United Rant Live: City v United!

On Sunday, Rant Cast regulars Ed & Paul will be live blogging the FA Cup third round tie with Manchester City at Eastlands. It’s the first time we have done this on United Rant. Join in on the comments section below, email or Tweet Paul – @UtdRantCast and Ed – @unitedrant.

It all kicks off at Eastlands Sunday, 8 January 2012, 1pm GMT. We’ll be with you around 30 minutes before the whistle!

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Paul - Sunday 15:07

Thanks everyone!

Well, as Ed said, that was one of the most game of two halfiest games of two halves I can remember. It’s been a lot of fun liveblogging it – let us know in the comments below and over on twitter whether you enjoyed it and would like to see it again. An extraordinary occasion to try this out for the first time – not exactly a shortage of talking points!

(Wayne’s just said the dressing room beforehand was when the team found out Scholes was signed up. We live in strange times.)

A lot will be said about City’s “fightback” and they do deserve *some* credit for it, but in our pomp, don’t remember too many of our brave fight backs ending with a loss. Roy’s just said “We can give some credit to Man City, but they’re out of the cup”. That’s exactly what I was trying to say – good stuff!

Of all the implications of this result, still being in the pot for the FA Cup draw. Hope we can get a home draw against someone rubbish, so we can play some kids. And Paul Scholes.

So, we’re signing off for the day – thank you for your company, and see you the next time we do one of these!


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Ed - Sunday 14:56

We’ll take that – what a game

A game of two halves or what? Fantastic from United in the first half, not great at all in the second. City deserve credit for putting in a fine performance in the second period. Had more passion and intensity, which is saying something in a derby. Excellent from Rooney, Welbeck and Carrick today. But once again questions will be asked about United’s back four and goalkeeper. Really need to keep a clean sheet.

But the fact is UNITED WON 2-3 in City’s own back yard. I can’t underestimate how important that is for the rest of the season. A boost to morale, some pain inflicted on City. The Blues performed well, but will a little seed of doubt have been sewn. Maybe, just maybe.

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Paul - Sunday 14:54


I know we made it way more difficult that we had to, and for absolute sure we haven’t done the damage to their season it looked like we would, but we were significantly second favourites in that one and we just beat them at their place. GET IN THERE.

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Paul - Sunday 14:53


That’s all.

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Ed - Sunday 14:52

Keep ball

United need to keep the ball. The Reds needed to do that 30 minutes ago. City have been very good on the break today, moving United’s back four around in the second period. United wasted possession far too often, even with the extra man.

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Paul - Sunday 14:52

Brilliant possession (oh no, spoke too soon)

This is wonderful from us. Aargh  - given it away finally. And they get an incredibly dangerous freekick.

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Ed - Sunday 14:51

Rooney the ‘Budweiser’ Man of the Match

Don’t tell Fergie he’s had a beer though – that’ll be another spell on the sidelines and a £200,000 fine! Very good first half performance from young Wayne. Not so great in the second, in common with his team-mates.

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Paul - Sunday 14:50


Not had a good game, at all. Given the ball away way too often. He’ll be back though.

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Ed - Sunday 14:48

Lindegaard errors

The big Dane is looking anything but certain at the moment. Questions have been asked about the player’s quality in the past – especially by Peter Schmeichel. I’m still not convinced he’s good enough, even if the player’s (moderately) greater experience and less error-prone performances have earned a shot at the #1 shirt. De Gea is surely United’s ‘long-term’ ‘keeper. The worst of both world’s is if the young man loses confidence and Lindegaard’s performances don’t justify the shirt.

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Paul - Sunday 14:48

Harsh from Rio

He’s bawling out Patrice who presumably can’t even really see after that whack on the ‘ead.

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Paul - Sunday 14:46


Fergie has done very well to build a team out of the ashes of the Djemba-Djemba era, but he has absolutely not been able to pass the psychological strength of his first two great teams onto this one. Times have changed, no doubt, and the money and adulation these players receive has changed the game, but it’s worth noting none-the-less, I think.

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Ed - Sunday 14:46

Fantastic effort from City

Apart from all the complaints about United’s performance in the second half (there have been many), you have to praise City’s work ethic in this second period. The men in Blue have worked harder and with more intensity than United in this second period. They have earned their two goals. He says through gritted teeth

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Ed - Sunday 14:44

Owen Hargreaves

Now he gets himself fit and comes on against United in the Cup! The Old Trafford collective will surely go apoplectic if the Canadian-Englishman scores an equaliser here with about seven minutes to go. But then again, we let him leave on a free, so there wouldn’t be much to complain about.

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Paul - Sunday 14:43

Very very lucky

Not a pen, probably, but incredibly lucky it wasn’t given.

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Ed - Sunday 14:42

I told you so

United simply do not perform in the second half of matches. This half, even with an extra man, has been pretty average from United. The passion seemed to die a little, as did the intensity. Looking for a really strong last 10 minutes. If City equalise a lot of United players will need to look at their performances this second half.

The decision to bring on Scholes is looking like an error right now. But if the Reds hold out for a win nobody in Red will care.

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Paul - Sunday 14:41

Rio (Again)

And just as I say that, Rio gives possession away really cheaply. Keeeeeeep it!

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Paul - Sunday 14:40


Giving the ball away right now is an absolute crime. Keep it lads. Just keep it.

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Paul - Sunday 14:39

Tweet of the day

@fresher_mike says “we have 3 central midfielders on the pitch. Like buses!”

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Ed - Sunday 14:38

This is better

Use the ball and space. Make City shuffle about and lose their shape. Retrenching into our half is playing in City’s hands. We now need to play with the ball a lot more than over the past 20 minutes. Control, control, control lads.

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Paul - Sunday 14:36

Super Danny

Very good performance. Looked gutted to come off. Not sure how I feel about seeing Anderson come on – *should* give us some solidity in the middle, but our chances of nicking a fourth must have dipped with that sub.

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Ed - Sunday 14:36

At this point, Scholes is looking at being subbed off

He’s looking well off the pace, despite the low shot and some decent passes. But too many have missed their target and he’s significantly slower than everbody else in midfield.

Anderson coming on to give some energy in midfield. Need – Scholes, Giggs and Carrick just about the least mobile midfield United has ever had.

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Paul - Sunday 14:35

Scholes (again)

Ok, moving a bit more freely now, and a couple of good passes. That shot was pretty tasty too.

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Ed - Sunday 14:34

Where’s the ambition?

And not the Wayne Rooney style ambition. I mean on the pitch, with United retreating into their own half at the moment. It’s a very risky game to play. Need to push 15 yards further up the pitch and make use of the extra space. After all, United has the extra man here. The players might need reminding of that from the touchline.

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Paul - Sunday 14:34


City playing very intelligently – not chasing the game and leaving space for us to exploit. You can see why they’re doing so well this season. Hopefully we’ll be able to avoid them getting a proper chance.

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Ed - Sunday 14:31

Could that penalty shout cost United?

Chris Foy’s decision to not award Antonio Valencia a penalty around 10 minutes ago could well cost United if City get an equaliser here. We’ll certainly hear from Sir Alex Ferguson on the matter if City get a third. And as the game’s going, they could well do so… even match at the moment.

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Paul - Sunday 14:28


He’s not actually looking very mobile, is he?

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Ed - Sunday 14:28

Now we hear them sing

I couldn’t hear a f*cking thing early. Now the Blues spring into life and there’s an atmosphere around Eastlands at last. Game is genuinely on now. You wouldn’t have thought it was United with the 11 and City with 10 the way the game is going at the moment. Could go either way.

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Paul - Sunday 14:26


This is getting horrible. Scholes gave the ball away in the build up too. Lindegaard probably should have done better, but our defense was ripped apart by 10 men. They seem to be getting more space than they should be.

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Ed - Sunday 14:25

Loose from Scholes

Oh dear Scholesy. Maybe you should have remained in comfortable retirement! Game on now after Aguero pokes home from close range. Have to say that perhaps Lindegaard could have done better too. That’s one at St. James’ Park, and perhaps two today that aren’t horrendous errors but the big Dane might be disapointed with himself.

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Ed - Sunday 14:24


There’s no doubt about that. Valencia taken out by Kolarov inside the boz. What was Chris Foy thinking – it looked like he had a decent view of the incident. Kolarov clearly didn’t get the ball, so why didn’t Foy book Valencia if he thinks the Ecuadorian dived. Why – because Foy bottled it. Didn’t want to give another decision to the Reds. Probably had a word from Mancini at half time.

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Paul - Sunday 14:21

It’s a BAD thing

I know, I know, it’s a bad thing. It’s because we’re terminally shackled by the financial situation – it’s indicative of a serious malaise at the club.

But my goodness, Paul Scholes just came on. I’m going to have to be reminded why it’s bad more than once to wipe the grin off my face.

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Ed - Sunday 14:21

Sir Royston of Keane

Wouldn’t you just love the old bruiser to take to the field one last time? I’ll hazzard to say that Beckham, Scholes, Keane, Giggs is the finest four across midfield that United has ever had. And that includes the Charlton, Stiles, Best, Crerand era…

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Ed - Sunday 14:20

Value in the market

Much like Jesus and the clitoris, finding ‘value’ is an ephemeral thing. When it comes to the transfer market and Sir Alex Ferguson’s mind that is. Yet, Fergie’s found it and we’ll be seeing it now… Paul Scholes.

Glazernomics, sensisble, or desperation. You decide.

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Paul - Sunday 14:17


Yep. There’s Paul Scholes. Just coming on as a sub in the derby like it ain’t no thing.

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Paul - Sunday 14:17


Carrick’s having such a good season. When City broke there Carrick absolutely tore back, put in a great tackle and managed to steer the ball into Valencia’s path. Playing with such consistency over the past few months.

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Ed - Sunday 14:16

Jones: a force of nature

Hands up if you don’t want Phil Jones to piledrive one into City’s top corner today. He has received some criticism for his defending in recent weeks (fair criticism I’d say) but he’s still a real powerhouse going forward. Plays with passion, commitment and energy for the full 90 minutes. Can’t ask for lots more than that (aside from a bit of quality too, of course).

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Ed - Sunday 14:15

There’s more goals in this

Attack, attack, attack, attack, attack. The more open this game the better. United want the space, City need to close it down and try and hit United on the break.

Certainly be interesting if City brought this back to 2-3 wouldn’t it. And when I say interesting what I really mean is SQUEAKY BUM TIME.

Not yet though. Not yet.

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Paul - Sunday 14:14


Great pressing from United – forcing mistakes, keeping the ball in City’s half. Good stuff.

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Paul - Sunday 14:12

Fergie listens!

Proof, if proof were needed , that Fergie listens to the Rant Cast, as Giggs takes his corner short.


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Paul - Sunday 14:12


So pleased with our response to the goal – calm, kept the ball, just knocking it around, taking the sting out of the game.

Then Phil Jones had a bit of an ol’ maraud, because, why not?

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Ed - Sunday 14:11

Abuse “just goes on”

According to Clive Tyldsley on ITV that is. That’s not too far off from saying ‘turn the other cheek’ or ‘ just shake on it’. No Clive, it’s not ok to take the abuse, especially if its turns personal and racial. What’s the betting that something was said to Patrice Evra when he was taking the throw in just now?

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Ed - Sunday 14:09


Fine strike from the defender. That’s seven goals Lindegaard has conceded in the last three matches. Not that I’m blaming the ‘keeper at all. Now lads, don’t lose your heads… it’s only one. Reds still well in control of this. Maybe City will open up, just like United did at Old Trafford, and we’ll score six… hmmm.

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Paul - Sunday 14:09


Felt that one coming. Fantastic hit – the next 10 minutes are so crucial.

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Paul - Sunday 14:08

Micah Richards

Takes the entire force of Evra’s bodyweight to bring him down. The man is an absolute tank.

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Ed - Sunday 14:07

Empty Blue Seats

When a City fans tells you that there are no Reds in Manchester they’re lying. We know that of course. But here’s a team that has had more than £500 million lavished on it. New stadium, cheap tickets, world class players, entertainment and challenging for the Premier League title. Yet City fans can’t be bothered to turn up for games, including the derby. It’s an absolute disgrace. Empty seats all over the place at Wastelands.

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Paul - Sunday 14:06

Silva off

Johnson too – Mancini’s conceded this one, then, I guess. However, we’ve seen what complacency can do to United. We haven’t won yet.

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Ed - Sunday 14:05

Silva and Johnson off

Well that’s just negative. It’s all about not conceding six or seven. Silva’s an absolutely brilliant player. Only just behind Xavi and Iniesta in my opinion. If City don’t want him, we’ll have him thanks! To think Mancini didn’t even play the little magician at Sunderland.

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Paul - Sunday 14:03

Drop off

No, not a worry about our second half performance, I’ll leave that to Ed. Mine’s a concern for ITV’s viewing figures. Not sure Peterborough Sunderland is going to have quite the same appeal.

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Ed - Sunday 14:00

To Scholes or not to Scholes that is the question

If United are still three or more up when it gets past the hour I’m sure we’ll see Scholes just sitting in there with Carrick. It’s debatable whether the little Ginger Prince’s fitness is up to more than 20 or 30 minutes (it won’t be). But for sentimental reasons I think Fergie will give him a kick.

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Paul - Sunday 13:51

What a half

Stunning stuff from United – an absolute shellacking. I think the red card was on the harsh side, but the way we’ve responded to our advantage has been stunning. More than anything else, the form our attacking players are in seems to be (along with midfield) the dominant fact0r in how we do. Great to see Rooney looking fiercely up for it, and Nani and Valencia looking effective. Poor halves from Giggs and Jones, but otherwise, triffic.

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Ed - Sunday 13:51

Foot off the gas?

Brilliant first half from United. Just about everything went right for the Reds. I think the dismissal was fine ‘by the letter of the law’, but I’m expecting the pundits to disagree. Certainly penalty and I couldn’t care less what Roberto Mancini thinks about either decision.

But the risk here is obvious. United will take it easy in the second period. In fact, United haven’t been as good in the second half of most games this season. And, with the lads 3-0 up, the temptation will certainly be to take the foot off the gas. Off course, we don’t want that. We want 7-0. The bigger the better as far as I’m concerned. Great for the morale and the more damage we do to City’s belief the better. I said on the pod this week that we couldn’t understate just how important this match is. Vital

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Paul - Sunday 13:49

The Poznan

I know it’s a rule that you have to say the Poznan’s rubbish, but I bet it’s fun. United fans, whilst doing it ironically, will probably be feeling guilty for enjoying it.

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Paul - Sunday 13:45


For the superstitious amongst you, I must apologise – logistically it’s going to be very difficult for Ed and I to do this for every game…

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Paul - Sunday 13:44

I stand corrected

Apparently we want 7. Fine by me!

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Ed - Sunday 13:43


We don’t want six Paul! United always ALWAYS goes one better than City…. seven is the magic number today.

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Paul - Sunday 13:42


Kept his head brilliantly there to put in the rebound.

(Poor ball from Valencia there in that break afterwards.)

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Ed - Sunday 13:41

Wayne Rooney from the spot

He’s missed a few in the past hasn’t he? Luckily the boy was sharp enough to follow in with the header. Very unlucky the ‘keeper there, although his coach will be telling him to push it to the side. I’d try and write down the City ‘keeper’s name but there’s no chance I’d spell it correctly!

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Paul - Sunday 13:40



Me and Ed are BRILLIANT at predicting.

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Ed - Sunday 13:39


Well it’s obvious isn’t it, but the temptation will be for Chris Foy to even things up. The pressure will certainly be on him to do so. Vital that no United player gives him an excuse and allows City back into the game. Control is the word – on the pitch and in the head.

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Paul - Sunday 13:39


Becks’ kid is absolutely festooned in United gear. Get him a green and gold scarf, and he’s all set. Nice to see, anyway. Apparently one of his other kids is an Arsenal fan. Not sure how that happened!

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Paul - Sunday 13:36

@Beardedgenius is a genius

http://twitpic.com/7xep6h - magic stuff from one of the greats of United social media using fans.

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Paul - Sunday 13:34


Loving the kind words over on twitter – this is fun!

Camera just cut to a close shot of about 10 worried looking City fans. Statistically, at least one of them must have been a red pretending to look worried.

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Ed - Sunday 13:34

Three in a row?

United were never going to lose three games in a row were they? I didn’t doubt it for a second. Honest. The 2-1 (City) podcast prediction was simply to ensure that the ‘Curse of the Rant Cast’ struck. Never fails. Never!

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Paul - Sunday 13:32


Super Danny Welbeck – MAGICAL. Fantastic stuff. I love that kid so much. He’s gonna be an absolute megastar.

Stunning. Good build up from Nani and Evra too, but that was all about a moment of fantastic improvisation.

Right, we’re definitely favourites now. Still not over though.

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Ed - Sunday 13:32

Danny Welbeck!

Well I told you so. Didn’t I. Didn’t I!!!

Fantastic finish from Welbeck. They boy is a bit special. And to think two years ago many United fans didn’t think he would make it. Praise for Ferguson and his patience with the player while he (literally) grew up.

Great stuff.

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Ed - Sunday 13:31


Was just tryping this as the Frenchman shanked a ball out of play. But credit where it’s due, Evra’s having a good game today. There’s been a lot said about his form – it has dropped – but Adam Johnson isn’t getting a kick today. More of the same please.

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Paul - Sunday 13:29


Thinking about those half time jaffas, Rio? Shocking ball.

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Ed - Sunday 13:28

Exploit the space

Any coach will tell you, when you have an extra man the left-to-right or right-to-left ball becomes really important as you try and shift the opposition out of there entrenched formation. United need to be smart with the and not try and rush it now. Sloppy passing doesn’t help… (note to Rio Ferdinand). City have enough talent to still get something out of this.

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Paul - Sunday 13:27


As always, his name should be capitalised. He’s not having a very good game though – good ball into the box just now, but a woeful cross earlier and a couple of defensive errors. It’s natural that he’s going to have less impressive games, given his amazing start at United. Limping a bit too, it looks like, which is more of a worry.

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Paul - Sunday 13:24


This is all going very well. Server’s taking a bit of a pounding as we iron out some live blog tweaks, but it’s lovely that we’re 1-0 up against 10 men!

Really not sure that the red was fully deserved, but if you come off your feet like that you’re asking for trouble. Pretty sure the ref will want to do something to even it up later on – we need to be really careful about challenges in the box, or anything borderline.

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Ed - Sunday 13:22


@RyansYoung asks on Twitter: “When was the last time a player came out of retirement to start for Utd?”

I have absolutely no idea!! Stumped me with that one. Anybody?

@ManUtdUpdate asks on Twitter: “Do you think Scholes will play?”

Only if a) United are desperately chasing a goal or; b) We’re miles ahead!

@Seanelius21 asks on Twitter: “What are your thoughts on the rumours Bobby Charlton has been training with the first team squad???”

It wouldn’t surprise me Sean I mean that’s what this club is all about. Youth. NQAT!!

@lingodave asks on Twitter: “Isn’t Scholes signing an indication of the problems United have got in midfield. Where are the world class players in there?”

Spot on Dave. Spot on…

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Ed - Sunday 13:20

The City is there’s?

Don’t bet on it. The stadium isn’t City’s at the moment. Can’t hear a thing from the men in blue. As always the Red Army is in full voice. There’s nothing quite like an away day trip to the Blue Noses.

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Paul - Sunday 13:17

Bad defending

Awful tracking by the City defense – Rooney given the freedom of Manchester. Great header though.

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Ed - Sunday 13:17

Townsend gets it wrong (as usual)

Referees have been given very clear instructions about the ‘scissor’ tackle. It’s dangerous and the height of the foot does not play a part. More to the point “getting the ball” has absolutely nothing to do with the decision. When will ITV, who pay a lot to show these matches, hire somebody who actually knows something about the game? FAIL.

As usual with ITV’s commentary team facts don’t seem to play a part in telling a good story.

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Paul - Sunday 13:15


Not totally sure about that red. Must be open to some debate…

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Ed - Sunday 13:13


Early bath son. Two footed challenge from Vincent Kompany. City’s captain sees Red and I don’t see how he can have any complaints about that.

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Paul - Sunday 13:13



1-0 up and 10 men. I think we’re just about favourites now…

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Paul - Sunday 13:13

You show ‘em that badge, sunshine

When Rooney’s ball was passed out wide to Valencia I thought “hmm, that’s really pleasing – perfect weighting on the pass is so often a sign that Rooney’s in form. A stunning ball from Valencia and a fantastic header. Not normally a big fan of badge related displays for goal celebrations, but in this case it was great to see him be all “I PLAY FOR MAN UNITED, LA” about it.

Fantastic goal. Interested to see what that does to their heads.

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Ed - Sunday 13:12

Live blogging

Is like making love to a beautiful woman. Well no, but it certainly takes some practice. But it seems as if Paul and I have a bit of yin and yang going on. He commentates, I pipe up with sarcastic quips. As ever.

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Ed - Sunday 13:11


It had to be him didn’t it. Just had to be him. Kisses the badge on his chest. Puts in a transfer request? We’ll see this summer.

Fantastic header from Rooney. Brilliant!

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Paul - Sunday 13:09


Lindegaard dallies in possession and Aguero absolutely pounces on him. This is all starting a bit worryingly. In fairness, though, it’s been worrying since the balls came out of the draw, so nothing new.

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Paul - Sunday 13:08

Rooney clearly playing in midfield. So our midfield three consists on one central midfielder. No, no, the Scholes move isn’t guided by desperation.

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Ed - Sunday 13:06

Danny Welbeck

Have to say I’ve been really impressed with Welbeck this season. He’s developing into a very high quality all round forward. Critics might say he needs to add more goals to his game, but it’s certainly more of a rounded game than, say, Hernandez’ is at the moment.

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Paul - Sunday 13:05

Giggs just takes the ball and runs straight into De Jong – that’s the type of thing I’m worried about.

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Paul - Sunday 13:05

Line up

Good to see that ITV got it wrong and Smalling’s at Centre Back – makes so much more sense.

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Ed - Sunday 13:04


Very much a straight 4-4-2 today, with Jones at right back and Smalling in the centre. That makes an awful lot of sense given’t Jones’ mistakes in recent games. Valencia and Nani wide, Rooney dropping into the hole. Welbeck the target man.

All positive form United today. But the real issue is in central midfield. Can Carrick and Giggs get enough of the ball. If not this game will be City’s.

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Paul - Sunday 13:04


He’s a good “bad guy”. Has a real James Bond villain quality. But City’s song about him is, for my tastes is a bit too literal  “Mancini, he came from Italy, to manage Man City”. It’s a companion piece to their earlier work “David Silva, he is a midfielder, he came to us from Spain, he travelled on a plane.

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Ed - Sunday 13:00

Here we go….

I’d be more nervous, but somehow being the underdog helps. It’s an unusual feeling that’s for sure. After the past two games the momentum is with City. Yet, there’s still plenty of big players in the United side despite all the problems this season (and structurally) at the club.

And remember. While City has all the money…

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Paul - Sunday 12:59

Here goes nothin’

Also “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”.

If we can pull out a performance I’ll be absolutely delighted, but also pretty surprised. That just doesn’t look like a fair fight in midfield, to me.

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Ed - Sunday 12:51

Police seize 29 bags of ‘cannabis’ in raid on Ferdinand’s restaurant

Now, I wouldn’t be so cruel as to say that Ferdinand has form when it comes to the wacky backy but…

Raid on Rosso

Let’s hope Rio is a little sharper on the pitch than at St. James’ Park, hey?

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Paul - Sunday 12:49

Keano in the booth

It must be hard for him – the other pundits  just don’t have the same drive and commitment that he does.


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Ed - Sunday 12:48

Dimitar’s away day blues

Scoring goals is no longer a guarantee of getting into the United team it seems. For Dimitar Berbatov, its not enough to get in the matchday squad. The word on the street is that Berbatov is fit, but Sir Alex doesn’t fancy him in away games. Speculation perhaps, but with Wellbeck, Rooney, and Hernandez all in the squad, Berbatov’s hardly likely to be an ‘impact sub’…

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Paul - Sunday 12:40

Keano participates in Adrian Chiles’ banter

“We got you into the ground, that’s a major achievement”

“We’ve been here since 7 O’Clock, so…”

*Everyone laughs*

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Paul - Sunday 12:39

Starting line up

Looks like a straight 442 – not sure about Giggs in CM – did not work AT ALL against Newcastle, not sure why it’ll work here. Also really unclear about why you would play Jones at CB and Smalling at RB. Seems odd from Fergie. Not as odd as having Paul Scholes on the bench, but still…

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Ed - Sunday 12:38

George Foreman scenario?

So, Ferguson says that Scholesy came to him and said he was “missing it to much.” Marriage of convenience then, with United desperately short in central midfield. But beware the old boxer making a comeback. It rarely works out for the best. Scholes has been training over the past few months, but the very same reasons the United legend quit eight months ago, is why it will be hard for the Ginger Prince to contribute today. The legs have gone.

But, Scholes loves a late goal against City doesn’t he? Could you write the script…

Paul Scholes

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Paul - Sunday 12:36

Keano does not participate in Adrian Chiles’ banter. 

“Have you got your boots with you, Roy?”

*Steely glare*

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Paul - Sunday 12:29

Calculated gamble

No, not Fergie playing Roulette with his legacy and the legacy of one of our true greats. I’ve just decided to risk watching the game on ITV HD. Live coverage of our goals as they fly in, or adverts for Butlins – WHO KNOWS???

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Paul - Sunday 12:14


De Gea, Rafael, Evans, Anderson, Park, Chicharito, Scholes.

Apparently. That last word there – not a joke.

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Paul - Sunday 12:12

Team sheet

Team sheet going around – not sure if it’s confirmed:

Lindegaard, Evra, Jones, Ferdinand, Smalling, Valencia, Carrick, Nani, Giggs, Welbeck, Rooney.

(Scholes is number 22 on the bench.)

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Paul - Sunday 12:10


Sitting here in a state of complete disbelief. On one hand, it couldn’t be more of a move of absolute desperation, we’ve quite literally brought a player out of retirement. In fairness to Fergie, you can’t deny the value proposition of this particular signing – one of the best players of all time for free? Of course, it’s completely ridiculous, and shows what a state we’re in, but on the other hand, he’s Paul Scholes and I love him and I hope he does at least one thing of significant note before the end of the season.

This is crazy.

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Paul - Sunday 12:01




I guess Scholesey can get that last minute winner after all.

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Paul - Sunday 11:50

Long time, no win.

In his autobiography, “Red”, Gary Neville described the period since 2007 as the most successful in Fergie’s tenure. It’s not something that many Reds would argue with, I guess, given 4 out of 5 league championships, a Champions League win and two finals, but the FA Cup has eluded us since 2004. Would be nice to have it back again, since we have won it more than anyone else, ever.

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Ed - Sunday 11:37

Rant Monthly

Need some quality reading before kick off? Rant Monthly is out here!

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Paul - Sunday 11:17

One David Beckham

Apparently Becks is going to be there today. We’re 100% sure we’re not allowed to have him take our corners, right?

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Ed - Sunday 10:56

Rooney to City for £60m?

So says the Sunday Mirror. That should add some spice to the day:

“Manchester City will make another swoop for Wayne Rooney if the Manchester United star’s truce with Sir Alex Ferguson fails to hold.

United joined forces with the Rooney camp on Friday night to rapidly dismiss claims that the ­player’s relationship with his illustrious manager has been damaged ­beyond repair.

But Sunday Mirror Sport understands that tensions continue to ­simmer between the two biggest personalities at Old Trafford.

If the peace pact agreed by United and Rooney’s advisers fails to hold, Roberto Mancini will ask Sheikh Mansour to bankroll a £60million transfer that will stun football.”

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Paul - Sunday 10:56

Morning all

Derby day is upon us and the atmosphere (in my house) is electric. After two abject performances it would be very nice if United could find a higher gear for this one.

Without Scholesey to nick a last minute winner, the honour’s going to have to go to someone else. If you could pick one United player to score a last minute winner today, who’d you go with? I’d love to see an insanely technical piece of brilliance from Berbatov to win the game.

Comments welcome below the post, or hit us up on twitter – @unitedrant for Ed and @utdrantcast for me.

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Ed - Sunday 09:22

Ferguson to rotate ‘keepers again?

“De Gea is the long-term prospect, there is no question about that. Anders has done very well. He has provided tremendous opposition to David. But the potential of David is obvious.

“We have been leaving him (De Gea) out of games quite regularly. There has been a nice mix of opportunities for Anders Lindegaard, playing in Europe and some of the league games.

“Just because he (De Gea) has lost two bad goals against Blackburn doesn’t mean that all of a sudden we are neglecting that part of both of them playing.”

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Ed - Saturday 19:24


“People can say what they like and fancy who they want. We know what we can do. We know the players we have got in the dressing room. We just want to be back to top form and winning the game, regardless of the situation in the League really. Nothing has been handed out. No trophies have been awarded. We just want to be in there and there at the end. The cup is different. We want to produce that now. It would be nice to knock them out. More importantly, it would be nice to progress.”

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Ed - Saturday 16:08


Well on this week’s podcast I predicted 2-1 to City, so I’ll have to go with that in print. Hoping that I’m desperately wrong (it certainly wouldn’t be the first time).

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Paul - Saturday 15:54


Right then Ed, I guess we should commit our predictions to print. Sadly, in a head vs heart situation, I’ve predicted a City win. This does not come easy, but given our injuries and poor form, it’s not going to be tough. So, 2-1 to them. Boooo!

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Ed - Saturday 14:58

Will the Tourés play?

Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got in for me! Is there a conspiracy over at Eastlands regarding the Touré brothers? Sir Alex Ferguson believes the pair will play tomorrow, despite being required to report for international duty with the Ivory Coast on Monday. Meanwhile, Telegraph journalist Rory Smith claims they were at the airport with him heading off to the Africa Cup of Nations.

We’ll know for sure around 12.30pm on Sunday!

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Ed - Saturday 14:52

Build Up

Manchester City and Manchester United meet for the 161st time in competitive football, and for the tenth time in the FA Cup. United leads that particular contest five games to four. Overall United has won 66, to City’s 44, with 50 drawn.

Whose likely to start? Well for Rant’s full preview head over here. In the meantime here’s our guess at the teams, just under 24 hours before kick off:

City (4-4-2): Hart; Richards, Kompany, Lescott, Zabaleta; Silva, De Jong, Milner, Nasri; Džeko, Aguero.
United (4-5-1): Lindegaard; Rafael, Jones, Ferdinand, Evra; Valencia, Carrick, Anderson, Giggs, Park; Rooney.

And while you’re waiting why not listen to the latest edition of our weekly podcast Rant Cast.

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  1. DeadRevel says:

    2 Parks? 1 is too much at the moment. Was it a typo or a joke? Nani has got to play anyway.


    subs: De Gea, Fryers, Giggs, Pogba, Park, Berba, Chich

    4-4-1-1 so weaker in midfield but if City don’t have Barry or the Toures it might be ok. Time we played our strongest hand. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Park on the left wing, with Nani/Valencia on the right and using Welbeck’s (limited) left sided ability to provide attacking threat in lieu of a proper left winger. Giggs in for Anderson might be more of a ‘Fergie selection’ too.
    First time I’ve gone into a United game predicting a defeat since I can remember.

  2. whats happening with smalling???

  3. Matthew Riley says:

    What a shite team for Manchester United and all there record turnovers injuries or no injuries that squad of players is poor irrespective if we manage to win tomorrow,absolute disgrace .What happened to the United of old smashing the british transfer record every couple of seasons bringing the odd gem .The current younger players can’t be expected to learn there trade with that load of crap.

    DeadRevel Park should of been dropped by now especially after his performances against Crystal Palace if he is playing we will lose for sure.Paul Pogba has to start see what the lad is made off.

    • DeadRevel says:

      He has been awful recently but with the amount of injuries I would be surprised if he wasn’t at least on the bench. Thought Pogba wasnt great in his last outing. I’d rather see Morrison – he was our best player by far against Palace and alongside Carrick could be a good contrast in c. midfield.

  4. Does anyone have a spare for our end tomorrow? I head back to Australia next week im despo to see the reds WIN before I go! X

  5. hes been out for ages with that.. im starting to smell bullshit

  6. lol… not a chance of that id say.. more chance of the lotto

  7. RedDevilInArizona says:

    On the assumption that Smalling and Evans will not be available – I know that SAF has said they are still injured but you never know.
    —Rafael—– Jones—– Rio—– Evra
    ——Carrick—-Rooney—- Anderson-
    Valencia——————————- Nani
    Play Rooney just ahead of Carrick and Anderson so he can break up Cities movement through mdfield and still link up with the wings and Welbeck.
    Failing that play Park instead of Anderson and try and man mark Da Silva and hope to run the legs off hiom.

  8. nerves setting in already….. come on

  9. DeadRevel says:


    And he might be playing today!!!!!!

  10. hes on the bench

  11. can we bring back robson too

  12. United line up; Lindegaard, Smalling, Jones, Ferdinand, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Giggs, Nani, Rooney, Welbeck

  13. DeadRevel says:

    Keane signing autographs at the game today apparently… for the City fans.

    Cunt. Must be their new hero after that article.

  14. bets that ginger ninja gets a red today?

  15. madredmonkey madredmonkey says:

    At work, so will try to follow game, scholes to score the winner, Come on United.

  16. Commenter said:
    Keane signing autographs at the game today apparently… for the City fans.

    Cunt. Must be their new hero after that article.

    what article?

  17. which cunting thread are we using.


  18. this is gona be a long day….terrible start

  19. The Valencia Rooney Cross-header, classic combo

  20. what a goal rooooooo


  22. Can’t fuck this up now.

  23. Red for Kompany – two footed but harsh

  24. wasnt a red imo off to fuck anyway


  26. DeadRevel says:


  27. 2 footed but low dannni wasnt dangerous imo

  28. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Fuck me… we better win this now… beaten by ten men would be hard to take.

  29. Got the ball cleanly but refs shit their pants these days.

    That is really harsh but agree you guys. Get fucked!

  30. what a save lind..

  31. ltel said:
    2 footed but low dannni wasnt dangerous imo

    agree tel, that was harsh, fuck aguero that was close.

    what a game!

  32. Rooney looks up for it

  33. DeadRevel says:

    Frank Lampard’s ‘two footed challenge’ probably in the ref’s mind there.

  34. three match ban just at the right time

  35. scholes got away with worse ever week for 15 years

  36. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    I think that’s a legitimate red.

    You can not go in with both feet like that… if he catches Nani hi, he breaks his shin… low and he breaks an ankle…

    If it happened to a United player, we’d scream harsh, but by todays rulings, that’s a fair call by the ref… in my opinion

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see a United player sent off in the second half though… when the ref reflects at half time, he might want to restore balance.

  37. i seen it again there and thought it was a smashing tackle tbh

  38. madmax said:
    Rooney looks up for it

    Yep, that story in the Independent is starting to look like a managerial master stroke by Fergie — he basically publicly challenged Rooney to prove he’s a superstar today.

  39. Phil Jones every touch is dreadful today

  40. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    The pundits are splitting hairs… both feet were off the ground when he went in… but on the ground at point of contact… bollocks… he jumped in with both feet… dangerous… end of.

    “Badges, to god-damned hell with badges! We have no badges. In fact, we don’t need badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges, you god-damned cabrón and ching’ tu madre! Come out from that shit-hole of yours. I have to speak to you.”

    • DeadRevel says:

      I agree. You don’t have to be airborne at the point of the tackle to get a red. Any player who jumps like that is likely to get a red.

  41. silva is gonna hurt us.. far to much space and time on ball

  42. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Rooney is out to win this game single handed.

  43. WTF rio.. that was a disgraceful ball

  44. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Jones having a mare.

  45. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Has Nani done his groin?

  46. what a goal wellllbeck

  47. DeadRevel says:


  48. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Great finish.

  49. what a finish

  50. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    What are we singing?

  51. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Clumsy Danny… and no need for it.

  52. fuck im loving this

  53. DeadRevel says:

    Bollocks. Referee is trying to even up the game by booking all the United players for nothing. What a cluster fuck.

  54. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    We’ll be down to ten soon, me thinks.

  55. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:


  56. Hernandez is better than welbeck don’t you know. Welbeck is fancy dribbling and little else.

  57. defo pen come on

  58. DeadRevel says:


  59. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:


  60. Fuck me 0-3.

  61. can you believe this

  62. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Rooney is having a blast out there… loving it…

  63. header was better than the pen!

  64. Kompany will miss four games unless the successfully appeal. Then again, City are probably about to buy De Rossi and another top defender, so what’s the difference.

  65. DeadRevel says:

    Should have been 4….

  66. Mancini really lost the gamble there. He should have brought Zabaleta on to replace Komoany, and probably take Nasri off. go 4-4-1, wit hSilva, Aguero, Johnson still had a good chance of getting something from the game. Then again, he’s probably happy with a loss to force Qatar to spend another £50million this window.

  67. United fans doing the poznan apparently lol

  68. been fucking lucky today, but i’ll take it. valencia, rooney and welbeck have been AWESOME

  69. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

  70. sheesh said:
    United fans doing the poznan apparently lol

    yea they are.. taking the piss

  71. City are demoralised and we have them on the ropes. I hope we can really smash them and put old trafford game behind us.

  72. oh, and smalling’s been awesome too.

    i didn’t realise nasri was playing till 25 mins in.

    • DeadRevel says:

      Didn’t know he was playing until someone at half time said he should have come off when Kompany was sent off… has he even touched the ball?

      Only Aguero for City looking dangerous.

      We need another goal near start of 2nd half to knock any rebellion out of them.

  73. I will take another two without conceeding.

    Now it will be a kick up the behind of all those who felt that the Evans sending off at OT made no difference.

    By the way, am at work, can but refusing to watch as we have not won ANY match I have seen live on TV this season.

    Please lads keep everyone on the pitch and get this game won.

  74. Roy keane must be pissed off.

  75. What the fucking nora is going on

    Just got in

  76. sheesh said:
    Roy keane must be pissed off.

    Because we didn’t bring him back to play alongside Scholesy?

  77. Calvino said:
    I will take another two without conceeding.

    Now it will be a kick up the behind of all those who felt that the Evans sending off at OT made no difference.

    By the way, am at work, can but refusing to watch as we have not won ANY match I have seen live on TV this season.

    Please lads keep everyone on the pitch and get this game won.

    Good point, I think we’d only conceding one goal when Evans was sent off, no?

    • DeadRevel says:

      Yes. Exactly what I said after the game.

      City scored one goal against the run of play, we had a player sent off, they scored 5 more goals. Pretty much what has happened here.

  78. Calvino said:
    I will take another two without conceeding.

    Now it will be a kick up the behind of all those who felt that the Evans sending off at OT made no difference.

    By the way, am at work, can but refusing to watch as we have not won ANY match I have seen live on TV this season.

    Please lads keep everyone on the pitch and get this game won.

    ever the optimist…

  79. this would be the perfect game for Scholes to come into tbf

  80. DeadRevel says:

    fucking hell

  81. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    WTF kind of wall was that?

  82. Keepers positioning was shocking for their goal.

  83. Mancini took off Silva? Is he giving up or what?

  84. knew that was in before he hit it….

  85. DeadRevel says:

    Yeah bad goal to concede. Wall and keeper poor then… he’s hardly showing everyone he’s first choice is he.

  86. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    We need another goal…

  87. why is he coming on.. things are fine

  88. The Smalling-Tony V combo on the right is much more effective than Nani-Evra on the left, offensively and defensively. We need new personnel there in a bad way.

  89. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Scholes to the rescue.

    It would be perfect if he scored one, wouldn’t it?

  90. Return of the Ninja!

  91. Scholes coming on. We were geting a touch sloppy with possession.

  92. what an insult to anderson. surely, we will get rid of the lazy useless shit this summer.

    i still find myself cheering for scholes though – legend!

  93. jones is really startiing to annoy me…. lost it after a great start

  94. OLE!

  95. pace and mobility wise its 10 v 10 no need for nani to come off.. i find it very weird. surely pogba could do a similar job

  96. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    That is a nailed on pen.

  97. that was a penalty

  98. defo penalty

  99. oh FFS

  100. ltel said:
    pace and mobility wise its 10 v 10 no need for nani to come off.. i find it very weird. surely pogba could do a similar job

    another mystery …

  101. what thev fuck scholes….. disgraceful

  102. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:


  103. I can see the sense of bringing on a central midfielder if the point is to push Giggs left. City have gone 3-4-2, so it makes sense to put pressure on their wing backs and pin them back, and Nani offers no real width on the left. Giggs is our only proper left winger, so there it is.

  104. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    This is madness by Fergie!! why bring Scholes on? Anderson has better legs!

    If we lose this it will be the worse defeat in the last 20 years!

    Our keeper is dogshite!

  105. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    WE need to score.

  106. i cant believe this… why is nani off..it was nt broke, playing well, why the change

  107. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    Dear me we are collapsing!

  108. Valencia has been shit.

  109. DeadRevel says:

    fucking hell….

  110. DeadRevel says:

    fucking tinker tailor scottish shite.

  111. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    City are well up for this now.

  112. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    The sad thing is we USED to be like Man City…

  113. We’ve gone back to not being able to pass the ball

  114. i feel sick

  115. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    We need another very soon…

    I’m still shocked just how SHITE we’ve become..in every aspect of our club.

  116. Time to show your quality, Rooney.

  117. Scholes gave the ball away but Aguero was given way too much space in the box, defense to blame.

  118. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Finally, a shot on target.

  119. Bricking it, but I would have taken a 3-2 lead yesterday

  120. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Fuck sake… quit panicking.

  121. what the fuck was that………..

  122. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    Fergie has committed suicide here today.

  123. We should be making them work harder

  124. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    Anderson’s on… FFS

  125. 451

    We’re sitting

  126. Wtf. Welbeck off.

  127. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    Who has the 10 men???

  128. The left flank has become as critical an area for us as central midfield. Teams like City are clearly targeting it these days.

  129. Shat ourselves at 3-1 against ten man city. ffs

  130. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    Fucking SCORE you united CUNTS!!! FFS

  131. DeadRevel says:

    shit sub again…. welbeck has been brilliant.. bring on another midfielder out of form. Fergie masterstroke x 2.

  132. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    Fucking hell Jones, you fanny.

  133. Casual as fuck in the final third

  134. To be fair to Scholes he’s made more passes in this game than the rest of our midfield has over the course of the season

  135. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    They’ll score next!! then I want BLOOD!!!!!

  136. hopefully he lasts as long as he did for us. 3 minutes

  137. Jones… FFS

  138. wasnt a pen.. shit them there though

  139. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Scholes should be no where near this team… but especially not without some proper game time… fuckin hell.

  140. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    We’re getting battered by 10 men!! like Han’s boyfriend!

    The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits…..

  141. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    We’re hanging on!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  142. Steve Turner says:

    Remind me who has a an extra man?

  143. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    We may hang on to win this… but we completely gave away any bragging rights.

  144. fergies decisions have fucked us… why is scoles and ando on?

  145. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    Seriously what the fuck is up with Jones????

  146. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Fuck me… Jones has been rubbish…

  147. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    Alfonso Bedoya said:
    We may hang on to win this… but we completely gave away any bragging rights.


  148. Alfonso Bedoya said:
    Fuck me… Jones has been rubbish…

    been shite for a while.. great start to season, terrible now

  149. We wouldn’t be keeping the ball like this if it wasn’t for Scholes

  150. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    Ferdinand FUCK OFF!!!!

  151. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    They’ll score off this!

  152. holy fuck.. this is insane

  153. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Get the fuckin wall right, you numpty…

  154. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:


  155. whens the last time we had someone who could hit a freekick like that

  156. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:


  157. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    FUCK SAKE… what a game…

  158. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss holy fuck we dont deserve this.. terrible second half.. fergie to blame with crazy decisions

  159. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    From a neutral perspective, that was game of the year.

  160. fuckin hell, we don’t deserve that shit

  161. First gear in the second half

    We keep the ball better with Scholes

  162. i hope we draw liverpool next round

  163. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    Thank fuck, Fergie you got out of jail you cunt! That was a fucking shambles of a 2nd half by all concerned!It has highlighted even more (if that’s possible)just how shit we are!

    Rio is fucking finished.
    Keeper problem will last until De Gea mans up.
    Jones is a flapper.

  164. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    Alfonso Bedoya said:
    From a neutral perspective, that was game of the year.

    It’s only Jan 8th!


  165. sidney said:
    First gear in the second half

    We keep the ball better with Scholes

    Can you people quit chatting dust. Please. From what I hear he gave the ball away leading to their second goal. As usual our manager hack back to old days. When we should have gone for the jugular he has made changes that asked City to come at us and now they will have bragging rights. We won but am fuming here!!!

  166. From being their biggest game of the season all the time, it has become our biggest game this season.ffs. Epic faffing from us in the 2nd half. credit to them though, 3-0 down in a derby and still they had the discipline and patience to keep their formation.

  167. Alfonso Bedoya said:
    We may hang on to win this… but we completely gave away any bragging rights.

    knocking the blue cunts who were the cup holders at their council house…i reckon we did fucking ok
    shame couldn’t score a couple 2nd half, but let’s face it, city are no mugs and i would have taken any win over these cunts
    jones is burnt out i guess, needs a breather and heaps of pressure on him to perform every game doesnt help
    nani disappointing again but rooney and welbeck looking sharp
    we should have had that pen in the 2nd half and that would have been game set and match but the referee was poor both for the sending off and the cards

  168. i think its quite clear that city is by far the best team in england.

  169. Cowardly tactics by the manager nearly cost us the game. Taking off our best players made the team shit themselves at 3-1.

    Jones didn’t have a great game but Valencia was particularly shite in the 2nd half.

    We won but today confirmed that we still have massive problems beyond the obvious midfield issue. Keeper was at sixes and sevens. Ferdinand was shaky as well.

  170. brianofnazareth brianofnazareth says:

    Fergie not happy!! good.

  171. DamnedUnited says:

    Bringing Scholes back shows how dire the situation is, but nevertheless, it’s always nice to see him on the pitch.

    Now please Fergie, swallow your pride and bring Beckham back!!

  172. good post match i/v by SAF
    said it like it is – sloppy mistakes

  173. Fergie really not happy in the post match

    Says the players were too sloppy, too careless. Looks like they’ve got a proper bollocking

    Laying into the press over the Rooney speculation n all

  174. Scholes gave the ball away for the second goal but he did OK.

    It was the psychological impact of going defensive that hurt us more than anything.

    Fergie has blamed the players for being careless in the 2nd half but he should look at the decisions he made.

  175. sheesh said:
    Scholes gave the ball away for the second goal but he did OK.

    It was the psychological impact of going defensive that hurt us more than anything.

    Fergie has blamed the players for being careless in the 2nd half but he should look at the decisions he made.

    bang on sheesh.. crazy decisions. absolutely no need for scholes to be on the pitch

    • DeadRevel says:

      He made a mistake for the goal, but after that he played pretty well, kept the midfield ticking over in a very high pressure situation.

  176. DeadRevel says:

    To be fair, Fergie made mistakes today but he gave a pretty honest interview. Rio and Jones were poor today, Evra almost as bad.

    Smalling, Rooney, Carrick and Welbeck were great.

    Should have stayed on the front foot at start of half… don’t know why we sit back – it only ends badly.

  177. Jones and Ferdinand absolutely terrible. We moved the ball quickly behind the City back four in the first half. Second half we got back into the habit of playing keep ball in front of a packed defence. We don’t have the play makers to thread a ball through a packed defence. We did when Cleverly was linking with Rooney and Wellbeck but Carrick is not that player.

    Also look at Jones on the second goal he leaves Smalling one on one he needs a run on the bench. Terrible defending.

    But that said our performance in the first half was superb. Even if City would have kept 11 on the field in the first half we would have still banged a few in because we kept turning their back four and our movement was great.

  178. We need a settled back 4 to cut out the mistakes
    The forwards could make it easier for them by passing the ball to red shirts in the final third
    They give it away too often, and the opposition break

  179. that ref foy was shite
    city given a red and nowt else
    we get 4 yellows

  180. We only look top class on the right and up front. On the left, in central midfield, and in the back we look second-rate. Mancini got it badly wrong — if he made the changes he made at half time right after the red card, they probably would have beaten us.

  181. bman said:
    We only look top class on the right and up front. On the left, in central midfield, and in the back we look second-rate. Mancini got it badly wrong — if he made the changes he made at half time right after the red card, they probably would have beaten us.

    Agreed. Rio was bollocking Evra for being out of position at one point.

  182. Our speed of thought in the final third leaves a lot to be desired at times – we need Clevz!

  183. Liked the live blog!! worth doing IMHO

  184. Honestly would have been happy with a draw before the game, so I’m pretty giddy we won.
    Kompany is the shity version of vidic, their defense is as bad as ours without him.
    except for in goal, and hart didn’t play and wouldn’t have saved those goals anyhow.
    Jones limps in every game, it’s like he has to get slightly injured to be fully warmed up. Either that or the kids tired.
    Live blog is great, match started at 745 am here, I was at work and had to sneak away to keep up with you guys. Intelligent United perspective makes all the difference, I was dreading this game and I felt better knowing the bad news would come from fellow despondents.
    Instead we won! And then there’s the scholes thing. Does fergie just enjoy fucking with us?
    Brian from North Carolina

  185. Liverpool away next round


  186. fucking hell
    going to have to do this the hard way
    scouse fucks away in the 4th round

  187. Does Evra play, that is the question

  188. madredmonkey madredmonkey says:

    can suarez play.

  189. Make you laugh all the City fans on the radio. How they would have hammered us with a full side and if thats all we have then they will easily win the league. Well here’s the news… thats football get used to injuries and the ACN and all the other things that make winning the league difficult.

    We have been struggling with injuries for most of the season. For the first time they have a few absentees and it’s a “if this” and “if that”. If we would have had fletch, cleverly, vidic etc all back and fit with half a season under their belt then it would have been 6 or 7. But like I said thats football we have a depleted squad not just a slight change to the first 11 and so far we are 3 pts off the top and just knocked City out the cup. First half they couldn’t live with us and were given a lifeline in the second half due to the ref bottling it when we should have had a second penalty. We are in next round City are out. End of.

  190. madredmonkey madredmonkey says:

    somebody dont want us to win the cup this year, one set of cunts to the next.

  191. Violent Banana says:

    MRM Suarez still suspended for that game

  192. madredmonkey madredmonkey says:

    Commenter said:
    MRM Suarez still suspended for that game


  193. It’s unbelievable how some people here believe that it was harsh red!
    Kompany didn’t touch Nani because he jumped out of the way. Again, he got the ball because Nani jumped out of the challenge.
    He jumped out of the challenge because there was a high probability of a broken foot with that power in the challenge. Kompany put all his body weight and the heftly leap in that attempt.
    The element of footballing skill was lost in this event. There was nothing Nani could do to keep the ball and Kompany would have touched the player first if Nani had stayed on the ground.
    An illegal attempt = Foul
    A very dangerous foul = Red card.

    Sir Ryan Giggs? No no no. Sir Paul Scholes say.

  194. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    brianofnazareth said:
    It’s only Jan 8th!


    So far, you cock!!!

  195. sidney said:
    Fergie really not happy in the post match

    Says the players were too sloppy, too careless. Looks like they’ve got a proper bollocking

    Laying into the press over the Rooney speculation n all

    Fantastic post match interview from SAF!! The best I have seen from him since the day we lost at Chelsea before the Champions League semi second leg against Barcelona. His veins were popping and his voice was ladden with anger.

    He also laid into the press too about the Rooney situation and that was sweet. Cor, I like it when he is in this kind of mood. Love it actually.

  196. It was rather sexual

    He stuck up for them when they were shit, now he’s laying into them after a brilliant result. It’s really good management

    Secretly though he’ll be chuffed to fuck. No matter the circumstances and the details, they beat City in their own backyard and knocked them out of the Cup

  197. Calvino said:
    Fantastic post match interview from SAF!! The best I have seen from him since the day we lost at Chelsea before the Champions League semi second leg against Barcelona. His veins were popping and his voice was ladden with anger.

    He also laid into the press too about the Rooney situation and that was sweet. Cor, I like it when he is in this kind of mood. Love it actually.

    I thought you were going to be one of the first to criticise his second half tactics – and I would have agreed with you completely.

    He completely bottled it by taking off both Welbeck and Nani and bringing on Scholes and Anderson.

    Nearly cost us the match as well.

  198. sheesh said:
    I thought you were going to be one of the first to criticise his second half tactics – and I would have agreed with you completely.

    He completely bottled it by taking off both Welbeck and Nani and bringing on Scholes and Anderson.

    Nearly cost us the match as well.

    Nah, if it wasn’t for Scholes’ one dodgy pass, they’d have only scored a single goal from a very well taken free kick.

  199. bman said:
    Nah, if it wasn’t for Scholes’ one dodgy pass, they’d have only scored a single goal from a very well taken free kick.

    That’s pure conjecture. On another day they could have had a penalty for Jones’s handball or they could have had eleven men on the pitch all game. There’s no use in speculating.
    I can only go off what happened and IMO we took an unnecessary negative safety first approach at 3-1. Instead of having a go at them and killing the game off with Welbeck having a blinder and Nani playing well, we invited City to attack.
    Give them credit because they made good tactical changes themselves. They sensed our vulnerability, switched to 3-5-1 and scored a couple of goals.
    Ultimately it doesn’t matter whether we would have won 3-1 or 3-2. We nearly got showed up with our negative tactics against a 10 man side. We had a major opportunity to make a statement of intent but we failed to take it. Keeper should hold his hands up for their free kick because his positioning was diabolical.

  200. uncleknobheadffs uncleknobheadforfucksake says:

    all the strikers on the pitch were superb

    fair play to that aguero, got bollocks

  201. uncleknobheadffs uncleknobheadforfucksake says:

    let’s see hernandez score a goal like that

    ‘something from nothing’

  202. Hehe, cue the martyrdom and persecution

    When you see it from this angle it looks like a horror challenge


    • Sid – Nani jumped or its a broken ankle. Why do City fans and pundits keep going on about Kompany ‘getting the ball’? It’s got nothing to do with whether a red is issued. And hasn’t for about five years. Are these people dumb, playing dumb or just mentally challenged?

  203. On a personal level If you send lads off for strong tackles where the ball is won you will end up 7 a side in a lot of games, the tackle is full blooded but I don’t think there is any malice in it and compare it to the tackle Carragher subjected Nani to last year it’s nothing, Nani does not react to the tackle and seems fine with it.

    By the interpretation of the rules I again disagree to an extent and thought, if it’s wreckless (Disregard for the Danger of the tackle) it’s a yellow, it’s only a red if excessive force (Far exceeded the necessary force,) it’s a slippy pitch and the lads momentum sends him flying in, I certainly think it’s wreckless but I don’t think it’s excessive force on a slippery surface.

    Yes both feet are off the ground but they are not high enough to cause particularly serious damage, the tackle isn’t late and I don’t see enough excessive force for a sending off, a yellow card and to be told to calm down would have been correct I feel.

    It’s a borderline red at best and I would have wanted to United to appeal if it was one of our players.

    Ronaldo got done for something not much worse enough years ago against City.


  204. Excessive force is open to interpretation, Squigs

    Kompany leaves the ground and ‘jumps’ in to win the ball. It desn’t look aggressive, but with the full weight of his body going into the tackle there would have been enough force to break Nani’s leg

    So surely that is excessive force

  205. Calvino said:
    Can you people quit chatting dust. Please. From what I hear he gave the ball away leading to their second goal. As usual our manager hack back to old days. When we should have gone for the jugular he has made changes that asked City to come at us and now they will have bragging rights. We won but am fuming here!!!

    I did here. Right after the game too.

  206. Alfonso Bedoya Alfonso Bedoya says:

    Anyone trying to defend that tackle in any way, is wrong in my opinion.
    The issue is, trying to get the studs first tackle out of the game… no exceptions.
    It’s chicken shit football… when a player commits to a fair tackle, he risks his legs in a collision with his opponents… shins, knees and ankles clash and sometimes a player gets hurt… sometimes the tackler himself comes off the worst… but that’s an even match up of limbs… and the tackler, only goes into the tackle with as much confidence, as he’s willing to risk his own legs.
    Going in studs first is protecting your own legs at the expense of increased risk towards your opponent…
    I don’t know what the stats would be, but I’d bet that the overwhelming majority of serious leg injures from tackles, happen from studs first tackles.
    Whether his feet were high or not, wins the ball or not, makes contact or not… he went in studs first… and that kind of tackle needs to be removed from the game… end of!

    “Badges, to god-damned hell with badges! We have no badges. In fact, we don’t need badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges, you god-damned cabrón and ching’ tu madre! Come out from that shit-hole of yours. I have to speak to you.”

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