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Louis van Gaal is a enigma, although he certainly wouldn’t like the characterisation. After all, almost a season after taking the job at Manchester United, supporters are still debating the nature of Van Gaal’s much-discussed ‘philosophy.’ Some might say that we are little closer to a true definition.

It is at one both fast-paced total football and attritional hoof-ball; the use of both width and narrow formations. It is a rapid transition and a laboured approach. It is a left-footer on the left and a right-footer on the right. It is players lacking match-fitness appearing for the stiffs. It is a goalkeeper using his feet and midfielder running less, not more. It is 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-3-3 and everything in between. It is whatever the trainer-coach enacts this week.

Yet, after two victories against Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool, and two far superior performances, there seems a clearer path forward. To a definition of a United side that excites supporters once again after more than 18 months of anything but. Is this the philosophy that we’ve been waiting for?

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Red Dave - March 27, 2015 Reply

It’s encouraging (depending on perspective) to see some tactical flexibility being worked into the squad. If we’re ever fortunate enough to find ourselves in a key champions league quarter or semi (perhaps even a final) that we can adapt, and change, rapidly if needed to meet the demands of the game if it isn’t going well. LvG is the man for us.

subterranean steve - March 27, 2015 Reply

A couple of weeks ago, United hit the low of the season when Arsenal won the FA Cup tie at Old Trafford. Then something happened. Did Giggsy, after one too many cheery face slaps, finally speak his mind? Did Rooney invite the gaffer round for boxing brunch? Did Michael Carrick eventually find a voice? Who knows but something did happen.and United are the better for it.

Ali Kazmi - March 29, 2015 Reply

How was it the low of the season? Did you even watch the match? We were pretty good, the renaissance had already started in that arsenal match, the team was mostly playing as a unit and were it not for two errors (Valencia’s poor back pass to DDG and Angel DiMaria’s moment of madness), it would’ve most likely been a draw with two very evenly matched sides while every pundit and their dog went on and on about arsenal’s excellent form.

Also, the way you are going on about that match, one would think that we were humiliated with at least a 3 or 4 goal difference. In reality, we only lost by 1 goal (which resulted from a very poor back pass), we were down to ten men and the ref was a bit of a prat so please enlighten me, how was that match the low of the season because from where I was sat, despite the fact that we lost, it wasn’t a bad performance at all (trophies were never a part of the equation for this season (although some silverware would’ve been nice) so going out of the FA Cup should not mean the lowest point of the season).

Honestly? The lowest point was losing to MK Dons, now that truly was a low or are we trying to scrub that from our memories? The way the team’s been playing over the past couple weeks, it is finally looking a bit like an LvG team (for reference, look at Barca and Bayern under LvG). While it’s still not perfect and some areas need a lot of work, it seems that LvG’s philosophy has finally started to sink in and if his work with Barca and Bayern is anything to go by, it will make us stronger.


Subterranean Steve - March 29, 2015 Reply

‘…..Also, the way you are going on about that match….’

Really? Me?

Still, keep on ranting in the free world.

Mikael - April 2, 2015 Reply

I am sorry but this is the sort of thing in the EPL that has made me start watching matches with the sound muted. The usually well informed Subterranean Steve has consciously or unconsciously removed all credit for the recent performances from ‘the foreigner’, Van Gaal.
And quite by accident suggested its Giggs, or Rooney or Carrick that might be responsible for this outcome. Not Mata or Blind or might I say it Fellaini. Hope I am mistaken though.

Subterranean Steve - April 13, 2015

Your hope is realised. You are mistaken.

You’ve got a problem, Mikael, if you see racism in my post.

I singled out as examples, Giggs, Rooney and Carrick because, one is the assistant coach, one is the captain and the other is the most senior player. All three experienced a successsful time under Fergie and understand ‘the United way’. They are in a position to compare the past with the present.

NazManUnited - March 27, 2015 Reply

Philosophy without ideology, methodology, specific style, is the purest Philosophy that is philosophised by VH he makes it up

KayDee - March 27, 2015 Reply

The confusion for most fans is not being able to distinguish between the philosophy and the system. .. many think that formations and tactics are the philosophy hence their confusion. A little like how many cannot distinguish Vision and Mission statements …

Won’t kill the “mystery” just yet as it’s nice to have this mysterious aura about our club 🙂
Love it.

Opti - March 29, 2015 Reply

Still not sure THAT much has really changed. Even though I keep an optimistic streak, I find the Tottenham game less impressive as the weeks go by: Tottenham were very poor. Liverpool we on the backfoot in the 1st half but still managed to give us a scare with 10 men — had Gerrardinho not been sent off, I am don’t know the final result.

Every game from now on is major, but if we sweep aside Villa in confident fashion, the past victories will sit better with me. But there is still something niggling me about United… hopefully our recent renaissance is not a symptom of impending attack by a hibernating cancer.

BrisRed - April 2, 2015 Reply

Putting a new team together takes time – we all understand that. LVG has at times seemed to experiment far too much this season but in the long run we will be better for it.

Despite the enormous sums spent this year we still need a rock at the back maybe it’s Hummels I really don’t know but solve that problem and we should be well set for a good if not great 2016 season.

It’s very encouraging to see recent performances. I agree with the other writer something significantly changed two matches ago. We seemed to transition the ball faster (Carrick back was a major influence) but the players seemed to be faster thinking – Matas goal against the bin dippers for example. I also think leaving the Angel out helped ( he’s still finding his feet) and seeing Fellani playing with such authority made me feel like a hypocrite after yelling at the TV last year he wasn’t fit to don a United shirt.

Patience lads I think the worm is about to turn.

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