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November 28, 2009 Tags: , Polls 4 comments

Ryan Giggs, 36 Sunday, scored his 100th Premier League goal against Portsmouth in Manchester United’s 4-1 win on the South Coast. Superlatives fail to adequately describe Giggs’ career. A great player, a great man and a great role model in an age when false celebrity is all. Truly, an inspiration. Happy Birthday, Ryan.

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Zae - November 28, 2009 Reply

Ryan Giggs is God. He should be supreme ruler of the Universe. Or something like that.

Rob - November 28, 2009 Reply

Ryan Giggs is….NOT a mercenary like so many other footballers. We are so lucky to have had a clutch of players who really are UNITED.

Other teams have Stevie-me, kiss the badge and request a transfer and the like, we have been privaliged to have the likes of Scholes, Neville & Giggs who never wanted to be anywhere else but with us…Mr Anelka has accrued the second highest transfer fee’s in history (after Cristiano) His list of clubs is bigger than my 6 yr olds Christmas list!!…

I doubt we will see the kind of loyalty we have been proud to witness from our lads again guys so appreciate it while we still can!

Aj - November 30, 2009 Reply

giggs is the true best player in the world.

36 and still going strong and is the best player in englsih football history in my opinion and will stay strong for atleast 2 more years as we keep on winning trophies (no matter what the anti-utd losers think), ryan should be knighted as he fully deserves it.

sir ryan giggs is GOD!

David - December 3, 2009 Reply

I find it embarassing that so many fans turned against giggs,k using him as a scapegoat when united failed to beat arsenal, then chelsea to the league in 03-06. flat footed, lazy, poor crosser, poor finisher.

What a player. I firmly beleive that Ryan Giggs must be regarded in the same breath as Maradona, Pele, Zidane and other commonly acknowleged “greats”. His acheivements eclipse almost any player’s, as has his longevity at the very top. Aside from a failure to shine at an international level, he demonstrated a determination and level headedness so uncommon amongst players of the natural ability giggs possessed at a young age.

Another champions league winners medal, and I have know doubt that fans across the world will be recognising that giggs really is the ‘great’.

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