Rant’s premier predictions 2009/10 revistited

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In August Rant put its metaphorical neck on the line and predicted the season ahead for Manchester United, the major domestic prizes and European honours too. They say that today’s newspaper it tomorrow’s chip wrapping but on the internet opinion lives forever. There’s no satisfaction in some of our predictions coming true.

Judge for yourself, how did we do? Our original predictions are below. Correct in green, incorrect in red.

United’s Season

  • Premier League: runners-up – CORRECT
  • Champions League: semi-final – QUARTER FINAL
  • Carling Cup: semi-final – WINNERS
  • FA Cup: winners – THIRD ROUND
  • Player of the Year: Wayne Rooney – CORRECT
  • Young Player of the Year: Federico Macheda – RITCHIE DE LAET

Premier League Top Ten

  1. Chelsea – CORRECT
  2. Manchester United – CORRECT
  3. Liverpool – SEVENTH
  4. Arsenal – THIRD
  5. Manchester City – CORRECT
  6. Everton – EIGHTH
  7. Aston Villa – SIXTH
  8. Tottenham Hotspur – FOURTH
  9. Sunderland – 13TH
  10. West Ham – 17TH


  • Portsmouth – CORRECT
  • Burnley – CORRECT
  • Hull City – CORRECT

Champions League

  • Barcelona – SEMI-FINAL

Europa League

  • Valencia – QUARTER-FINAL

FA Cup

  • Manchester United – THIRD ROUND

Carling Cup

  • Arsenal – QUARTER-FINAL

World Cup

  • Spain – TBD

Player of the Season

  • Wayne Rooney, Manchester United – CORRECT

Young Player of the Season

  • Jack Rodwell, Everton – JAMES MILNER

Sack Race

  • Paul Hart, Portsmouth – SACKED
  • Gary Megson, Bolton Wanderers – SACKED
  • Phil Brown, Hull City – SACKED

Number of facts uttered by Benitez, incidents seen by Wenger, trophies won by Manchester City, and respect earned by John Terry



realist - May 10, 2010 Reply

how did villa and liverpool manage to finish seventh?
cant say that predicting a one two of chelsea and utd is a prediction to boast about, and i think most people in the country thought city would just miss out too!
rooney as our player of the year. who,d have guessed that one eh? lol
anyway, well done for predicting the relegated three. forgot the other 16 you got wrong.
keep blowing the trumpet!

Ed - May 10, 2010 Reply

Where’s a trumpet being blown? It was laid out in August, repeated here with no analysis. I count 12 correct, 16 wrong not including the final fun question.

You’ve been offered the opportunity to offer more than criticism elsewhere on this blog. You’re not big enough to take it. I’ll do this again in August. Here’s a challenge for you, take part if you big enough to open up your views to peer criticism.

RedPaddy - May 10, 2010 Reply

Why dont you put your cock in the block and quote your predictions next season – then at least you would have a level of credibility rather than coming across like a begrudging dick. The results are alot better than alot of so called experts and journos….

cantona7 - May 10, 2010 Reply

nice job with the prediction Ed. I said earlier in the season, here or somewhere else i cant remember, but i dont mind us losing the title this year if we can get Rooney to learn to step up. And he just did.

Farrukh - May 11, 2010 Reply

Number of facts uttered by Benitez, incidents seen by Wenger, trophies won by Manchester City, and respect earned by John Terry



vlad - May 11, 2010 Reply

Hi Ed, thank you for the blog.
No matter the outcome of predictions, looking forward to reading the United Rant next season.

Ed - May 11, 2010 Reply

Thanks. Will be around all summer covering the transfer market (let’s face it, it’ll be more speculation than actual transfers), the Red Knights bid, the World Cup and then pre-season in North America.

Skip - May 11, 2010 Reply

Maybe realist ought to change his/her username to pessimist. Either that or WUM.

cantona7 - May 11, 2010 Reply

Good. I look forward to reading your coverage on the American tour. It’s actually America+Mexico because we will play a game in Mexico, part of the Javier Hernandez deal..

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