Rant Monthly Issue 2 – September 2011

September 1, 2011 Tags: Monthly 3 comments

Welcome to the second edition of Rant Monthly, our high-quality mix of original Rant editorial that comes to you on the first of each month.

In issue 2, we look in depth at United’s youthful revolution this season – the personalities, the football and the tactics. We delve into the Glazer family’s proposed IPO in Singapore, asking what the autumn flotation will do for the club, and fans. And we look back on Wayne Rooney’s October Revoluton and ask how it changed the relationship between player and fans.

Issue 2 is available in two flavours for your reading pleasure: high and low image quality. Right click > “save as” below. For PDF aficionados, Rant Monthly is best read like a magazine, two-up, showing cover page (View > Page Display). Or help destroy the environment and print it!

  • High quality – It’s a big file but worth every megabyte.
  • Low quality – If your bandwidth constraints are tighter than Uncle Malcy’s wallet.

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