United Rant Live! Germany v Holland

Germany versus Holland in one of the iconic fixtures in the international football calendar, invoking memories of the 1974 World Cup final, and the feisty clash between the sides at the 1990 version of the competition. Those are just two in 38 fixtures between the countries that remain the best of enemies. There is unlikely to be any love lost when the sides meet once again, in Khakiv, at Euro 2012.

Following Holland’s surprise loss to Denmark on match-day one, Bert van Marwjick’s men desperately need the points in the industrial Ukrainian town, while Germany is looking to build on a narrow win over Portugal. Indeed, a Germany win will send Joachim Löw’s men into the next round, and Holland out of the tournament.

There’s tangential Manchester United interest in this clash, with the perennial tabloid column-filler Wesley Sneijder starting for Holland, while young midfielder Keving Strootman should also be involved. On the German side former United trainee Ron-Robert Zieler will be on the bench.

Join United Rant for our latest live blog at Euro 2012, with Ed and Jony Ball from around 7pm, with preamble and Portugal – Denmark updates 5pm.


Jony Ball - Wednesday 21:49


Cue the music…….

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 21:47

Germany Looking Ominous….

After that dramatic 5-1 loss against the mighty Ingerland, its amazing how the Germans have undertook a complete assessment of their football and really addressed the weaknesses at that time. That Drove them forward Whilst The FA & a succession of England Managers and Pundits have basked in the Glory of the best League in the world(TM)……

Result has been Our demise and their Rise to what may very well be the Next European Champion Winners…..

What do you think Ed?

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Ed - Wednesday 21:43


An excellent German performance – Low’s side control the match almost from start to finish. Vibrant, attacking, creative, powerful in the first half. Far to much for a seemingly dispirited Dutch side. Different in the second – controlled, measured, and professional. Holland – much brighter during the second period when van Marwjick’s changes made a real difference. But in truth, van Persie’s excellent goal aside, Holland never really looked like turning this around.

Germany almost through – a point against a mediocre Denmark side will do it. While Holland now left needing a real miracle.

So, it’s goodnight from me, and a big thank you for joining us once again. Thanks, also to Jony for joining me on this Rant Live!

You can follow Jony on Twitter…. @JonyB007.

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 21:43

FT Summary;

Netherlands 1-2 Germany

Shots 14 v 11

Passes[ALL] 476/526 [90%]  v 401/462 [87%]

Final 1/3 Passes 90/117 v 84/117

Possession 53.1% v 46.9%

Tackles 8/10 v 11/17

Clearances 6 v 11

Blocks 3 v 3


Germans Win the Attacking and Defensive Game

In Control and In the Next Round……

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Ed - Wednesday 21:38

How the mighty fell

There will be some fall out from Holland’s failure during this tournament, and van Marwijk may pay with his job. That’ll be tough on him, with Holland reaching the World Cup final and winning nine out of 10 qualifying games for Euro 2012. But this is a results business and it’s hard to see the pragmatic van Marwijk staying in the job much longer presuming Holland go out in the next few days. They need a miracle not to. van Marwijk needs a miracle.

van Marwijk

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 21:36

Job Done….

German Camp saw this as an opportunity to eliminate the Dutch at an early stage…..

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Ed - Wednesday 21:33

Shame, but only themselves to blame

Euro 2012 would be better for a strong Dutch side but now van Marwjick’s side is going to need a real miracle to qualify for the next round. To sum it up – Holland need to beat Portugal and hope that Denmark beat Germany.

Germany not officially qualified. If Low’s side loses to Denmark, then Portugal can qualify by beating Holland 2-0 or better ….

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 21:33


Four Minutes for the first red???

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 21:31


Robben Deciding He’s definitely had enough takes a leisurely stroll around the stadium…..

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Ed - Wednesday 21:30

Robben strop

What a baby the man is, strops off when substituted despite spending the night playing, essentially, for himself. It’s always been the way with Robben. Absolutely brillant, but the most selfish player in professional football. And by some distance too. There’s going to be some fall out from this… you can bet on that!

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Ed - Wednesday 21:27

“There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’ says the BBC’s Mark Lawrenson

How wrong he was. How wrong he was!


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Jony Ball - Wednesday 21:26

German Strength….

They’ll have to get through a German team prepared much more to get their boot in and higher up the field

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Ed - Wednesday 21:24

Kroos on for Ozil

Not a “defensive change” no matter what the BBC might say. Kroos and outstanding young creative player, but certainly not a defensive player. What he’ll do is play in a tactically more disciplined role, rather than floating between the lines as Ozil does. Tactical, not defensive.

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Ed - Wednesday 21:22

Ten minutes to go

Can Holland find and equaliser? Why not, but van Marwjick’s team is going to need to throw caution to the wind now and throw players forward. And that, of course, is where cup football gets really interesting, especially with Germany superb on the break. There’s no balance to strike though, Holland must take all the risks!

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 21:22

Van Persie 

Goes a tumbling, Tumbling in the box…

Van Persie Looks for a Penalty……

Looks for a penalty……


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Jony Ball - Wednesday 21:17


Nearly Kills Boateng with that rasping Shot… Too little from a player who seems to have lost his way….

Maybe he should of dropped his wage demands a wee bit Ed?

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Ed - Wednesday 21:16

Game on!!

It didn’t look like Holland could do it at all. All the spirit seemed to have left the side, but van Persie’s stunning goal has brought Holland right back into it. Remarkable because Germany has been in control all night. But we said it earlier – goals change matches!

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Ed - Wednesday 21:15

Gomez departs

But what good solid performance from the Bayern Munich forward. More than 40 goals in the season just departed., but all many on these shores remember is a disastrous Champions League final. He can be very pleased with his work tonight.

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Ed - Wednesday 21:12

Leicht, leicht, leicht

So f*cking leicht for Germany. You have to say this is the sign of a hugely classy Germany side. Potentially a championship winning Germany side. At no point tonight has Germany not been in control. And although Holland briefly showed some spirit for the first 20 minutes of the second half it has made little impression on the match. Holland living on hope and hope alone now.

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Ed - Wednesday 21:09

How many risks will Holland take?

The Dutch changes at half time have certainly instilled more belief in the side.. but there’s been no breakthrough with 20 minutes of the half gone. It’s now becoming desperate, with just 25 to go before Holland, realistically, head out of the tournament. Will van Marwjick throw on another attacking player. There’s almost nothing to lose now, because Holland will need Denmark to beat Germany more than 2-0 to stand any chance of heading through. Seems unlikely. Must throw everything at the last 25….

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 21:07

Mr Hodgson’s Discussion On Tactics…..

Not sure we want the England Manager Appearing to take a leaf out of Mike Bassett’s Managing Guide….






Oh Dear!!


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Ed - Wednesday 21:01

Much better from Holland

Is there a bit of belief left in the Dutch side? Certainly Holland much more in this game, and they’re creating a few chances too. van Persie forces Manuel Neuer into an excellent save, but Holland will have to do more than that if they’re to remain in the tournament.

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 20:59


Absolutely bossing the midfield…..

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Ed - Wednesday 20:57


Well the world knows about him now. Great defender, great on the ball, great attacker too!

Hummels was, of course, no secret to Rant, but the player’s outstanding performances in this tournament will have added another £10 million to the Borussia Dortmund defender’s prospective fee. There have, of course, been press reports ‘linking’ Hummels with Old Trafford, although its hard to see United paying in excess of £20 million, in the financial under the Glazers, to bring him to Old Trafford.

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Ed - Wednesday 20:53

The Hunter

Already looking hungrier than many Dutch players during the first half. The changes aren’t just personnel though, Holland’s tactics have changed. van Persie is now playing on the right side of midfielder, van der Vaart on the left, with Huntelaar through the middle. There’s still two sitting in front of a back four in defensive positions. 4-2-3-1 when defending, and 4-3-3 when attacking. Will it make a difference… hard to see it, but it’s been a more positive start to the second period than Holland finished the first.

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 20:50

Second Half Commences…

Just In case you were not listening 2-0 and comfortable…….

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 20:49

I’m VERY VERY Worried now Ed…..

I really can’t believe that Roy as really just said this…….

I mean I know he did, I listened with my very own ears!!! But I can’t quite believe it!!

It appears Possession, shots and statistics don’t really Matter…… There’s a saving the OT money men can make….


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Ed - Wednesday 20:48

The Dutch

Holland were excellent during qualificaiton, and outstanding during the World Cup up until the final. Is this a surprise – absolutely. The opening game was the killer, but the disintegration in Dutch harmony is a real surprise. It seemed as if van Marwijck had ended the factions within the squad and created a more unified unit. On the evidence of the first half that isn’t true.

But goals make a difference. Plenty of players in the Dutch side capable of scoring… and one back would make a huge difference.

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 20:42

Surprised Ed?

I must admit the Dutch do seem to be leaving this Euro’s like a damp squib…..

Are you surprised that Oranje have been unable to play like the team they needed to be??

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 20:38


Holland 0-2 Germany

Possession : 58.8% – 41.2%

Passes (All) 277/305  -  184/208

Completed  91%  -  88%

Final Third  41/57  -  28/38


German Efficiency Beating Dutch Ego’s….

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Ed - Wednesday 20:34

Half time – game over?

The Dutch are all over the place, dispirited and heading out of the tournament. Holland will need Denmark to beat Germany to have any chance of heading through at this rate.

True, Denmark nearly turned it around against Portugal earlier today, but there was a team with real heart even if the quality was lacking in defence. On this form, Germany won’t cave against Holland, they’ll add more.

Remarkable how the confidence seemed to drain from Holland’s faces within seconds of going a goal down. After nine wins in 10 qualifications games, where has the team spirit gone.

We’ll hear much more about this for sure. Something wrong in the state of … well… Holland.

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 20:30

German Focus…

Germany Have definitely decided the Left side of the Dutch is an area of focus for attack. Jetro Willems desperately needs some protection….

The Dutch on the other hand have been unable to get any real joy on either flank and playing very much in front of an excellently organised German rearguard!!!



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Jony Ball - Wednesday 20:25


Low shows some more emotion this time….

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Ed - Wednesday 20:24

How did he miss? … well it didn’t matter

Holger Badstuber heads straight at the goalkeeper from five yards out. But where was the Dutch defence. They’re all over the place. It didn’t matter though, because two minutes later Germany work the ball into the area with Dutch left-back Jetro Willems out of position and Mario Gomez drills it hard into the net. Martin Steklenberg slow to get down and that’s game over, surely…

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 20:21


I may be wrong but I don’t believe Oranje have beaten Germany since 2002.

The last game in Hamburg was a crushing 3-0 Win to Germany that night driven devastatingly forward by Ozil and Gotze…

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Ed - Wednesday 20:18

Somebody farted in the lift

Not exactly a ‘team’ are they, the Dutch? The body language is horrible now, too many players looking at their feet wondering what’s going on. Noticeable that the two central defenders for Holland have stopped working as a team too. Where’s the communication? There’s only one result on the cards now. Is somebody in the Dutch team going to take a leadership role, and demand more from his team-mates? Seems Wesley Sneijder’s pre-match words are coming true… too many egos to work together.

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Ed - Wednesday 20:13

Low relaxed

Doesn’t exactly looked stressed about the whole thing, does he? The Germany coach is a placid figure at the best of times, but looking extra relaxed tonight. He’s got a good team and he trusts them to do the business…

Joachim Low

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 20:13

Robben V Denmark..

Robben Needs to improve his shooting (who thought we’d say that!)…

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Ed - Wednesday 20:10

Gomez scores!!!

First goal for Germany – and it’s Mario Gomez with a superb finish. Two in two games, and the Champions League final nightmare forgotten for now. It’s not exactly been coming, but Germany strike first blood in Kharkiv. Holland heading out of the tournament as it stands….

The German fans now making themselves heard. Who can blame them.

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 20:09

Expectations met…

So definitely remains guarded…. Both teams keeping their shape…. looking for the gaps…..

And that’s exactly How Gomez scores… Lovely threaded pass by Bastien!!!

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Ed - Wednesday 20:03

van Per – sie

Well the girl says no… impress her with a complete lack of finishing prowess. What a difference a few weeks makes. To February van Persie was the outstanding player in England by a country mile. Goals and an outstanding contribution to Arsenal’s cause. But the wheels somewhat fell off during the closing weeks of the campaign, and it has been a truly horrible tournament for the Dutchman to date. Dreadful against Denmark, van Persie has already missed two good chances tonight.

That’ll knock £10 million off the fee Manchester City has to pay this summer then!

Robin van Persie

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Ed - Wednesday 19:59

Sami Khedira

It’s noticeable how far forward Khedira is playing in this tournament. Germany was, essentially, a counter-attacking team (and a very exciting one at that) during World Cup 2010. They’ve become even more progressive since then, looking to force the play and overload in attacking areas frequently. Khedira’s role has compromised Schweinsteinger somewhat… but the Bayern man is so good he could play absolutely anywhere.

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 19:58


Robben is another that needs to redress expectation…

Eminently beautiful and brilliant, all too often selfish and ego driven…..

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Ed - Wednesday 19:54

Mesut Ozil

Is due a big tournament and was very bright against Portugal if not influential. But there’s a sense this could be his night. Already the Real Madrid midfielder is drifting between midfield and attack – forcing Martin Steklenburg into an dearly save. But its the German central defenders that have the biggest problems. Mats Hummels and Holger Badstuber haven’t decided who’s picking up the Madrid midfielder.

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Jony Ball - Wednesday 19:53

Excitement before the fall

Will admit to being very excited about this game…. Potentially game of the tournament skill and play wise…. But with SOOOOO much riding on this for the Oranje then they may demonstrate their considerable steel that the Spanish witnessed…

Either way I’m expecting Goals, Brilliant Play and Red Cards.

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Ed - Wednesday 19:52


No openings in the opening five minutes, with 10 players spread out across midfield and so much at stake. No surprises in either side’s tactics – both 4-2-3-1. Sami Khdeira is bursting forward from central midfield for Germany and Bastian Schweinsteiger holding. Meanwhile, Arjen Robben starts on the right for Holland, as against Denmark, with Ibrahim Affelay on the right for Holland. Robin van Persie and Mario Gomez are the central strikers….

… and then on six minutes van Persie finds space in a central area from a long pass and strikes straight at Manuel Neuer from 12 yards out. Should have scored as well.

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Ed - Wednesday 19:45

Kick Off

So here we go and the Dutch absolutely have to win tonight. Bert van Marwijick’s side could, in theory, lose and still go through, but that’s a pretty unlikely scenario. Germany, meanwhile, can book a place in the second round with victory in Khakiv tonight.

The Dutch players looked tense during the anthems, Germany relaxed an focused. That’s the kind of critical analysis you (don’t) pay for on Rant ladies and gents!

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Ed - Wednesday 19:39

The Teams

No surprises in either team selection ahead of tonight’s match between Holland and Germany, with both sides essentially fielding a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Germany Germany (4-2-3-1): Neuer; Boateng, Badstuber, Hummels, Lahm; Schweinsteiger, Khedira; Müller, Özil, Podolski; Gomez


Netherlands Holland (4-2-3-1): Stekelenburg; van der Wiel, Mathijsen, Heitenger, Willems; de Jong, van Bommel; Robben, Sneijder, Afellay; van Persie


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Ed - Wednesday 18:52

Portugal 3-2 Denmark

How the Portuguese nearly rued blowing this one. Two up in 36 minutes, only to be pegged back to 2-2 by a hard-working Denmark, Paulo Bento’s Portugal outfit was so nearly done and dusted with Euro 2012. Having lost, albeit narrowly, to Germany on match-day one, Portugal simply had to win this mhatc. Victory gives Bento’s side three points, the same as Denmark, heading into the final round of matches.

But it was so nearly heartbreak for the Portuguse, who scored through defender Pepe and striker Helder Postiga, only for a Nicolas Bendtner double to bring the scores level late in the second half. Fortunate, then, for Portugal that substitute Silvestre Varela should lash home the winner with just three minutes remaining.

Game on in Group B!

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Ed - Wednesday 18:41

Dutch (Self) Destruction

So often in recent years have national football stereotypes been thrown to the wolves. After all, the Germans are no longer simply efficient, but an attacking, vibrant, young adventurous side. Italy is no longer the king of Catenaccio, but the home to a plethora of innovative, attacking club sides. And England is no longer the home of kick and rush, but … oh no, right, that one’s still true.

Also true the Dutch national team’s ability to self-destruct in the wake of defeat. Witness, if you will, this gem from midfielder Wesley Sneijder today…

“It is time we let these pathetic egos go. If somebody is creating a mess, I will stand up against them now. We don’t need a psychologist with the Dutch team, we are grown-up men. The ones who have a problem with other players or the manager should tell them face-to-face. That is the only psychology we need. We have to stop living on little islands. We must all go for the same goal, be united or face the consequences.”

The Germans? Efficiently loving it, Rant suspects.

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Ed - Wednesday 17:09


Few would have foreseen it, but Bert van Marwjick’s Holland – one of the pre-tournament favourites after qualifying with nine victories in 10 matches – is just 90 minutes from elimination. An hour and a half from humiliating exit against the ‘old enemy’ Germany, to boot. Few predicted Denmark’s spectacular victory over the Dutch on match-day one, where the Dane’s defended, Holland probed and Morten Olsen’s men stole a 1-0 win.

Meanwhile, Germany made hard work of beating Portugal despite dominating possession. There is a real sense that there is much more to come from Joachim Low’s men.

Tough ask, then, for Holland not only to get something out of tonight’s fixture in Khakiv, Ukraine, but to take three points if possible. Indeed, should Denmark beat Portugal in Lviv earlier in the day Holland simply must beat Germany. In the group of death there is a very real chance that a major force will head home early.

Join United Rant from 7pm with all the team news, a round-up of the Denmark v Portugal action, and pre-game thoughts. Then from 7.45pm live commentary, analysis and chat with Ed and Jony. Get in touch on Twitter @unitedrant and @JonyB007or comment below …

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  • Alfonso Bedoya

    The Dutch are self destructing again… still… this might be a crackin game.
    Portugal ahead 2-0… the Dutch will have to win, or they’re out.

    “Badges, to god-damned hell with badges! We have no badges. In fact, we don’t need badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges, you god-damned cabrón and ching’ tu madre! Come out from that shit-hole of yours. I have to speak to you.”

  • sheesh

    Come on Deutschland.
    Edit- 1 nil. Get in.

  • han

    sheesh said:
    Come on Deutschland.

    Edit- 1 nil. Get in.

    why do u want the krauts to win?
    btw its 2-0
    making the clog wearers look like right fannies as well

  • sheesh

    I have a lot of respect for German football teams. Germans don’t usually fuck about in international tournaments.

  • dozer

    Lol, the rogue cunts are out. Destroyed by the serial bottler Gomez of all people, in fairness, he’s been fantastic today.

  • han

    sheesh said:
    I have a lot of respect for German football teams. Germans don’t usually fuck about in international tournaments.

    respect i understand and agree with
    but wanting them to win is a bit too much for me
    i’m no holland fan but looks like they will be going home

  • http://www.redrants.com Jony Ball

    Germans Looking Scary AND very Powerful….