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August 3, 2013 Tags: Shorts 9 comments
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There have been, believe it or not, four variations of the United Rant forum since the website’s birth in 2004. The first iteration, live between 2004 and 2007, became an infamous and somewhat rabid den of all that is iniquitous and unholy on the internet. Fantastic entertainment for around 5,000 users in other words.

Then between 2009 and 2013 Rant’s forum was reborn for a new more successful age, but with no less passion. And finally there has been a double-upgrade this summer. Rant now finally embraces the modern and has upgraded to the most feature-rich forum platform hosted on the site to date.

And you, dear Ranters, are invited to join (or rejoin) at www.unitedrant.co.uk/ranton Рa site fresh off the printing press. Rant On!


john - August 3, 2013 Reply

I don’t know about anyone one else but things r blown out of all proportion. So we haven’t signed anyone yet? So what what’s the rush i for one am excited about the rise of 3 of r young players zaha januzej and lingard. With the team we already got plus these boys we got a good chance of repeating last season. The prices of players been thrown about r ridiculous if its gonna cost 80 mill for Ronaldo keep him I would rather go the next 2 seasons without a trophie than line these fuckers pockets with r cash. And as for fabregas come on let it go 2 offers been made he wants to co.e or he don’t but lets not make ourselves look stupid here. If it was mi i would let Wayne go i would get fellaini. And offer big money for kudungan from Dortmund hes a qaukity player and they would both cost a combined 50 mill we would get 35 for Wayne we wouldn’t need a new striker as i believe that if chito is given the chance to play regular he would score 25 plus goals easy. I want players in a red shirt that r there for the red shirt.

Godders - August 4, 2013 Reply

What a clown! Starts off saying we don’t need anyone because of a few kids scoring against pub teams in pre season, then reels off who we should buy! Classic muppet! What is the rush in buying players you ask? What is the point in buying a player on transfer deadline day when they take a couple of months to bed in? Season over! Plus Anyone who falls for the bull that he started on July 1 needs to wake up!! He either started then and wasn’t arsed about putting the work in beforehand or as seems he’s an utter clown

john - August 4, 2013 Reply

Well its a bit quite on here and IM not surprised united fans r fed up of the lack of movement in the transfer market we r the biggest club in the world Maybe? but but we aint the most atrractive club in the world caise if that wss the case why aint we ever signjng the top talent? I will tell you untill we realise football has changed and that u r likelly to pay over the odds for a player we will never compete with city and Chelsea for a player. We have to pay that bit more we have to offer more in wages and just get the deals done. City and Chelsea mamage to getdone and sorted and there squad is gonna b fully ready for the start of the seaon. IM mean people say they want players that want to wear the red shirt and b at the club for the love of that and not money/ get real the top and i mean the top players r gonna put there future security first and then play the game city have yaya aguero dzeko all massive money buys they didn’t know who the fuck city were but went for money and u cant tell mi they don’t put the effort in to win things. Then tjeres Chelsea Oscar hazard mata once again big money buys money first football 2nd but perform every week? Learn unites and learn quickly theres is value in the market its just theres a new type of market and we r 2 or 3 steps behind 5 or 6 teams and if mot carefull will b another arsenal finishing fourth and just scraping through champs group stage

john - August 4, 2013 Reply

Clown indeed i was stateing that no i wouldn’t buy as i think we can push on with what we have with the 3 young lads. But if moyes is gonna go out and buy as its proved what i wrote about fabregas united have stopped there pursuit of him so there’s a fucking fortnight wasted the 2 players i mentioned r realistice and gettable players with the qsulities to strengthen what we have already just fucked of with none realistic bids for players we so ain’t gonna get

john ango - August 5, 2013 Reply

nearly dropped my I-pod on my toe reading john says 3 Aug 1.59pm .just shows what clueless clowns we have got eating prawn sandwiches in front of their sky digital boxes these days. so add 3 piss wet through kids to a all conquering team with Anderson Cleverly Valencia Wellbeck and Ashley young and we are going to piss it by Christmas . what a load of bollox this team is shit how we won it last year will go down as one of the all time sporting mysteries that Scooby doo and David De Gua couldn’t solve , we don’t want to be spending 80 M of our money on Ronaldo ,,,, Our money our money like the Glazers open a little square hatch in the door of fort MUFC PLC and start giving little brown envelopes with the message dear mr cashcow supporter heres a bit of your hard earned dough back go in the super store and buy yourself a nice pair of retro MUFC dungarees we are sick of sending it all back to the US to prop up our empire and service the debt . what you should say is stop making ridiculous offers for players you have no realistic chance of getting in an attempt to convince the world your prepared to spend when in reality 23M for a mediocre catastrophe waiting to happen in a afro is as far as the elastic band around the wad of commercial prostitution will stretch . Fabragas why would Barca sell him for 30M when they paid 35M for him ,,, I wish Real would turn round and say yeh right you can have twinkle toes for 85 M they would need a few new pairs of pants and some air freshener in the board rooms on both sides of the Atlantic.

john - August 5, 2013 Reply

Actually for your information kidda i went to old Trafford 5 times last season and yes i watched the majority of uniteds games in front of sky but that’s doesn’t give mi less knowledge about united u cockhole

john ango - August 6, 2013 Reply

so tell me how it effects you personally if the Glazers pay 80m for Ranaldo …… not that they ever will ……. our money you tool…. stick to subutio . we will be lucky to get in Europe this year with or without Kudungan who ever he is and Falani shite never a United player in a million years bargain basement panic buys because they wont put their hands in there pocket and make realistic bids like I said why would Barca sell one of their best players for 30m when they paid 35 M for him,,, no class no money and dragging our name through the mud . and you have idiots like you saying our money let me tell you straight r-kid its not your money its not Uniteds money its the Glasers money and don’t you worry your little sky diggybox they wont be parting with it unless its below 25M for and mediocre player to join a mediocre team .

john - August 6, 2013 Reply

O wouldn’t pay 30 to 35 mill for cesc do t want him and as for Ronaldo united (the glazers) could easily re coup there money back for splashing out on Ronny and fellaini aint bargain basement? Hes a quality strong destructive players who worries teams with his power and strength. So Anderson any better? Cleverly? Fletcher maybe. Carrick getting old. The only class player we have i midfield apart fro. Carrick is Kagawa and u watch this space kadundgan wont b a Dortmund for long another player missed by united snapped uo by real or juventus. In the next 2 years hes easilly gonna bi. The top 10cm in the world the kid with the help of lewondowski destroyed real he ripped them apart in midfield maybe u should look him up on you before u say he no good

john ango - August 7, 2013 Reply

Falanini dog shit not fit to wear the shirt ,, wont be able to play in Europe because he will concede position through continuous use of his elbows ha ha . Hazard , Remeries , Oscare ,,,Lampard Esiean Mata Mikel says it all really.

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