United Rant Fantasy League 2015/16

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There’s a difference between fantasy and reality. No really, there is. Rant enters the following into evidence:

That David Moyes could ever be the ideal replacement for Sir Alex Ferguson was a fantasy. That David Moyes was the worst possible choice as United manager a stark reality. That “this year is Liverpool’s year” is the perennial fantasy on Merseyside. That this will very much not be Liverpool’s year the amusing reality. Angel Di Maria signing for United was a fantasy. The same player going on strike to join a 44-year-old club with a sovereign wealth fund for a sugar daddy the sad reality.

Still, in Di Maria’s absence Louis van Gaal might just call on you next Saturday. That 90th minute winner is guaranteed. Right? If not, there’s always fantasy football.

Code to join the United Rant Fantasy League: 1303980-309941

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