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June 3, 2014 Tags: Polls 37 comments
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The king is dead. Long live the king. Club captain Nemanja Vidić has left Manchester United to join Internazionale after more than eight years and 300 games for the club. United must replace a fine defender, a robust leader on the pitch, and the ambassadorial responsibility off it that goes with being captain.

Under former manager David Moyes it appeared that Wayne Rooney was a shoo-in for the job despite twice previously agitating for a move away from the club. Louis van Gaal may have other ideas, with Robin van Persie, Patrice Evra, Michael Carrick, Jonny Evans, perhaps even Phil Jones, potentially an option. It is van Persie who serves as van Gaal’s captain at national level with Holland; who should do it for United?

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Ole - June 3, 2014 Reply

De Gea? Anyone?

wok - June 3, 2014 Reply

anyone but Rooney

Farhan Ahmed - June 3, 2014 Reply

Luis Suarez when he signs

Spanish Red - June 3, 2014 Reply

I have always firmly believed that the best position for a captain is either midfield or central defence where you can see more of the game. As United don’t have experience now in these positions, except for maybe Carrick and Fletcher neither of whom are captain material, then I suppose it has to go to van Persie. There’s no way Rooney should get it, on the contrary after all the problems he’s caused and the mediocre form he’s showing, he should be sold. Then, with the money received and his stupid salary, United can maybe get 2 or 3 players in one of which may well be perfect for captain.

grif - June 3, 2014 Reply

Totally agree…

park - June 3, 2014 Reply

I disagreed with u,Rooney should not be sold. He’s still important to united he’s one of the few players that can give everything for the survival for man united. He may not be too compitent to for the captiency role but pls let him don’t leave he’s still vital player in the squard,

Eoin - June 3, 2014 Reply

Spanish Red: Yeah because Rooney has been so rubbish compared to the rest of united squad last season?? Lets replace him with Welbeck?? or Sterling according to Lineker. bar Januzaj mata and de gea he was about the only player on form last season. On the contrary he should be sold?? actually can’t be bothered even replaying to that and lastly what problems has he caused united?? If you’re referring to last years (escapades) i.e. contract,, well firstly contrary to reports he is actually on 230 thousand a week (same as RVP) and the other 70k comes from commercial add ons. Secondly he didn’t hand in a transfer request, I think that was another Ferguson/Jaap Stam/David Beckham/Ruud Van the man stunt and lastly he moaned about united not buying players and questioned where the club was heading!. He’s been loyal to United for over ten years and stuck with them after they sold Ronaldo and didn’t replace him, after he fell out with Ferguson, after Glazers racked up a huge debt and pillaged the club for all it’s worth. Fact is he is a great player and falls in the mold of Gazza. I do think he lost a bit of his character in terms of aggression/passion from his younger days but I know for sure that if he was at Chelsea last season they would’ve won the league and United would’ve finished tenth. Uniteds midfield and wings are the issue not Rooney!!

Luke - June 4, 2014 Reply

I agree Rooney is a great player but seriously where should he play? Let’s be honest, Mata and Kagawa are better playmakers, RVP is a better striker, Rooney doesn’t want to play LW or CM, he doesn’t want to be benched either. That’s exactly why SAF wanted to sell him.
Instead Rooney monopolised the CAM role with his name, (Kagawa has only got one chance to play) blackmailing the club that he’s gonna leave if he doesn’t play where he wishes to. Bigger than the club. No way we can accept that.

Audrius Darguzis - June 3, 2014 Reply

Technically, Evra was the captain for long spells, he has that United spirit, but Rooney & RVP are more ‘starring role’ captains

united for ever - June 3, 2014 Reply

Oh come on !!!!!!
There is no way that rooney deserve the armband with his stupid contract renew games …..
2 years from now we are going to watch another show from him to get £400k a week

maxwell - June 3, 2014 Reply

dats d most selfish ideal for you united fans for bringing up RVP 4 captain role,you dnt expect aged man like RVP to be consistent in field,xo wat are we implying,,,,,,if its u for instance will u guys allow someone who met u at d club to captain you,isnt fair guys lets be reasonable,mourinho wanted CR7 to become captain @ real madrid but spain players stood up against d idea,,,,,,xo lets do wats ryte

Mongoletsi - June 3, 2014 Reply


gibson david - June 3, 2014 Reply

W. James Rooney united next leader

Dappyboy - June 3, 2014 Reply

Yu guyz re stupid 4 choosing RVP as captain… Xo stupid.. A captain dat ll av injury for six month… Rooney is d best … And i knw van gaal wont risk the wraths of we fans by choosing rvp as captain

Eoin - June 3, 2014 Reply

I think alot of these Rooney bashers are fickle supporters ROoney as you said is the best bar maybe RVP when he’s not injured but as you’ve pointed out he is injured all last season. I just don;t get it!! why our talisman is singled out and ridiculed constantly. Same happens with other big players I know and it’s only because he spoke out on a few occasions in the past questioning uniteds ambitions.. and rightly so!! He’s one of our longest serving players and probably go on to break bobby charltons goal scoring records for club and country. He has given united fans so many great moments and he is sometimes off the boil but when I look back at the last ten years and the great moments he was at the heart of them all. Roma 7-1 demolition, AC milan away match, Chelsea away semis in Champions league even that incredible pass to Ronaldo in the CL final 2009 when tevez flying header was cleared off the line and then carrick blasted it over on the follow up. Then all the wonder goals over the years norwich screamer last year the chip against portsmouth with david james on the line, Newcastle whirlwind goal even that chip this year from the half way line plus about twenty other spectacular goals. He is great and deserves the armband. He’s on 230k a week plus 70k commercial add ons (fact!) so take away his commercial add ons and he’s on less than two ashley youngs. Fact is footballers are overpaid thats just a fact but wages are not based on player performance they are based on players viewing interest and Rooney draws more money in for united i.e. sponsership, gerneral interest than the rest of the team put together, so his wages are in line with how much he is worth.

red1961 - June 4, 2014 Reply

Suppose you think you sound cool? To anybody with a brain cell I am afraid to disappoint you but you sound thick(Sorry that should be fick)

Frank - June 3, 2014 Reply

All those who are supporting rvp 4 cptain are man shit supporters rooney must be the captain

Ed - June 3, 2014 Reply

What are you, 5 years old?

Mongoletsi - June 3, 2014 Reply

Where do all these random gibberers come from? Twitter?

Ed - June 3, 2014 Reply

Geographically it would appear to the USA

Subterranean Steve - June 4, 2014

Nuff said

red1961 - June 4, 2014

I think we have no choice as I doubt that Rooney will be here much longer. Jones and Evans are a pair of clowns who will not be at OT much longer. Jones is brainless and Evans has neither football brain nor bottle. Carrick’s legs have gone. Evra could be club captain but will hopefully be on the bench. That leaves RVP.

murat mustafa - June 3, 2014 Reply


Nav Rahal - June 3, 2014 Reply

Patrice Evra.

Barakabo ebikila - June 3, 2014 Reply

I think rooney can b a good learder depist this problem with d club.fi Rodney not captain,den give it to other players dat desver as man u captain oooooh.

Ballo - June 3, 2014 Reply

Ha ha! It’s unfair why van persie? Rooney is best player who deserve the captaincy

Saad Hussein Oniyangi - June 3, 2014 Reply

Y would a sane person choose Robin Van Persie over Rooney. 1 of united greatest player

Ed - June 3, 2014 Reply

Let’s see. van Persie is mature, tactically astute, leads by example, and gets on well with the manager. Rooney has twice sought to get out of the club, sleeps with hookers and grannies, drinks, smokes, doesn’t look after his body, and is a dirty scouser. Just presenting two sides of the argument there!

Sean Peden - June 4, 2014 Reply

Sounds like George Best maybe minus the trying to get out of the club and dirty scouser part. right?

Rantscist - June 4, 2014 Reply

Because no player shoul hold his club ti ransom by demandin new contract each year!
Plus he is just plain dumb, typical twat.

Lucas - June 4, 2014 Reply

The fact is we lack a natural leader (who is also a sure starter) in midfield and defence. RVP seems to be the best choice now.


Shahab Sh - June 4, 2014 Reply

Captain WR10, We Love U

=['] - June 4, 2014 Reply

I can’t believe how far in front in the voting Rooney is on this poll – he’s a bloody turncoat!
I think Scholes’ assessment of his abilities is fair, he’s probably peaked, I’d have been happy for him to go to a European team last summer for a decent fee.
I voted Evra, he’s everything you want in a captain, he’s the most vocal & passionate member of the existing squad.

phil - June 4, 2014 Reply

RVP is now 31 years so he only has at mist 3 years left in him before retirement will be his only option (especially if his injury run continues). So he should not be captain.

Evra is in the same boat just with less time so he should nit be captain and be focusing on training Luke Shaw when that deal is done.

Phil Jones -NO!

Johnny Evans – should be sold to Sunderland

Rooney is one of the clubs true seniors and has been through thick and thin with the club so serious consideration has to be made in his bid. Yes he has had his moments but he is still there, and one of our only few top senior players left in the squad, which in terms of any club speaks in volumes. Nobody disputed Steven “slippy” G the captains armband at liverpool and he wanted to quit the club, so why should it be any different for Wayne?

as for Jones and Evans, Phil Jones will one day be a vital player fir united but at the moment he just doesn’t have the experience and therefore should not be considered fir the role. Evans should just be sold to a team like Sunderland because he is absolute tosh! No offence to Sunderland but Brown and O’shea says it all.

as for anybody else, nobody in the team deserves it. Maybe the exception of mata or Adnan but i refer back to my comment about jones and experience with the club.

so for me Rooney has to be the man. Not just for him standing by the Man Utd badge, ll his experience, the dozens of trophies won, the 100’s of goals but also the respect the other players have for him and how the younger generation aspire to be him.

Luke - June 4, 2014 Reply

Rooney should be made captain? We should SELL him!

Rafael - June 4, 2014 Reply

Patrice Evra, as long as he is still at this club he should be captain, right now this United squad lacks a real leader, but at least for me Evra gets what Manchester United stands for and will know what an honor it will be to be named captain.

Rooney on the other hand has tried to get out of this club twice and that alone should mean he should never be allowed to be captain.

If not Evra my vote will go to Van Persie

Bill2 - June 4, 2014 Reply

Evra or RVP, but since Van Gaal is manager (and the question mark over Evra’s playing time), it has to be RVP. Big Louis makes the decisions round here now and Wayne will just have to suck it up.

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