W@nker of the Week: Stan Collymore

Talksport’s Stan Collymore, the former Nottingham Forest and Liverpool striker, has created a post-career reputation as a modern day ‘shock jock’ whose outspoken opinions influence the 1.7 per cent of radio listeners that tune into the station each week. Hardly new but this week the wife-beating dogger labelled Ryan Giggs a cheat.

Following Manchester United’s 3-0 victory over West Ham United on Saturday, in which Jonathan Spector clearly fouled Giggs for the penalty that enabled Wayne Rooney to break a 13 game goalscoring drought, Collymore made the accusation on his Talksport show.

During the match the Welshman cut inside former United player Spector, who dives in and takes the legs of the 36-year-old winger. Referee Mark Clattenburg had no hesitation in awarding the spot kick.

However Collymore disagreed with the referee, accusing Giggs of simulation.

“It’s [the Spector challenge] brushing somebody, now to brush somebody is one thing. To knock somebody over in mid-flow and therefore cause an infringement is another.

“If there’s a Manchester United fan who can honestly tell me that Ryan Giggs was impeded, and impeded sufficiently to knock him out of his stride…?” asked Collymore on his Saturday evening show.

“It wasn’t a penalty, I’m telling you [the challenge] didn’t [knock Giggs over], it wasn’t a penalty.”

“If we keep giving these soft penalties, players are going to keep doing it [diving], it becomes a snowball effect. It makes it more difficult on referees.

“Until [managers tell] players in the dressing rooms, ‘try and stay on your feet’, which they did in my day or ‘we’re going to punish you if you simulate’ [then] we’re going to keep slaughtering referees.

“For me [Giggs] went down too easily.”

Collymore, who repeatedly said throughout the show that Giggs deliberately fell to win the penalty, then goes on to praise a caller who claimed he always stayed on his feet when challenged.

“Good on you lad,” says Collymore

“I want to see you play for Manchester United, not Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs.”

Aside from being patently untrue, Collymore’s accusation that Giggs cheated smacks of the bitterness the 39-year-old still feels over the mooted 1995 transfer from Forest to United. United manager Sir Alex Ferguson rejected the wife-beating sexual pervert in favour of Andy Cole, who went on to score 121 goals in 195 games for United.

The saying ‘those in glass houses…’ comes to mind, with Collymore admitting that he beat his then girlfriend Ulrika Jonnson during the 1998 World Cup in France. Perhaps Stan thought that was just good sport?

Later a tabloid newspaper caught Collymore practising the act of ‘dogging’ – performing sexual intercourse in a public area – which is almost certainly illegal indecent exposure under section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986.

Moreover, the label cheat is one that Collymore has trouble avoiding. The striker, for example, was sent off in 1997 for fighting with Andy Todd as Aston Villa met Bolton Wanderers. Hardly within the laws of the game.

The player frequently courted controversy during a career that never fullfilled its early promise. Indeed, ‘Stan the Man’ walked out on Spanish side Oviedo in 2001, let off a fire extinguisher at Leicester’s luxury La Manga hotel in 2000 from which they were thrown out, and started a fight with Paul Gascoigne during a reserve team fixture between Leicester and Everton the same year.

Perhaps Rant should have been more aware. Later, suggesting that Collymore might not be of the same species as the rest of us, Rant found itself at the centre of the Talksport host’s ire.

“I respect your right to suggest anything you like on football,” Collymore warned Rant.

“But I’d be careful who you call sub human pal. Really careful.”

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  1. RedScot says

    Am just listening to the dogging ex Villa and Liverfail Gobshite on Talk shite spit out his vitroil against Ryan.
    Total Prat and headline maker and to get listeners and callers and reaction.
    I tend to just ignore Wankers and there easily spotted.Channel 5 and anything related to to that Irish Medium!
    Fuck off Collymoron.
    Ryan Giggs legend,Collybore frequents dodgy carparks for a blow job or to give a blow job.

    • says

      Zi – From Wikipedia: He has never been sent off when playing for Manchester United and only once when playing for Wales, on 5 September 2001 in a World Cup qualifier against Norway; Giggs received a second yellow card in the 86th minute.

  2. Sidsidney says

    They chat shit on Talksport so that more people tune in and they can charge more for advertising & sponsorship

    And they do it so that people text in telling them they’re all wankers at 35p a go or something

    I remember listening to Terry Christian chat some outrageous shite about Arsenal being dirty cunts, and all these idiot wanker cockneys rang up to have a load off – Kerching!

    Not worth the arsedness

  3. Alfonso BedoyaAlfonso Bedoya says

    Just makes himself look like a dick with a comment like that about Giggs

    I don’t think anyone… even hardcore Bitters, or Verrrmin would agree with him.

  4. big red says

    Typical talk sport bollocks. A couple of weeks ago that pie eating jock failure Alan Brazil was slagging of Marlon King for his wife beating antics when a caller said what about your own Stan Colymore, guess what happened – he was instantly cut off.
    Don’t listen to this crap. Radio 5 all the way for me.

  5. captainhormonecaptainhormone says

    stan collymore is so gay he makes gay men straight…the gay twat

    gay bastard twat faced ugle twat gay bastard twatting gat cun twat bastard fuck fsced spastic cunting bastard fuck faced cubt twat sghit dicvked sazza cunt faced retareded twat facdmong cripple wife beating bastard twat faced cubt fucvking whoire bitch

  6. sheesh says

    Alfonso Bedoya said:
    Just makes himself look like a dick with a comment like that about Giggs

    I don’t think anyone… even hardcore Bitters, or Verrrmin would agree with him.

    For them, Scholes is an easier target because he’s turned down the opportunity to play for England and because they’ve latched onto Wenger’s comments re his ‘dark side’.

  7. uncleknobheadffsuncleknobheadforfucksake says

    he still insists arsenal need amir zaki if they wanna win the league

    hed be a 40m striker nowadays though collymore

  8. Alfonso BedoyaAlfonso Bedoya says

    To be fair… if he’d applied himself to football, as professionaly as Giggs did/does… he’d be worth £40 mill.

    What a waste of talent.

  9. Aj says

    I didnt even know tht loser insulted Giggs until Paddy said it on the Paddy Crerand show, that’s how little talksport means to me and nobodies like collywho? means nothing to me. stan collymore is just a bitter nobody wifebeating perverted scouser scumbag who was also a incredibly crap footballer. want cheats you bitter scum, look at Gerrard, Drogba, Torres, Lampard, Terry, Shearer, Arsenal fc to name a few and then there is the cheat that is you collymore, but you know who isnt a cheat….Ryan Giggs.

  10. Spike says

    As mentioned above:
    First Whinger calling a “dark side” to Scholsy’s character, now Stan the Arsehole man calling a hidden “cheat” to Giggsy playing character,the man is trying to ride the ABU wave, or at least to get the ball rolling again against United.It has been quiet on that front since Arse the Chumps and now Citeh have reared their collective heads above the rest.

  11. captainhormonecaptainhormone says

    he is a cock, but like knobheadffs (LKHF) says he was a superb player….reminded me of an english fat ronaldo

  12. will says

    classy. really classy. easy to take the moral high ground when no one knows your indiscretions. simple and trite. i’m not as sure that ryan was faking as collymore, but i’m not sure that he wasn’t either. the view of a former player is legitimate, more so than a biased fan’s whose defense was not based on the play other than to say it was “clear” which, either way, it is not. rather you to turn to personal attack. this was a disgusting bit or writing, and an example of what not to aspire to in terms of substance and exhibition of character. a bit of compassion and respect might be too much to ask for, but still i ask for it.

  13. Alfonso BedoyaAlfonso Bedoya says

    captainhormone said:
    Luton….or maybe Canada (via Manchester for the first 3 years of their life)

    This is what happens when Peter Griffin smokes a joint.

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