Tevez: Poster an insult and Hughes sacking wrong

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Carlos Tevez has launched a scathing attack on Roberto Mancini’s training methods, criticised Manchester City for sacking Mark Hughes and denied any responsibility for the “Welcome to Manchester” poster in an explosive pre-Derby interview. Tevez, who joined City for £47 million, also claims Wayne Rooney is the world’s best striker.

“I never understood the intention of that poster,” Tevez told the Daily Mail.

“What was the point? Tell me. Was it to welcome me to Manchester City, or was it to anger Manchester United? Nobody ever told me.

“I’m indifferent towards it, but it is important you know I had nothing to do with the poster. I’d have preferred for it not to have been there. I have respect for all the clubs I used to play for. That was not showing respect, was it?”

Tevez has also criticised the club’s owners, Abu Dhabi Group, for sacking Mark Hughes just months into the new season and replacing the Welshman with Roberto Mancini.

“It is their club, their money,” said Tevez of Sheihk Mansour.

“But you ask me if I thought it was the right decision and the answer is “no”.

“I will play for any manager; I play for the shirt and must respect the right of the people who make decisions to change things, but a team does not form overnight. Mark should have been given more time.

“The decision was taken with too much haste. Did the directors think it through? You cannot invest so much and then sack the manager after five months! Look, Mark brought us all here. He is a great manager and he will get another big club, 100 per cent.’

Compounding Mancini’s problems at the club, Tevez claims the players are not happy with the double training sessions instigated by the Italian. City’s multi-millionaire mercenaries are force to train morning and afternoon at the Eastlands club.

“The players are not happy with this. We are at the end of a long season, we have big matches, we are tired but there are still double training sessions, morning and afternoon,” moan Tevez

“Then, the next day, we train for two hours. I do not understand.”

In a revealing interview Tevez also claims Rooney is the world’s best striker

“Wayne Rooney is the best in the world. It was a privilege to play with him,” added Tevez.

“I will always feel that way towards him. When we played together with Cristiano, the three of us, this was a great moment in my career.”

“In his position, Rooney is the best. Messi is the No 1 in his position. He is too much, right now. The ball sticks to his feet, who can take it from him?

“It’s my interview, I want to pick both of them. It’s my dream selection. OK, I play Rooney and Messi, with Tevez, of course. In a 4-3-3. We would score some goals together, eh?”


Rob - April 13, 2010 Reply

This is a good insight into Tevez, a player who gives his all and has been missed by Utd this season. I’m not surprised the banner had nothing to do with him either. It’s a shame we couldn’t afford to keep him as he would have helped us a lot more than Berbatov this season. I hope he has a quiet game on Saturday or we are in trouble.

sprite - April 13, 2010 Reply

Tevez gotta like winding up his managers – surely.. Fat ugly son of a bitch

gary - April 13, 2010 Reply

I read earlier in the season that Tevez paid for a 22foot wide version of this poster and has it on the games room wall of his house – maybe not completely indeifferent to it.

Mark - April 13, 2010 Reply

desperately sad that we didn’t have the money to sign him, he has just not been replaced

James - April 13, 2010 Reply

Oh well, at least we’ve still got Berbatov…….

Gary - April 13, 2010 Reply

Tevez obviously wanted to stay with united, united didn’t sign him. I think there was a lot more going on behind the scenes that we are not aware off and we don’t actually know the real reasons United didn’t sign him.

The ROM blog has the stats to prove he has been replaced stats wise.

richard - April 14, 2010 Reply

It was a very sad day when Tevez departed. He has once again proven his worth, sadly this time for City.

redcardfc - June 19, 2010 Reply

Tevez says Rooney is the ‘World’s Best Striker’ – this has been demonstarted in the first two World Cup games. Lets hope Tevez is right and Rooney can do something in our third game!!!

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