Ravel Morrison reveals motivation for contract dispute

“His agent has been working hard to get him another club,” Sir Alex Ferguson said of teenage prodigy Ravel Morrison on Friday. “We’ve offered him terms which he has refused, so that is where it is. His demands are unrealistic as far as we are concerned. We’ve rejected an offer from Newcastle and it is now down to how that progresses.”

Rant wonders what could motivate an 18-year-old to turn down the opportunity to play for his local club…

Ravel Morrison, Ca$h

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  1. says

    Absolutely right

    Didn’t the club see this coming. Fergie Having publicly wanked off pogbastard and mongo morrisson as the amazing youth it looks very likely that both will go. What is our youth policy? There is none.

    Enter the ginger ninja …

  2. Alfonso BedoyaAlfonso Bedoya says

    What am I missing?

    Where does it say what Morrisons’ motivations are?… All I see are Fergusons’ opinion.

    I can only imagine that United have put stipulations into their offer, that lets them out of any contract, if Morrison gets into more off field trouble… which I think would be reasonable…

    I can’t see United wanting to sell him, when they won’t even get a decent fee for him…. I can only assume that he wants to leave, or at least won’t agree to something in Uniteds offer… whatever… I think Morrison owes United a bit of loyalty here.

  3. DaveDevil says

    F00k the mercenaries. Haven’t proven themselves yet and trying to hold the club to ransom. Piss off elsewhere Ravel – you’re signing the death warrant for your own career.

  4. Just1n says

    danniitronix said:
    Absolutely right

    Didn’t the club see this coming. Fergie Having publicly wanked off pogbastard and mongo morrisson as the amazing youth it looks very likely that both will go. What is our youth policy? There is none.

    Enter the ginger ninja …

    Cant believe they have been given so little game time. Cant see Voyeur allowing talented youngsters to leave Arse.

    • DeadRevel says

      No, it tells you something about injuries and lack of money available. We have bought and brought through lots of great young players.

      Stupidity from Ravel if this is the only reason though. Still a self absorbed teenager who is too short sighted to realise he can earn more money at United anyway – unfortunately he’s a gangster who wants a Bentley and gold plated uzis before he turns 20.

      Confirms my opinion that Alan Pardew is a twat as well. No doubt been undermining our management of a very troubled young person with promises of instant high wages.

  5. uncleknobheadffsuncleknobheadforfucksake says

    squigs says this is a wilshere rooney type talent, they were both regulars and internationals at 18, has he even started a game for us yet, wed already be after him if he weren’t with us, cause hed be playing

    • Harrison says

      Hahahahaha you are deluded!! You think we’d get Tiote in exchange HAHAHAHAHAHA hes better than any defensive midfielder in our squad, would have to pay em about 30 mill for him, Ravels worth about a mill at most!!

  6. Alfonso BedoyaAlfonso Bedoya says

    danniitronix said:
    If we get tiotiutiotreee from barcodes in exchange wld be good

    Tiote is rubbish… great at being a midfiled pain in the arse… runs about a lot, and is hard in the tackle, but can’t pass for toffee.

  7. baloobaloo says

    I seriously suspect this is Fergie playing it hardball and pretty fucking right to my mind.

    He’s saying to Morrison “You wanna sign for Newcastle rather than play for Man Utd, go ahead…” If he takes it, he’s an idiot beyond redemption because it really is about cash and he’ll fuck himself and his talent up anyway because that’s what he’s like and he won’t have anywhere near the protection and facilities at the Barcodes. If not, and this shakes some fucking sense into him, all well and good and he’ll sign and be on the right fucking lines.

    Pogba – fuck knows. Again, I think Fergie’s just fucked off with the agent being a cunt but aren’t I right in saying he’s got longer on his contract anyway, so no real rush. Maybe the Morrison thing is a warning shot to him as well?

  8. bgee adam says

    Ravel who.?? Let hm leave if he wants to. beckham, nisterooy, tevez, ronaldo n many more hv come n gone n man united is alive n winning (trophies). So a young troubled gansta’s depature dat has neva strted fr d senior team will do no damage @ all…

  9. squigs says

    Well looking to tout yourself to Newcastle United your not going to make a better wage then at United overall, I still think there is more to this then Fergie claims certainly the fact he is still on parole till Feburary you think United would have to be cautious about offering a contract before then.

    Since he signed his current contract he was apparently paying most of it back in fines. You would fear in two years time he will either be on 50 grand a week or in prison, he is a wrong one alright, we have witness intimidation, assault, passenger in a car stopped with a fire arm.

    I’m still of the opinion he is the ability of the likes of Rooney and Wilshire, while not superbly pacey, has wonderful feet, a low centre of gravity and such exceptional balance.I feel the reason he has been kept away are more to do with fears of his temperament less so as his ability, United have been good to the lad and would have let him go much quicker if it wasn’t for his talent.

  10. marky boy says

    I think the club would want to give the player a bit of a break.If the rumours are true about barca and arsenal etc,,then surley ravel is worth a better deal.After all didnt united shell out almost 8 million on bebe.A player not even proven at our level.At least those of us who watch reserve games can see what a fantastic prospect ravel is.I think we will all regret not giving him a contract he probably deserves.Times are changing and united needto move with them.

  11. ltel says

    Manchester City have turned down the opportunity to secure Manchester United’s 18-year-old midfielder Paul Pogba on a pre-contract agreement for next season.

    City have been looking to improve their options in the centre of midfield and were offered the France youth international during a meeting with the agent, Mino Raiola, at the beginning of last week but were wary of his financial demands.

    The club also are conscious of the complications involved in taking one of United’s most prized assets away from their neighbours’ academy.

    Although Pogba will be free to join the club of his choice when his three-year contract at Old Trafford expires this summer, a switch to another Premier League club would almost certainly necessitate an English Football Association tribunal with a potentially expensive outcome.

    If Pogba ignores advice to extend his stay at United he could move to Italy.

  12. ltel says

    Alfonso Bedoya said:
    Tiote is rubbish… great at being a midfiled pain in the arse… runs about a lot, and is hard in the tackle, but can’t pass for toffee.

    i think hes good alfy.. been saying it from last year. he can pass, powerful, strong tackle and can hit a shot.. he would defo impove us

  13. Sidsidney says

    Fuck knows what’s going on with this

    Fergie bullshits so much god knows what’s happened or what the contract is like or whether they have even offered one

    Morrison says he hasn’t asked anything of United yet

    I just hope we manage to hang onto him. Fergie made a rod for his back when he caved in to Rooney’s demands

  14. shauno says

    Offer Morrison one contract option. If he turns it down then let him go along with his parole and all his nonsense. He’s everything to prove and if he can’t get his head down at this stage and get on with it then think how much of a liability he will be in future years. Very few have failed at United and gone on to better things. Tow the line or leave. Give me a lad who wants it with less ability and I’ll show a lad with winners medals.

  15. Sidsidney says

    Not when he first signed, Cal. Rooney was on mega money at 18. Morrison will expect the same – maybe a bit less because he has no Prem experience. But nowadays you pay through the arse for potential and hype.
    My point is that Fergie caved in and gave a special player what he wanted in order to keep him. Morrison’s agent will be hoping for the same because he knows his player is special. Fergie’s hand isn’t as strong as some think. And he’d be a fool to let a potentially top player leave over money – esepcially when we stuck by him through the witness intimidating and the girlfriend beating

  16. Alfonso BedoyaAlfonso Bedoya says

    Yeah, but that’s an important difference Sid.

    When we signed Rooney… he wasn’t just obvious talent… he was also this goofy faced twat, that was too shy for the camera, and was an ad execs dream… remember the adverts? Rooney running about like a dopey kid… all enthusiasm and stupid grins, boundless energy and hard graft!

    He was a managers ideal…

    Morrison is just a pissy cunt, pain in the arse, by comparison…

    We have every right to expect a bit of loyalty from this kid… then a period of responsible behaviour, and dedication to the game… that would get him playing time, and if he performs, the big pay days will come.

    If Morrison really is pushing for this move… he can fuck off, as far as I’m concerned.

  17. sheesh says

    Is it just me or is this whole Pogba and Morrison thing getting rather tedious?

    All I want to know is: what are we going to do about the midfield?

    The way that Fergie talked about the non-signing of Sneijder last summer, he suggested that Pogba was the future. If Pogba leaves, what’s next? Scholes isn’t a long-term solution so what are we actually doing?

  18. Wil says

    Definitely uncertain times here at United especially with our midfield… But don’t forget, we still have Cleverley on our books. I’m guessing Ferguson trusts Cleverley much more than Morrison and Pogba and will rely on Cleverley for our creative spark in the coming seasons.

    Meanwhile, anyone noticed Joe Allen? I know we are all calling names like Sneidjer/ Gaitan/ Goetze to join United but Allen has lots of potential…! He’s only 21 and how he controls midfield for Swansea is unbelievable. If I’m not wrong, I think Swansea had more possession than most premiership teams and Allen is one of the major reason why. He’s a great player and seriously see him fit into United easily….

  19. uncleknobheadffsuncleknobheadforfucksake says

    yes yes i mentioned joe allen ages ago,

    another classic knobhead statement of footballing superintelligence

  20. squigs says

    uncleknobheadforfucksake said:
    yes yes i mentioned joe allen ages ago,

    another classic knobhead statement of footballing superintelligence

    Half a season for Swansea City, ffs the likes of Scott Sinclair, Leon Brittan and Danny Graham look good playing a bit of passing football but doesn’t mean they are anywhere near good enough for United.

  21. sheesh says

    uncleknobheadforfucksake said:
    yes yes i mentioned joe allen ages ago,

    another classic knobhead statement of footballing superintelligence

    I’m sure the premier European teams would be shitting themselves if we signed him.

  22. baloobaloo says

    Commenter said:
    In fairness, can we believe anything Fergie says anymore (and that’s the sole source for this article)?

    Oh come on – I get the point about not believing everything Fergie says – he’s never been 100% truthful about anything – and tbh I take EVERYTHING said by anyone in football with a huge tub of Saxa. I do think, though, that this ‘Fergie’s talking shite’ consensus on here has gotten a little bit out of hand.

    Firstly, so what if he spins a yarn – he’s not in this to be liked, he’s in it to win trophies and if that means pulling the wool or manipulating opponents, the media or even players – frankly I don’t give a shit.

    Secondly, and in this case more importantly, why would he lie about this? You think he WANTS Morrison to leave, but he’s making it out that Morrison’s the bad guy so they can get rid of him?

  23. han says

    Robbo said:
    Morrison now signed for West Ham for a undisclosed fee.

    650k rising to a possible 2 million according to the guardian
    ffs what a total moron
    just needed to keep his head down rather than up his agent’s arse

  24. sheesh says

    sidney said:
    Part of the reason Pogba played today was so Fergie could send a fuck you to Morrison

    If it increases the chances of us keeping Pogba, that’s fine by me tbf.

  25. fat maradona says

    Looks like Fergie made a good decision to get rid.

    I was very disappointed to see him go at the time, thinking that we’d just lost a player with huge potential.

    It really pisses me off that he has got the potential and the opportunities to make it but he’d rather waste it because of his so called ‘mental issues’. Silly cunt.


  26. says

    Wrong attitude. Will be tossed out of football by the end of next season at the latest. Will then follow his homies around and if he does not have a major attitude change will end up in jail.

    I have NO sympathy for him and his type who have grow up spoilt and believing that the world owes them.

  27. SpudiatorSpudiator says

    It’s a shame in a way, there’s no greater tragedy in professional football than seeing a genuinely gifted player waste away his talent through personal indiscipline and unprofessionalism. Look at Paul Gascoigne, arguably the most naturally talented Englishman of an entire generation, and with the right guidance and attitude he could’ve been a world beater and perhaps inspired the national team to glory, but instead he drank away his talent and wasted his potential. Morrison’s worse in a way, because he hasn’t even shown the world what he’s capable of yet and he’s succombing to his own ego. If his career does fail to live up to expectation though, he’ll only have himself to blame.

  28. Alfonso BedoyaAlfonso Bedoya says

    uncleknobheadforfucksake said:
    hes your normal teenager

    like balotelli

    we shouldve just played him

    Normal teenager???

    Intimidating witnesses, and slapping his mom about???

    That’s normal for you???

  29. SpudiatorSpudiator says

    Why comment then? Fair enough, I didn’t know about him slapping his mum about either, but the witness intimidation thing is pretty widely known, and I wouldn’t say that was typical teenager behaviour. Anyway, there’s far more to it than that, as evidenced by that article, it’s about his general attitude and lack of effort above all else.

  30. AnantaxAnantax says

    Bah good riddance. Cant stand those who are Blessed by talent but then pisses it away. All the real world beaters (michael jordan, CR7) work really hard in training thats hwere it all starts.

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