been accused of lacking match intelligence, vision, creativity and awareness. You’re sat at a match next to Ryan Giggs, one of the greatest wingers ever to lace up a pair of boots and hit the field. He’s also reknowned for being one of the nicest guys in football, so he’s probably going to be willing to chat to you throughout the match and explain the patterns of play, what he’s seeing and what positions the players should be taking up both on and off the ball. Instead, you strap on your giant headphones and start blasting through some Plastic Bertrand or Lady Gaga or whatever other shite music you enjoy. Get a fricking clue!!!

  20. Welsh_United says

    Obertan could of been listening to match commentary off the internet of his iPhone, when the connection was lost. He was then filmed trying to get it back and asked Bebe to check his phone to see if it was a network problem or his phone playing up #justsaying #youneverknow

  21. triggs says

    Look they’re both shit, that’s why you’re angry.

    Obertan was being a prick, but Bebe was literally just checking his phone for like 5 seconds – they showed a longer clip on MOTD2 and he put it back in his pocket.

  22. says

    told all you cunts that bebongo was a spliffy reggae ragga muffin rasta bumber klaart gin and juice fuck about.

    he is “raw” ? bollocks, he is shit, and Taggart bought him cos he was fucked out of his face on window cleaner

  23. Gaz says

    Seriously? Ok they were looking at a device, meaning what? They wernt watching the game? And giggs was watching them, meaning he wasn’t watching the game, are they good enough? How many years before sir Alex won sumthing? Did he deserve his chance?

    If we get a new manager next season how many years will he have to succeed in the hotseat while fans like this get on this way… Ur all a joke, a mire 15 seconds in game and they were using there devices!! So bloody what!! Obviously the camera was on them as it went from split view to them, if they had did it a few times it would show it all, did it? No!!!!!!! Ni wind ur necks in and grow up, stop yapping!!!!!!!! Kids!!!!

    • says

      Onside – its funny. The juxtaposition of Paul McKenna’s self-help books/CDs/MP3s and Bebe and Obertan being caught looking at their phones not the match and the latter pair being shockingly bad players. Get it?

  24. Danillaco says

    You guys are pathetic. It’s clear that Bebé is not flicking his cell phone, he’s just admiring the cover of a Iphone that he found in his trash bin.

  25. uncleknobheadffsuncleknobheadforfucksake says

    Blog Commenter said:
    And Ed, what is the point of this picture?

    Do you have an agenda against these 2 players?

    to be fair they are fucking shite players

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