Ibrahimovic? No thanks!

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The best part of silly season is the speculation. This summer is no different and with United’s apparent bumper transfer kity the rumour mill has been in full swing. Sometimes there is unrealistic hope that United will pull off a mega-deal, such as with tabloid speculation about David Villa. Occasionally, the club is linked with hitherto unheard of ‘wonderkids’ from all parts of the globe, normally being hawked by their agents. Then there’s the best bit – the signings – and there have been three new United players to date, albeit somewhat underwhelming.

But just occasionally there’s a rumour that makes you shudder with fear. Not Liverpool hero Michael Owen moving to Old Trafford, as sickening as that was when it came true. No, worse still is today’s rumour that Sir Alex Ferguson is seriously considering a bid for Inter Milan’s striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

It’s not that the Swede is a bad player. His record is decent. Indeed, he picked up the capocannonieri title as Serie A’s top goalscorer last season with 25 strikes, and bad players don’t do that. Moreover, his performances moved no less a manager than Jose Mourinho to call him “the best player in the world.”

But Mourinho’s assertion was ridiculous – designed more to make headlines than based on reality. At the very top level, when it really matters, Ibrahimovic has normally flattered to deceive. To use a topical parlance, crueller pundits have labelled the striker as little more than a flat-track bully. It’s hard to remember a really big game that Ibrahimovic has won for club or country with a performance his monumental hype justifies. Ibrahimovic’s performance in two Champions League ties against United last season, for example, rarely rose above the average.

Tabloid rumours are not always without cause. The player is certainly looking for a move this summer, although Barcelona has always been Ibrahimovic’s preferred destination. However, with the European Champions only likely make a move if their bid for David Villa falls through, the leaked rumours about United’s apparent interest are given greater context. It would be a huge surprise if Fergie sanctions a bid, especially as it would need to be more £30 million for the forward.

More worrying than his ability, the man himself is particularly unpleasant. Aside from once demanding to be substituted because he couldn’t be bothered (a strop Mourinho gave no credence), perhaps the most abhorrent aspect of Ibrahimovic’s nature is the player huge ego. While the striker is hardly the first – or worst – offender in this department, he is perhaps the least talented player to consider himself the best on the planet. Fergie would do well to steer clear.



Richard - July 10, 2009 Reply

IMO, this is Gill and the Glazers preparing for the reign of Mourinho.

Think about it, Mourinho and Ronaldo hated each other, Mourinho thinks Ibra is the planet’s best player, Sir Alex won’t do a “Bobby Robson”.

Run to Ladbrokes to beat the rush…

Cabronyc - July 10, 2009 Reply

Oh, Ed!Your article is music to my….eyes? Whateva’ you get the picture!I though I was the only guy who doesn’t agree with this possible transfer. While a good player(and he is a good player), we have to keep in mind that he is a star in a small pond. Serie A? C’mon, lets face it, after AC Milan lifted to European Cup in ’07, italian football went straight down-hill. The only players that they attract are players at the end of their career!
Bottom line: I don’t want him either!
Your opinion guys?

unanimous - July 10, 2009 Reply

whoever wrote this is full of @#$% Zlatan is the best period.

Ulrik Fredrik - July 10, 2009 Reply

I think Zlatan would be a great signing. Next to Ronaldo, Ibra has the credentials to make in United. We need big names at United to help lend some firepower. It’ll keep Berba on his toes. Plus lets just see him as a shortcut solution to Ronaldo. I’m very excited with the signing of Obertan but he needs a few years in him before emulating Ronaldo.

kosta - July 10, 2009 Reply

Are you serious ? You write of Ibrahimovic as a regular player and you think you have more knowledge than Mourinho ? Do you have any idea how hard it is to score in Italian league ? He is the best player at the moment but I pray he doesn’t go to Man United .

Danny Salford Red - July 10, 2009 Reply

I for one have never seen him have a decent game. Slow ponderous, lazy and the prices being quoted are around 3 times more than what he is worth. Not a good move for us and he would simply be another 30 million Veron.

Carlos - July 10, 2009 Reply

Zlatan may have underachieved in some CL games. But he has been the dominating player in Italy forn years, and, he can deliver. He’s extremely strong, got great technical skills, I mean, looka at themgoals he make! And he made two goals on his own in the last game to take the Serie A-title´. He surley are among the best in the world but you English never watch Serie A to understand that!

gerard - July 10, 2009 Reply

Ibra is the most self centred egotystical wally i have ever seen on a football pitch. He does not have the makings of a United player and anyway, after the Champs league group stage he usually bottles it when its time to score. I would rather focus on Macheda this season .

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