Carrick’s World Cup Diary

July 8, 2010 Tags: , Just for fun 1 comment

Soon as the yelling stopped, a glass tray flew across the room, bouncing off JT’s forehead and hitting me smack bang in the middle of my face. As I regained consciousness, all I could hear was the Gaffer screaming down at me:

“Carrick, watta da hell are you doing here? Mamma Mia! Next time I throw something at Roberto Green, don’t you dare get in its way. CAPICE?”

“Yes boss, sorry boss, won’t happen again boss.”

“Now shaddappa your face! And the rest of you, you will be punished severely for your weak performance today. Yes, I am pissed off and that means one thing – NO darts tonight, or ever again, until you learn how to be men on the football pitch.

“Shaun, you can still play on the Wii.”

I looked up and could see Gareth smirking, while Ash sneakily took a picture of himself, strangely. I also noticed Carra taking a picture of Ash too. Was I seeing things?

My vision was coming back to me and the blood had stopped gushing out of my forehead. I soon realised however that I was once again all alone in the changing room, with Wazza the last one to leave I shouted:

“Wayne please wait for me,” but he was too busy speaking Scouse to Stevie G to notice.

I got changed quickly and went outside, but the bus had left. They probably thought I was onboard. I am sure it was nothing more than an honest mistake.

A few journos I knew from back home drove up to me as I waited alone outside the empty stadium; I could see one of them was staring at my black eye and I knew he was going to grill me about it:

“Excuse me, do you know the quickest route to the downtown district?”

I was answering his questions when suddenly he yawned and drove away. He must have been very tired, as those guys have a very demanding job.

I managed to eventually get to the hotel, offering a truck driver my England kit and massage in return for a lift back. Unfortunately though, I got there late, just after the kitchen had closed. Apparently Frank had eaten all the supplies from the all night room service menu.

Never mind, I guess he needs the energy more than I do, seeing as he starts all our games.

I got to my room, having feasted on some wood and leaves from the garden. So all in all, it was a day full of positives.

Ok so we drew with the US and I didn’t get a single minute of play. Greeney will probably never play for England again and I can’t see properly out of my left eye but apart from that, it’s good to finally be under way in the 2010 World Cup.

I will write again after our easy game against Algeria. Unitl then keep those white flags flying high all you England fans, ‘cos we sure will.

I have to go now, I can hear someone outside my door…

Carra, is that you again?

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nicorn7 - July 12, 2010 Reply

Bahaha. Thank Chunky magazine is GOLD!!!

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