The day Terry went a Bridge too far

John Terry may wish to look away after a high court today lifted a so-called super-injunction that banned publication of lurid sex secrets. England Captain Terry, alleges a popular Sunday tabloid, had an affair with former Chelsea left-back Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend. The Chelsea skipper had sought to stop details becoming public.

The News of the World, is it reported in today’s Guardian, is due to print an exposé that alleges Terry, 29, had an affair with Vanessa Perroncel, the French actress and model who dated the 29-year-old Manchester City defender until late last year.

Perroncel, who gave birth to a son Jaydon Jean Claude Bridge in November 2006, split with Bridge before Christmas 2009. She reportedly remained in Surrey following the defender’s £12 million transfer to City in January 2008.

But lifting the banning order, Mr Justice Tugenhadt said that it is no longer in the public interest to keep the relationship secret.

“I do not consider that an interim injunction is necessary or proportionate having regard to the level of gravity of the interference with the private life of the applicant that would occur in the event that there is a publication of the fact of the relationship, or that the applicant can rely in this case on the interference with the private life of anyone else,” said the judge today.

Terry claimed in January 2008 that he was sad to see Bridge go.

“He’ll be missed and I’m still in shock a little bit because it’s a shame to see one of the lads go who you have grown up with and been with a long time,” said Terry of the Bridge transfer to City in January 2008.

“I’m disappointed, but for him it was the right decision.”

Terry may now have reason to regret the decision he made to sleep with a teammate’s girlfriend far more.

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  1. Mico says

    EuroBlue, nice try but implying a United football site should censor news concerning the hypicritical and frankly disgusting behaviour of the present Chelsea captain is insane. How, why?

    Are you implying that we are so good we do not need to consider any other news as being worthy of our consideration?

    We may be a fantastic club, but we are certainly humble enough to comment on other pieces of news and current affairs. By God there are enough, in their thousands of millions, that feel empowered to ‘discuss’ our team and whatever befalls them.

    More to the point, any swarmy, cheating, backstabing, loathsome creep of a creature who would do that to a guy, who by his own account has been a lad he grew up with and has been a teamate for a long while…how on earth is that guy still captain of Chelsea football club? How many other wives has he knobbed or is still knobbing? How immature is this type of person?

    I just feel extremely sorry for the child and for the man who gave that child his name in all good faith. Both he and the women need to face their responsibilities and what they have done to the victims involved. What a totally disgusting man Terry is!

  2. pete borota says

    Ermmmm, I thought the judge ruled that no detail about or photographs may be published at this point. He only released the detail about the name on the super injunction as it had been relased on twitter.

    I think you would be wise to withdraw this otherwise you could find yourself in a litigation.

    this link has already been posted on Chelsea’s web site!!!

    • says

      No it’s fine, I’m reporting only what has been reported elsewhere, with relevant media credits where appropriate. Check out the Mirror. The judge lifted any ban on reporting of this case and although he doesn’t name Terry, Bridge or the NoTW it’s pretty obvious!

  3. drake says

    The NoTW story is, in fact, that Terry began the affair in Jan 2009, after Bridge moved to City and his partner decided to remain in Surrey. Bridge and his partner’s child was born in 2006 so, no, Terry is not the father of the child. While you’re otherwise on very safe legal ground with this story, you’d be well advised to stop quoting ‘unconfirmed rumours’ on Twitter. Repeating a libel is still libel…

    • says

      Ah yes but Terry’s reputation would need to be damaged with “right thinking” people for it to be libel. I’m not sure there’s much left of that.

      • drake says

        lol…fair point. of course, he can afford very good lawyers to prove that his reputation has been/is being damaged. But, hey, it’s your wallet!

  4. Blueboy1905 says

    Bit rich for Man Yoo fans to comment on JT. Not so long the man of morale fibre, Mr Rooney, was caught shagging an old clapped up prossie. Stones, green houses anyone.

  5. vlad says

    100% agree that we should not discuss the matter. It’s his life and it’s not a laughing matter, especially, as it comes out there was an abortion.

    Being humourous at it is like laughing at Munich which is commonplace in Mansourster City.
    Bet you come to this site because it features funny stories, smth that you blue bitters lack.


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