Bra-gate scandal rocks Old Trafford

April 7, 2010 Tags: , Just for fun 2 comments

For those of a nervous disposition look away now as Manchester United’s John O’Shea takes to the Seinfeld school of moob management with a training ground sports bra!

O’Shea, who made his return to the United side after four months out on Wednesday night, is not known to be a cross-dresser. Until now.

“You want me to wear a bra?” O’Shea might say.

“No, no, a bra is for ladies. Meet the Bro!” Ferguson did not add!

“Bro’s no good. Too ethnic.”
“You got something better?”
“How about the Mansiere?”
“That’s right. A brassiere for a man.”


vishnu - April 8, 2010 Reply

that’s a really cool piece of bio technology.
even the cricketers are wearing them now.

Ayul - April 8, 2010 Reply

Seinfeld is the best!

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