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Manchester United secured the Premier League title with a 1-1 draw against Blackburn Rovers. It brings United to 19 domestic titles, one ahead of rivals Liverpool.


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  1. sheesh says

    More than anything, I’m happy for Fergie. Was wonderful seeing his delight at the final whistle. There won’t be another like him.

    Other clubs can buy trophies but there won’t be another Fergie again. He’s an icon.

  2. damian garside says

    And we did it when clearly the ABU conspirators seemed capable of any trick or shenanigan to stop us from winning.

    Congrats to all at Rant and all the usual bloggers. Party hard!

  3. MrKirie says

    Well done! Number 19 in the bag, now onto CL glory and number 20 :)

    I do not approve of the Premier League having the run in of the season at this time. It’s bang in the middle of my exam period, and sadly, it has to take priority over partying in celebration… damn

  4. JonyB says

    Have to agree with Ed about this one
    This is in every way a TEAM greater than the sum of its parts…. Whilst the squad individuals may not have the “Fantasy” of previous squads and i would love to see that addressed in this summer’s transfer market but the TEAM performance against Chelsea was one of the best i’ve seen so find it hard to critise……. Also think That reflects so much on SAF, this has been HIS victory; in molding that team to be better than its parts; to overcome the media critics and fans apprehensions; to overcome the players unconvincing away-days problems has been an incredible reflection of Fergie’s ability to manage his team, the squad and the demands of the individual competitions…….
    Excellent news That Warren Joyce as Guided what Gary Nev has called the “best youth side since the class of 92″ into the youth cup final…… hope to see some of them make the mark as players like Pogba, Drinkwater, Will Keane, Cole look like excellent prospects to add to players like King, Petrucci, Brady and Cleverly

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