Reds aim to beat odds and rivals in cup clash

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Magic of the Cup? Manchester United might need it this weekend, as Sir Alex Ferguson’s side heads into the derby as clear underdogs for the first time in many years. The Scot’s side is seeking to repair some of the considerable damage done over the past week after defeats to Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United, which have handed Manchester City the initiative in the Premier League title race. But Sunday’s visit to Eastlands for the FA Cup third round offers potential redemption. City, now odds-on to take the Premier League, will start favourites to repeat last season’s FA Cup semi-final victory.

Ferguson’s efforts to bring home silverware this season are being undermined by a lengthy and persistent injury list, with key defenders Chris Smalling and Jonny Evans still absent for Sunday’s visit to Eastlands. Tom Cleverley, now back in light training, will also miss the game alongside long-term injury victims Nemanja Vidić, Michael Owen, and Fábio da Silva. Ashley Young is unlikely to return for another fortnight, while Rafael da Silva could make the side after being benched for the trip to Newcastle.

Indeed, injuries and home advantage means that City will expect to take the tie, admits Ferguson, with the Scot banking on a cup tie spirit to send the Reds into the fourth round at the old rivals’ expense.

“There are no new injuries from Wednesday so it’s the same squad for Sunday,” confirmed Ferguson.

“There’s no progress really to report. Chris Smalling is the one I’d love to get back but he’s got a really bad bout of tonsillitis. We expect to have him training by Monday. Jonny Evans has still got his calf injury. But there are enough experienced players in the squad to cope with a really difficult tie on Sunday.

“I always say about the FA Cup that we take anyone in a home draw so the advantage is with City, in this respect, in terms of the home draw. But it’s a cup tie, a local derby and anything can happen in these games. I think we’ve been expecting City to do well. They’ve got a strong squad and, apart from Mario Balotelli, all the players are very experienced. So it’s not unexpected where they are now. But they also know we’re right behind them.”

Manchester City v Manchester United, FA Cup third round, Eastlands, 8 January 2012The challenge to City suffered a double blow in the past week with defeats to Blackburn and Newcastle. United had looked set to take the Premier League lead as the season entered its second half. Instead, the focus is now on the Reds poor form and defensive instability. Having shipped three goals in each of the past two games this week, Ferguson knows that he must tighten up a leaky back-four at Eastlands. It is a challenge not aided by so many absentees

Meanwhile, key midfielder Michael Carrick says that the team is banking on its ability to recover quickly from setbacks for the match against City. Carrick is one of many United players not to have won the cup – of the current squad only Darren Fletcher and Ryan Giggs have winners’ medals. It’s a fact that the 30-year-old midfielder is determined to put right.

“We’ve just got to get on with it. We tend to overcome setbacks pretty well here and hopefully we can do the same,” Carrick told

“Sunday’s game is a massive game – against our biggest rivals – and we’re looking forward to it. The fixture’s gone to another level from my first two or three derbies. You’ve got to be impressed by City. As well as having some great attacking threats, able to hit you at any time, they’re also a solid unit and hard to break down.

“We want to be playing in the big games, when there’s real pressure and a whole lot at stake. These are the games in which we really test ourselves and in the past, we’ve been really good at finding a way to win. That’s what we’ll be focusing on on Sunday.

“We just want to go through and be challenging to win the competition. A lot of the players here at United, including me, haven’t won the FA Cup and the club hasn’t won it for a number of years. That’s something we want to put right. Okay, with our biggest rivals and our local rivals in front of us on Sunday, it makes the game a whole lot bigger. But on the face of it, we just want to progress and be successful in the competition.”

United’s chances of progressing will depend greatly on how tight Ferguson’s back four remains at Eastlands. Rio Ferdinand and Phil Jones suffered a torrid spell at St. James’ Park, with the home side scoring three. It could have been many more. But with Vidić, Evans and Smalling all out, the partnership is likely to resume at Eastlands.

Ferguson may well choose to pack midfield though, hoping to win a battle in which may be missing key Yaya Touré. Although the Ivory Coast international is due to report for the Africa Cup of Nations Ferguson doubt’s whether City manager Roberto Mancini is telling nothing but the truth.

The Scot is likely to deploy Wayne Rooney as a lone forward, with Carrick, Ryan Giggs, Anderson and Park Ji-Sung competing for spots in central midfield. Antonio Valencia, Nani and Danny Wellbeck will compete for the wide positions.

“I am not sure Touré won’t be available for Sunday,” added a suspicious Ferguson.

“He probably will. I don’t know the whole background but apparently, he doesn’t need to meet up until Monday, I read somewhere, which suggests he should be playing on Sunday. All the teams who have African players have never really suffered much. If you check the records, they all seem to sail through it. I don’t think it makes a great impact when you have a squad of players. There are plenty to occupy those positions until they come back.”

Meanwhile, City will also be without forward Mario Ballotelli and defender Kolo Touré, who is due to meet up with the Ivory Coast squad. Manager Mancini could recall outcast Dutch midfielder Nigel de Jong in Yaya’s stead, while James Milner, David Silva and Adam Johnson will compete for a place in wide areas.

Facing the tournament holders is a reminder to those in the squad that Ferguson’s side has not lifted the FA Cup since beating Millwall in 2004. Defeats to Arsenal and Chelsea in subsequent finals each came with a touch of ill fortune, and United will surely need to turn that around to win at Eastlands. Yet, says the United manager, the lack of Cup medals in the squad will motivate his men to push that little bit harder on Sunday.

“It’s probably a motivating force for the players who haven’t got medals,” admitted Sir Alex.

“Particularly someone like Rio Ferdinand. He mentioned to me last season that he hadn’t got an FA Cup medal and I couldn’t believe it, given the length of time he has been at the club. Everyone likes to win the FA Cup at least once in their life.”

History is with the men in Red – just. United has five FA Cup victories over the Blues, to City’s four. And of the 160 previous meetings, United has won 66, to City’s 44, with 50 drawn.

Match Facts
Manchester City versus Manchester United, FA Cup – third round, Eastlands, Sunday 8 January 2012, 1pm.

Potential Line-ups
City (4-4-2): Hart; Richards, Kompany, Lescott, Zabaleta; Silva, De Jong, Milner, Nasri; Džeko, Aguero. Subs from: Pantilimon, Kolarov, Clichy, Savić, Barry, Johnson, Nimely, Razak.

United (4-5-1): Lindegaard; Rafael, Jones, Ferdinand, Evra; Valencia, Carrick, Anderson, Park, Park; Rooney. Subs from: De Gea, Fryers, Anderson, Pogba, Cole, Giggs, Nani, Lingard, Diouf, Hernandez, Welbeck, Berbatov.

United: WWWWLL

Referee: Christopher Foy (St. Helens)
Assistant Referees: Simon Beck & Steve Child
Fourth Official: Michael Jones


Roberto - January 7, 2012 Reply

5-0 United. Easy

ltel - January 7, 2012 Reply

6-1 500/1 go for ir

shauno - January 7, 2012 Reply

I really don’t know with this may have a bet on United even though my head say’s City? I’m not even sure who is available for United? Fuck knows?

sheesh - January 7, 2012 Reply

Completely agree with this article. It’s got to a stage, I think, where the problems are more deep-rooted than the midfield issue. Can’t really put my finger on it but somewhere along the line in the last few years, it seems to me that we’ve lost our way.

We cannot afford another 3 years of the Glazers but I hate to say that we cannot afford another 3 years of Fergie, either.

We’re going backwards.

Waxfoot - January 8, 2012 Reply

The fact is that SAF is being asked to work within a budget most managers not fit to shine his boots would baulk at.

“The Glazers are siphoning money in such staggering quantities that, in the past three years, United’s net spend is lower than that of Hull City, Blackpool and Burnley.”

from here:

Waxfoot - January 8, 2012 Reply

But then he did write this article, which is steeped in misjudgment:

Alfonso Bedoya - January 7, 2012 Reply

“Completely agree with this article. It’s got to a stage, I think, where the problems are more deep-rooted than the midfield issue. Can’t really put my finger on it but somewhere along the line in the last few years, it seems to me that we’ve lost our way.”
I can put my finger on it… Glazers!… End of!
Ferguson has his faults… quite a few… and why he continues to defend the Glazers, is a frustrating mystery… but he’s still capable of running this club better than anyone else. But he needs a team worthy of the club… and that requires more funding than the Glazers are making available.

“Badges, to god-damned hell with badges! We have no badges. In fact, we don’t need badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges, you god-damned cabrón and ching’ tu madre! Come out from that shit-hole of yours. I have to speak to you.”

shauno - January 8, 2012 Reply

What a load of old dogshit. Whilst you can level some criticisms at SAF and United the article is way off the mark. For one, suggesting that his view that there is no value in the market is exposed by not signing Tiote etc and signing bebe. £10m for Smalling, £17m for Jones, £7m for Chico end of that discussion.

I could go on but I can’t be arsed. Just another anti-united article. If united were to win tomorrow the same twat would twattering how much of a genius SAF is.

The problem is as simple as not being able to afford a few players we can’t find in the youth set up due to the Glazers not allowing SAF to spend cash. Its not deep rooted its staring us directly on the face in the form of 4 bald American guys who own the club and have saddled it with loads of debt.

sidney - January 8, 2012 Reply

Facebook tells me that United fans have spray painted Mary D’s and The Kippax

A small victory, I suppose

danniitronix - January 8, 2012 Reply

Scholes is on the bench. That’s our Jan transfers done then. ffs.

ltel - January 8, 2012 Reply

least we got a midfielder in

danniitronix - January 8, 2012 Reply

lol – what thread are we using? i’ll switch to the live one.

ltel - January 8, 2012 Reply


sheesh - January 8, 2012 Reply

Lindegaard starts and smalling will play with jones. City without both toure brothers, no hart and no barry.

han - January 8, 2012 Reply

i love the ginger prince but surely this has to be some joke?

ltel - January 8, 2012 Reply

pogba will leave…..

han - January 8, 2012 Reply

we could be in for an arse raping part 2
welcome to manchester’s gang bang fest

ltel - January 8, 2012 Reply

na han.. good side out today.. itll be close.. better be

han - January 8, 2012 Reply

ltel said:
na han.. good side out today.. itll be close.. better be

we had a good side out on weds night too and we got screwed then

ltel - January 8, 2012 Reply

this is much better side. balanced, players in position.. im happy enough with it, come on reds

Ichiro - January 8, 2012 Reply

WTF Scholes is on the bench??

ltel - January 8, 2012 Reply

unbelievable liverpool united next round

sheesh - January 8, 2012 Reply

Is Suarez going to be back by then?

Good draw.

I’d rather we played someone decent than some shitty home draw against a Championship side.

ltel - January 8, 2012 Reply

no banned for that.. bACK FOR FEB LEAGUE GAME

Alfonso Bedoya - January 8, 2012 Reply

I wouldn’t mind the Dippers at OT… but the atmosphere at Anfield will be toxic… expect more shit throwing and the like.


triggs - January 8, 2012 Reply

Fletch, Clev, Young and Keane twins apparently in the United end today

sheesh - January 8, 2012 Reply

Alfonso Bedoya said:
I wouldn’t mind the Dippers at OT… but the atmosphere at Anfield will be toxic… expect more shit throwing and the like.


I hope all our FA Cup matches are away games. Would piss the Glazers right off…and save me a bit of money as well. Sadly, that’s what it has to come to.

sheesh - January 11, 2012 Reply

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