Poll: where will United finish this season?

September 5, 2014 Tags: Polls 15 comments
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Six players in, 13 out – it has been a summer of significant transition at Manchester United. Out went the experience of Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidić. So too the former promise of Nani, Shinji Kagawa, Chicharito, and Danny Welbeck. Not to mention misfits Alexander Büttner, Bebé, Federico Macheda, Wilfried Zaha and Tom Cleverley.

In the dozen’s stead came Ander Herrera and Luke Shaw for around £60 million before the summer’s World Cup and then Marcos Rojo, Angel Di Maria, Daley Blind and striker Falcao in the final week of the window. Upwards of £150 million was spent in total in a splurge not witness by United supporters in the club’s long history.

Indeed, not only has United brought in – for the most part – proven quality but a balanced selection of players too: left-back, centre-back, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder and forward. Yet, the side is probably an experienced central defender and world-class box-to-box midfielder short of making a title challenge – a year on from finishing seventh in the Premier League.

The rapid evolution renders any prediction of United’s performance this season problematic. Quality was eventually acquired over the summer, but presumably it will take time to bed in. After all, while the club has brought in ‘world-class’ Louis van Gaal as manager, United has just two points from the opening three Premier League games. It begs the question of quite why the club spent so much, so very late in the window.

Where will United finish in the Premier League this season?

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Manchester United - September 5, 2014 Reply

Second i think.

anonpayn - September 5, 2014 Reply

Love how 42% think 5th to 7th and 42% think 1st to 3rd. Opinions fairly divided. All comes down to van Gaal. He has the richest attacking squad at his disposal. All he has to do is 1. Make them play together, a daunting task, and 2. Make the defensive unit punch above its weight.

Philip Gatt - September 5, 2014 Reply

Away at Hull I think.

ChazNY - September 5, 2014 Reply

I’m torn between 3rd and 4th. Behind Chelsea and City I think, but can’t decide on ahead of or behind Arsenal.

Gareth Roberts - September 5, 2014 Reply

Below City but above Liverpool !

David Gordon - September 6, 2014 Reply

Still think 4th is realistic. Injuries & how fast all our late signings adjust are key factors. Other question- FA Cup?

Raghbir Gill - September 6, 2014 Reply

top 4 would do

Dara Burke - September 6, 2014 Reply

2nd not looking like it now but I think we will come very close to winning it.

The Goat - September 6, 2014 Reply

Strootman in Jan and a couple of choice signings next summer and we are ready to challenge for PL and CL titles.

Kensile - September 6, 2014 Reply

With some bit of team work and consistency,we can challenge for the tittle. Rooney and Van Persie are world class strikers but let’s face it,they were becoming too predictable and not predatory enough. The arrival of Falcao and Di Maria will bring in novelty and incisiveness at the finish,I am sure. What remains is for LVG to conjure up an all-inclusive pattern that will take advantage of the talent in the team now.

Niels - September 6, 2014 Reply

We’re fighting Chelsea, Arsenal, City and Liverpool who are all very cohesive teams after several seasons of building them up. We, however, are trying to build a new team, beginning this season. It would be quite the miracle for us to take the title, and it would be crazy if we so early in the rebuilding process could pass just one of those teams.

I’m looking for a manager with a plan. I don’t expect half a new team to be able to play like they’ve known each other for several seasons. But I’m hoping for improved performances and attacking football to once again return to Old Trafford.

Subterranean Steve - September 6, 2014 Reply

Hopefully United can make the most of not having the ‘distraction’ of The Champions League, not to mention the League Cup, and finish in the top four.

Byron Carey - September 6, 2014 Reply

I think due to the stability of the clubs who finished in the top 4 last season, the best we can hope for is 5th this season.

joe jordans missing teeth - September 10, 2014 Reply

what are the odds of one of Liverpool or Arsenal not bottling it at the end of season? United to finish 3 or 4 and win the FA Cup!!!!!!!!!!

Rico G - September 18, 2014 Reply

4th, possibly 3rd

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