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August 8, 2015 Tags: Shorts 13 comments
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“The safest bet is the one you didn’t make.”

Each week, in United Rant’s match preview, we lay a £1 bet on an event in the coming game. It could be as simple as a scoreline, but more often its a little more ambitious than that. Last season Rant ended up £4.50 on the season. Big money! We’ll record all bets on this page. Join in below by recording your selections in the comments section. Rant bets actual money; your wager is up to you.

Game 1 – vs Tottenham Hotspur, Premier League
Rooney, Memphis and Kane to all score @ 16/1
Season total: £-1

Game 2 – vs Aston Villa, Premier League
Memphis to score @ 6/4
Season total: £-2

Game 3 – vs Club Brugge, Champions League
Memphis and Januzaj to score @ 9/2
Season total: £-3

Game 4 – vs Newcastle United, Premier League
Memphis to score twice @ 9/2

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