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Manchester City’s cocky nouveau riche attitude fell a peg or two last night as Manchester United deservedly reached the Carling Cup final. It was City’s biggest night in years and the Abu Dhabi-owned Bitters badly choked at the final hurdle. With City in the FA Cup it is premature to raise the “35 years” Stretford End banner, but surely that’s only a factor of time.

“This football club will be without doubt the biggest and best in the world,” the hapless City CEO Gary Cook said in a New York bar last week.

“People don’t like to hear it but I’ll make no excuses for saying it, and I will never stop saying it because I truly believe it with the resources and capabilities that we have – and when, not if, we’re at Wembley having beaten Man United yet again!”

Cook later backtracked and claimed to believe the meeting was “private” despite the presence of a TV camera crew. The CEO is widely mocked in football circles after City’s incompetent failed bid for former-AC Milan midfielder Kaká last year, where he accused the Italian outfit of “bottling it.” Classy. Not.

Then the Brummie lied to the national press, claiming not to have opened talks with manager Roberto Mancini before incumbant Mark Hughes found a P45 waiting in his Eastlands office.

Not that Mancini’s predictions have born any more fruit.

“When we go to Old Trafford, we will take that banner down,” said the former Italy international striker who no doubt believes City have the Premier League’s widest pitch, tallest floodlights and bluest shirts.

“This is the last year because we will win.”

Perhaps about time City stopped staring into that blue-tinted the crystal ball, eh?


Andy Blue - January 28, 2010 Reply

O dear… our CEO is rather a hapless chap. He must surely being doing something behind the scenes for the owner not to get rid of him.

Just hope we manage a nice little FA Cup run.

A lot of City fans get uptight about our rivalry with you boys (i think it is a rivalry now at last) but i for one love the banter. All those moaning about arrogance of Utd fans will soon forget it and indulge in it themselves should our roles be reversed in the future. I for one certainly will be.

Gary Chuckles Lovechild - January 28, 2010 Reply

No wonder we are known as the new bitters in football circles !

We need to forget about City and worry about our own serious problems.

Dee Mac - January 28, 2010 Reply

We could not wish for a better man at city.
So far,so good.
He has taken Millions from the Arabs to replace a bunch of plonkers,with another bunch of plonkers,that no other team wants.
He stabs Mark Hughes in the back.
Then lies about it.
He orchestrates a ‘little man’s propaganda war’ against us,with his stupid poster.
He boasts that City (obviously with his guidance) will become the biggest football team in the world.
They do not even own their own ground.
He now is competing with the Gallagher’s(Has been Beatles tribute band)to be votrd GOBSHITE OF THE YEAR
Keep it going Cook….we follow your every utterance
By the way they still behead people in that country and I can think of no bigger an infidel than you.

Stretty - January 28, 2010 Reply

Excellent. I’d seen the quotes but didn’t know there was video too. 😀

He really is a joke of a man, so it’s quite fitting that he’sChief Exec at City really. They’re made for eachother.

Rob the Red - January 28, 2010 Reply

What a wally Cooke is! Also why did he need a microphone? By the look and sound of it only about 15 people turned up!…… Cos city are a massive club maybe?… Up the Reds! and green & gold ’til we’re sold.

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