Poll: who do you want to be United’s next manager?

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The king is dead. Long live the king.

David Moyes was rarely in total control during 10 chaotic months in charge at Manchester United. Ryan Giggs, it turns out, very much was. Still, all good things come to an end and the period of rejoicing over the 50-year-old Scot’s dismissal ended on Saturday when Giggs led United out at Old Trafford to rapturous applause. “The end of an error,” said the banner. The beginning of a new era.

However much Old Trafford enjoyed Giggs’ managerial bow it appears unlikely that the 40-year-old winger, who is still on the playing staff until June, will be offered the job permanently. At least not unless four positive results in the next two weeks increases the popular clamour for a decision in Giggs’ favour to fever pitch.

Instead, Dutch veteran Louis van Gaal is the bookmakers’ favourite to land the job, with informal talks having already taken place between the parties. Other potential appointees include Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone, Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancellotti, and Juventus’ Antonio Conte. There is little chance that Jose Mourinho, rejected by United’s board last spring, will head north this time around, while Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have seemingly ruled themselves out of contention.

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Mike - April 28, 2014 Reply

Can you make it public poll so we can figure out who needs to be sectioned?

Pasrtor Johnson Nwachukwu - April 28, 2014 Reply

Van gaal is my first choice because,with Him at the helm, united would be able to attract good players dat wll enable us win laurels. He simply knows the job, he knows his onion.

Ogbrukomo Joseph O. - April 28, 2014 Reply

personally i wud prefer Jurgen Klopp buh if Giggsy get d job I’ll support him nd plz NO OOOO to Louis Van Gaal..

John Simpson - April 28, 2014 Reply

I fancy Jurgen Klopp but i doubt he will leave. Next best has to be Van Gaal assisted by Giggs who will then become the permanent gaffer in 3 years time!

Ravi Moheeputh - April 28, 2014 Reply

van Gaal and Giggs in 3 years time

Tipsy Nawab - April 28, 2014 Reply

why was Mourinho’s name not included in this list? de Boer/Blanc/Simeone/Conte but no Mourinho? strange.

Ed - April 28, 2014 Reply

He was rejected last time, has a four year contract is chasing the Premier League title and is on the verge of getting Chelsea to the Champions League final. Unless you know different he’s not in the least bit available or wanted by United. But I could have included him in the wish list, yes.

Seán Webb - April 28, 2014 Reply

I don’t care who it is, as long as it’s Giggs, with @GNev2 and Scholes on board!!

Mc brain - April 28, 2014 Reply

Van gaal should come and take d job for 2yrs. He wil assisted by giggs n paul scholes + nik butt.

johnson mbaziira - April 28, 2014 Reply

Giggs is a legend, but needs time to gain more experience.Perhaps he can come in after Van Gaal

raz shiraz - April 28, 2014 Reply

Steve Bruce and Giggsy No 2 #dreamteam

mongoletsi - April 30, 2014 Reply

Are you on crack? You want Steve Bruce to manage Utd?

Gav - April 28, 2014 Reply

Van Gaal comes with highest pedigree. Koop. Old be long term. But that’s where I’d love to see Giggsy.

LVG for 3/4 years with Giggsy learning and building a coaching reputation. Taking the mantle on with a bit more in his arsenal.

Gav - April 28, 2014 Reply

Bloody predicted text!

Klopp could

Christian Osuyi - April 28, 2014 Reply

For God sake and for goodness sake, Van Gaal deserves to be manu Manager. Prejudice should be put aside for better experience.

Neka boy - April 28, 2014 Reply

Pls i prefer pep guardiola pls let the gallazer’s try and bring him in

Pastor Ken Obiajulu - April 28, 2014 Reply

Louis van Gaal is a better experience to Ryan Giggs. Giggsy should take over after Van Gaal as this will help him develop more managerial experience and character.

Mick Muldoon - April 28, 2014 Reply

Is that pic ripe for a caption competition or what?!?

Dexey O'Boyce - April 28, 2014 Reply

can’t understand why klopp is so popular. Seems trendy to like him. Van Gaal easily the best track record available.

Fred McElwaine - April 28, 2014 Reply

not Giggs, far too big a risk to let sentiment cloud judgement, that’s what Fergie did with Moyes, look were that got us.

Shamoon - April 28, 2014 Reply

Why isn’t Father Ferguson on the list??

Tee - April 28, 2014 Reply

Give the job to de boer and hand him the 200mil warchest,am certain he is more dan capable but really cant explain why thw Glazers and the fans are ignorin him…plays attractive football,tactically sound and knows how to develop young players..he’s been touted to take over at barelona next season we really need to move fast before this alex ferguson in the makin is stolen from under our noses…we really should take a look and veri quickly..

Srikanth Nimma - April 28, 2014 Reply

I see you have included Klopp,Do you still consider him to be a realistic option? If so I would go for him else LvG

Daniel Chan - April 29, 2014 Reply

Giggs is a favourite son, but the club should not pander to him because of it. The club is always bigger than those who serve it

Matt - April 29, 2014 Reply

More support for Giggs than Van Gaal so far. I despair, I really do.

Vin - April 29, 2014 Reply

Jupp Heynckes should be a candidate.. champions league finals in the past two seasons.. master tactician and seems to be a really hard worker.

Geoff wangai - April 29, 2014 Reply

Louis Van Gaal but i don’t see this happening @ManUtd would never appoint a non-british manager while SAF & SBC are still alive

clive - April 29, 2014 Reply

Giggs for now and pre season then van Gaal after world cup.Giggs to assist Van Gaal for 2/3 years to gain more experience then take over as Boss.

Bill2 - April 29, 2014 Reply

Not the time for sentiment and we know what happened to the last SAF recommendation!

With Klopp unavailable it has to be Van Gaal with Rene and Giggs as coach & assistant. Class of 92 to coach U21s and U18s,

The_Philosopher - April 29, 2014 Reply

Ryan Giggs as manager with Gary Neville as his number 2 and Rene Muelensteen as the head coach. Thats my dream scenario. If we could get that then I would be happy. Otherwise we need to get a new manager. . .

Obaid - April 29, 2014 Reply

What’s important is the dressing room.
Klopp hasn’t handled BIG EGO players.
VanGaal has.
Given the biggies of United,we want our new manager to keep all our players on our toes.
And if he speaks in a RussianEnglish accent,it adds the Mafia like boost 😛

Richard - April 29, 2014 Reply

We have an opportunity to make a new dynasty here Van Gal will be another David Moyes and Phellan ready to return for Giggs.

Allan - April 29, 2014 Reply

Well, since the question is WHO I WANT for the job, the answer is a no-brainer: Jurgen Klopp. Top level experience, tremendous charisma, excellent tactics and a good phisolophy of attacking football.

On the other hand, it’s extremely unlikely for us to get our hands on him, so the reasonable choice would be Louis van Gaal. I’d love so much to see Giggsy thriving with us as a manager, but the risk of appointing another inexperienced manager is too high after the season we had.

badauson udiah isuwa - April 29, 2014 Reply


Sushant Kshirsagar - April 29, 2014 Reply

The Gaffer : Giggsy
Asst : Nicky Butt
Coach : Rene
A role for Rio perhaps to help out the defense

Scholesy & P.Nev

G.Nev & Becks.
Wouldn’t that be a dream team now.

geoff - April 30, 2014 Reply

1. Ancelotti is on his 1st year on his contract plus he has taken Madrid to the finals of the UCL so his availability would have to wait until march 25 after the UCL finals & hope that he looses the finals & ,Madrid sack him. This is absurd optimism!

0.1/100 possibility

2.Klopp signed a new deal at BVB in October 2013 & has declared himself unavailable for other clubs including the mighty Barcelona. He clearly loves the club & he is still motivated to challenge bayern in the coming years. Seeing him abandon his club & his latest project just to come to man united just after signing a new contract would raise a alot of questions about his loyalty & commitment. What if we sign him & then after one season Madrid calls him? Will we be surprised when he leaves us?

I give him a 1/100 possibility

3.Conte has done a god job at juventus with 3 scudettos assuming he wins this season’s. You have to give it up to him for trusting Pogba & giving him chence, a player our club rated below CLEVERLEY! (shame on us). he also signed pirlo for FREE when Milan thought was finished. massive cudos!!!!! The question is why has his juventus failed to spark in europe? Not once but thrice! With all due respect lets not forget how the serie A has fallen these days. Milan,Inter are on their sporting deathbeds in a coma .napoli are building a new team with a debut manager rafa. Roma have been the consistent challengers for the title this season albeit having a long dip sometime.
Another thing for conte is juventus rigidity. they seem to play in the same way regardless the opposition. This tactical inflexibility is his undoing in big matches.

But still i give him a 5 out of 10

4.Simeone’s situation is similar with Klopp. They’re so attached to their clubs. In fact simeone was even a player for atletico!…..He has won with them the europa league & has beaten barcelona & madrid, something unthinkable! He seems to be going for the Laliga & he’s plying chelsea today for the final of the UCL. He will be available only after the la liga has ended thats almost towards the end of may so waiting for him is very risky especially if he wins it. the celebrations would take a week & before we even approach him the world cup has started.

Tactically he belongs to Klopp’s level. Top coach with incredible self belief which translated to its players.

20/100 possiblility.

Blanc-he played for us for 2 seasons but No way!
the job would overwhelm him.

5. De boer
A student of total football from cruyff & van gaal. He understands the importance of the youth system like us & may form a formidabe team with the class of 92.
A coach for the long term

6. Giggs- He should earn the job rather than get it on the basis of being the undisputed footballing legend. Its so easy to think that the feel good attitude that he brings would translate to coaching tactics, inspriring confidence,handling Egos, challenging people like Mourinhi,Klop,Anclotti etc. Its better he’s take under the wing of a great man like van gaal to learn from him. After a few years he wouldn’t be talking of him being the next so & so. He would be his own man. coach Ryan Giggs. a simulation of sir alex’s wisdom, attitude & wit and van gaal’s genius & tactical nous

In 3-4 seasons he surely needs to prepare himself for the job

1211plussubs - May 1, 2014 Reply

The fact “allegedly” that Rooney is not keen on Van Gaal and his tough measures makes it a shoe in for me. No more pandering to the Merseyside dictator. Van Gaal.

geoff - May 1, 2014 Reply

In fact Wazza should be sold if a Bid comes for him. I know its difficult because he signed a mammoth OUTRAGEOUS 5 year deal but if by any chance anyone comes for him then he should go away.

Enough with rooney & paul stretford’s manipulations. The two capitalized on Moyes’s & edwoodward’s desperation to make a big statement after an embarrassing summer transfer window.

No matter how rooney pretends to fight on the pitch the only reason he is in man united now is to break charlton’s record. He should not be let to so do that. Him & stretford have been sucking the club finances just like the glazers

MS Assefa - May 1, 2014 Reply

What a shame it is to see these Man Utd blogs these days!!! No one seems to have learned anything from this years Moyes debacle. A manager who has not won anything is again being endorsed by the fans and the British media. I am starting to think there is an inherent insanity in Man Utd fans that cant let them see the reality which is Giggs is not qualified to take the job, just as much, if not more than Moyes? What is wong with you people?

Ed - May 1, 2014 Reply

Seems to me that Jurgen Klopp is winning the vote. So what’s your point again?

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