Six months and it’s all crap – ta ra Moyes!

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Six months with David Moyes and Manchester United has transformed from Premier League champions to something akin to a relegation contender. After all the amateur decision-making that has surrounded the club these past few months, it’s a wonder how the Reds are not long out of the Champions League as well. Maybe the age of miracles really isn’t over?

Moyes has made mistakes from the off. He came in to the position as United manager and sacked world-class coaches in René Meulensteen and Eric Steele in too much of a hurry. Preposterously, he went on to claim that he was “still getting to know” his players. Really? It might have been a good idea to keep some of the coaches that had trained these players for years.

Fast forward a few months and Moyes publicly claims that he needs more coaching manpower and wants to hire yet another former Everton coach in John Murtough, the Premier League’s Head of Elite Performance. One wonders what, exactly, was the point of giving Meulensteen, Steele, and even Mike Phelan the boot in the first place. Given Sir Alex Ferguson’s superhuman work ethic, it wouldn’t have been strange for Moyes to increase the number of backroom staff last summer, rather than shed experience.

During Ferguson’s recent lecture “Repeating Success”, held in Oslo a few weeks back, United’s former manager said that letting his staff take care of the day-to-day coaching was one of the best decisions he’d ever made. Ferguson explained that it was former assistant Archie Knox’ idea from their days at Aberdeen, freeing Sir Alex to concentrate on pretty much everything else.

In that context it is baffling that Moyes felt the need to stroll in to the Carrington – sorry, the “Aon Training Complex” – to take charge of every single training session from the off. Where does that leave Steve Round and what, exactly, does he do?

After all, the manager’s role at United is so big, so complex, and the workload so huge that it is simply common sense to rely on an extensive, and world-class, backroom staff, and Moyes had the opportunity to keep some pretty good coaches around. Instead, he felt the need to show United’s multi-millionaire stars, whom between them have won countless trophies, ‘how it really should be done’. No wonder Moyes has struggled to gain the players’ respect.

It is not as if Moyes’ training sessions have led to blistering football in any case. Quite the opposite. If Moyes had led an attacking revolution, it would be harder for supporters to criticise. As it is, with a top four finish seemingly unrealistic, it is oh so easy. In fact training, Moyes-style, has led only to slow, boring football, with two-time Premier League top-scorer Robin van Persie sat on the sidelines injured. Nice work, David.

It gets even worse when it comes to acquisitions. United’s bizarre and embarrassing approach to the summer transfer window has been fully analysed. Yet, after failing to acquire any top talent, it still boggles the mind why Moyes believed that United’s squad would benefit from the acquisition of Marouane Fellaini.

In fact Fellaini has been so bad that further analysis about the ‘wigman’ is unnecessary; you’ve seen him play. Fellaini was decent enough in the average punter’s Fantasy League team last season, but few actually wanted him in a United shirt. Yet, even with that observation in mind it would be natural to expect United’s coaching team to define Fellaini’s role with the side. The very same coaching team that know him from Everton.

It’s an obvious question, but how does Moyes expect Fellaini to contribute this season? As a midfield shield; holding up the ball; scoring goals, and using his height from set-pieces? He is doing none, and certainly not all of them! And, as an aside, Fellaini should have been sent off in United’s recent loss against Everton – not for the first time either. United’s disciplinary record is excellent, let’s keep it that way, eh?

Then there is the public pursuit of left-back Leighton Baines, when United already possesses one of the world’s finest in the position, the club vice-captain, Patrice Evra. Evra is almost never injured and his heart bleeds United, and he remains extremely important in the dressing room. Unsettling the man made little sense, especially when United have decent cover in Alexander “street footballer” Büttner, Fabio Da Silva and the fine youngster Guillermo Varela.

Off the pitch Moyes inspires no confidence either. The 50-year-old has name dropped Everton and what “we did there” in almost every press conference. But, David, sixth place isn’t honourable and at United it isn’t good enough either. United shalt always compete for honours – it is what fans have come to expect with Sir Alex at the helm.

After all, United’s worst position since the inauguration of the Premiership is third place, and that was widely criticised as a poor season. How about not finishing in the top four? For United’s ‘spoilt’ fans – sorry, “customers” – that is akin to living in either Sodomma or Gomorra. Take your pick.

This is, after all, the reigning Champions, not a club struggling for survival as United found itself in 1986 when Sir Alex took charge. Not only did United win the league by 11 points last season, but the side was unlucky not to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League.

It begs the question – exactly who does Moyes think he is coming to United and changing everything? This is a top club, and Moyes inherited top coaches and top playing talent served on a silver platter.

Whatever happened to Moyes’ promise to ‘continue the United way’? There’s nothing United-esque about the side these days. Two home defeats on the trot is almost unheard of! Yet, Moyes felt the need to reinvent the wheel. Some nerve after 11 seasons at Everton and not a single trophy secured.

It is a situation reminiscent of Roy Hodgson’s time at Liverpool – a decent manager that no one ever warmed to, who failed to gain his players’ respect. Wrong man, at the wrong time.


James - December 7, 2013 Reply

Bullshit, give the guy a season to settle. If you’re looking to blame someone, blame SAF, his judgement, his choice. We could have had anyone. We’ve lacked creativity in midfield, Moyes was let down by the club when he tried to strengthen. Although lacking spark at times, we have been close and unlucky today, and against Everton, prior to that unbeaten in 13 matches. Get off the managers back, it makes you sound stupid. Have some faith in the chosen one (and his chooser)

The_Philosopher - December 9, 2013 Reply

Wait. Didn’t you just say we if we’re pointing the finger at anyone we should point it at the “chooser?”

xcm - January 5, 2014 Reply

Umm..u know…he’s new, that’s right.
United have had Ferguson for a long amount of time
But, why do Everton, same case as United, except not with the 1 billionth of players that Man Utd have, are higher ranked!
Moyes was never a contender for the spot of he hadn’t carried his nationality and Scottish accent. The guy is a ess, u don’t wanna blame him? So he can blame the players instead, sure.

I agree you sometimes need time, but when Ferguson came to United, he was handed a team of chumps, he literally built it.

Time isn’t always the answer,

Nathan - December 7, 2013 Reply

I really want moyes out! If you went on the everton forum , they was happy moyes was leaving! He’s a boring manager! Terrible in fact …. We need a attacking manager with tactical nouse! Are midfield is so average it’s not even in the top 20 in the world ( ok maybe a bit to far haha) but it’s embarrassing !!!!

Ian - December 7, 2013 Reply

I’m trying to look for something to disagree with here but I can’t.

david - December 8, 2013 Reply

you are not the only one with that problem

momo - December 7, 2013 Reply

I wish something drastic happens before he turns us into what used to be his small Everton like project (no disrespect to Everton).He’s lost it,done and dusted,sooner or later we are going to be knocked out of CL and I can we wont achieve top four .Well done the chosen one!

bigredone - December 8, 2013 Reply

Notes should have never giving the job at Manu he is not good enough, so who do we replace him with do we just sit and let him bring manu to the bottom 3 seems it is going that way

Graham - December 7, 2013 Reply

Since the day I heard of the Moyes appointment I have been very skeptical to say the least. I had never rated him more than an average manager never having won anything in his career in his tenure at Everton. This was a jobs for the boys appointment a Glaswegian for a Glaswegian had nothing to do with his ability to take on such a difficult and complex job just that he and Sir Alex were mates

The debacle during the summer transfer window should have woken the owners up I feel because of his name and non record of achievement he was fighting a losing battle to sign big named players. After all the question on most of their minds would have been “Who is David MOYES”?

I would say this to Moyes resign now which will save you the ignomy of being sacked later in the year.

Gurpreet Singh Rana - December 7, 2013 Reply

Personally I think Ed Woodward is more to blame for not getting players in to improve the midfield.

James - December 8, 2013 Reply

Agreed. If supporters would get behind the team we could start to turn it around. Moyes is not to blame, we all need to recognise the weaknesses in the team and give DM a chance to build his eom team. Chopping and changing to manager is not going to improve matters, and is not the United way. He’s managing a club, not just a team. It will take time.

Atif - December 9, 2013 Reply

James you just said we all know the weaknesses in the team! So surely DM should have known as well! Why did he dilly dally about then, the guy is a joke and a waste of space. His tactics, substitutions and hiring has been pathetic. No good manager has reached the age of 50 without a single trophy he is a pathetic choice. Look at what Martinez has done to Everton and look at what Moyes has done to UTD enough said.

tina Hajiyianni - December 7, 2013 Reply

Agree with everything you say. The best thing he can do is to resign

Sandeep - December 8, 2013 Reply

One question for you.. What did replacing Hodgson at Liverpool accomplish ? Have they won anything since…

The_Philosopher - December 9, 2013 Reply

Thats not a very smart question.

Have you seen Liverpool lately?

Do you not have any appreciation for the work Brendan Rogers is doing over there?

Liverpool are way better without Hodgson than with him. . .

Barry - January 27, 2014 Reply

Do you not remember for the first year (or even longer) that Brendan Rodgers was at Liverpool people were constantly saying that he was utterly clueless, calling his management an embarrassment to the club and asking for him to be sacked? Do you not remember that? Jesus Christ, give Moyes time. You can’t completely write someone off after less than a season in charge, that’s pure madness.

Chirag - December 8, 2013 Reply

We can all blame Woodward but even them team that were champions should not be struggling this much that has to be down to coaching methods and tactics set by moyes and team.

Dave - December 8, 2013 Reply

To be fair to Moyes, he tried to keep Muelensteen but he wanted to move on and start fresh somewhere else. Everything else you said is bang on though.

Scott Crossland - December 8, 2013 Reply

“: Six months and it’s all crap – ta ra Moyes! – #unitedrant” Hmm

Amnon Zohar - December 8, 2013 Reply

This is an accurate indictment against Moyes with which as a 50 plus years of being a United fan I fully agree. What this article fails to do is to call for the verdict: Moyes has to go and fast! From my business experience I know the there dust bins full of new CEOs that joined or merged with successful companies who tried to change the culture to match their own. People do not change. Moyes culture is all that we have seen cautiou, defensive, mediocre, lower expectation and most tragically unable to fire up and motivate his players and earn their respect . There is only one answer Moyes has to go and replaced by a dynamic, creative, attacking minded manager of the Klop or Guardiola or Mourinho’s I’ll. it may even be a Rio or Giggs or Gary Neville or Ole Guner. The price for waiting may be very costly. Not just prestige wise but real dollars for not making the top 4. Just do it

momo - December 8, 2013 Reply

Spot on,archaic training regimes has creative players like RVP visibly drained.He failed to heed Fergie’s advice and brought in his coaching staff that’s won nothing.It’s going to get worse.

Stefan - December 8, 2013 Reply

I wanted to have some faith but when he said in his press conference yesterday that “we’d make it difficult for them [Newcastle]” my heart sank. It’s not about making it difficult…. It’s about being United.

Kane - December 8, 2013 Reply

Evra best in the world, He’s been shocking defensively.

This “article” is what I expected tbh, especially from that fat prick Paul

TheHumbleGent - December 9, 2013 Reply


I’m not usually one for commenting on forums but your ‘fat prick Paul’ comment was well out of order.

You can agree or disagree with Paul or Ed as much as you like and write as such on the website but being so disrespectful about someone who puts a lot of time and effort, for little or no personal or financial gain is wrong.

You are an arsehole.

Ed - December 9, 2013 Reply

Kane – Helps if you at least get the author right when throwing around insults.

RED FRANKIE - December 8, 2013 Reply

Would love to disagree with any of this . I cant.

Jonny Hammond - December 8, 2013 Reply

gets you thinking really doesn’t it. What is going on?!

Dave Tithers - December 8, 2013 Reply

@LFC_Banners What the chosen one? Surely not? Oh yeah Taggart was passed when he chose Gollum!

Oli - December 8, 2013 Reply

“: Six months and it’s all crap – ta ra Moyes! – #unitedrant” read this

Sean Peden - December 8, 2013 Reply

From both a business and Football perspective Moyes has been very unsuccessful. The truth is that once he start costings the Glazers’s and the shareholders money, then and only then will he be sacked. Someone please get Pep Guardiola on the phone!

Benjamin Effiong - December 8, 2013 Reply

“: Six months and it’s all crap – ta ra Moyes! –” CAN SOME1 @ @ManUtd READ THIS PLS

Old Red - December 8, 2013 Reply

I can’t disagree with anything written here.
All I can add is that Moyes is destroying us long-term, not just this season. 1. He has turned down 2 of the tope world talents – the latest being Bruno – who probably would cost lest than Fellaini’s left armpit even if it didn’t work out.
2. He is destroying our technicak ability. In a recent BBS lunchtime interview, they asked Phil Jagielka what the difference was between Moyes and Martinez. He said “Well we train with a ball a lot more now”. Compare that to the Class of 92 who were skilled anywy and then wadded Eric Cantona on top. Utterly alien to Mr MNoyes.

Old Red - December 8, 2013 Reply

Sorry for the typo’s.

jevon - December 8, 2013 Reply

At the start of the season it was hard to rap my head around seeing someone or something other thanever Fergie in the chair on matchday. Now it is hard to even recognize what it is in those red shirts. I want my team back!!! If getting rid of the Everton lot and Woodward will do it then so be it. Then maybe on my next romantic thai get away with the mrs I donthe have to stare at building sized poster of Rooney and Singha monkey urine with less disdain.

Mega Amazing Man - December 8, 2013 Reply

“: Six months and it’s all crap – ta ra Moyes! – #unitedrant” PAINFUL TRUTHS…

Nathan Oldroyd - December 8, 2013 Reply

“: Six months and it’s all crap – ta ra Moyes! – #unitedrant”

Nathan Oldroyd - December 8, 2013 Reply

“: Six months and it’s all crap – ta ra Moyes! – #unitedrant”

Geno - December 8, 2013 Reply


Denton Davey - December 8, 2013 Reply

It’s time for Ole Gunnar Solskjær ?

He’s a proven winner AND he’s already more qualified in terms of managerial experience (and success) than Pep Guardiola was when he took over @ Barcelona.

RipIlhamilton - December 8, 2013 Reply

Good choice.. quite similar with Sir Alex with his Aberdeen. At least he could motivate his players before winning the cup this season

Dominic - December 8, 2013 Reply

Well, some of you were the same ones who wanted Ferguson out during the previous transitions. Too old, stupid decisions, wrong assistant manager, after carlos left, bla, bla, bla.
We were lucky to have won the league last year because of the fitness of many core members of the team. Pep G. would have gone thru the same problem if the took this job too. We had Carrick, Persie, Rooney for throughout the year, they were so important that they won some games almost single handedly. I believe that some of us are not interested in the completeness of the game but are just in it for the bragging, they are not used to getting their egos inflamed. This its why they need to find an excuse and this is where their memories malfunctioned. You are a united fan and you are a human too. All human needs support, support your manager. We knew he was going to take some time. If you cant wait, then go support whatever teams on the top of the table now. Then when united gets up and running, maybe you would have forgotten this article this transition period again.

swapnil - December 8, 2013 Reply

its not the results people are pissed about,its the performances. its about the fact that the players are unable to play more than 5 passes in a row.its about the fact that the players do not show any desire to fight once they are will accept bad results if there are any signs of improvement in the footballing style any freaking progress at all for Christ’s sake..sadly I dont see any being made in any aspects of our fact it has declined to an alarmingly poor standards.i mean a centre back hoofing a long ball towards the forwards 20 times in a game is not how united play and for that the blame has to go entirely to moyes,not glazers not woodward not sir alex who all may be blamed for certain things but not this one!!!

Gerald Langiri - January 6, 2014 Reply

He had 11 years at Everton and dint achieve anything..what makes you think he will achieve anything at United and yet he came with the same old back team he had at Everton?

Sihawes - December 8, 2013 Reply

6 MONTHS AND THE TRANSITION ISN’T COMPLETE YET. Jesus Christ, give the poor man a chance!! I’d rather spend a season or 2 letting him sort out the squad and developing our young talent than just becoming a soulless club who ships out their manager every 6 months at the first sign of trouble. That is what would truly break my heart, not a season or 2 without a trophy. Right now I’m ashamed to be a united fan because the bleating, moaning bandwagon everyone is so quick to jump on is just embarrassing and I thought United were better than that.

Tanmay - December 8, 2013 Reply

I agree with everything apart from the Evra point. He has been pretty awful defensively in last 2 years. Often gets caught out of position and looks more interested in attacking than doing his defensive work. So we needed a LB and Baines would have been perfect.

Andrew Douglas - December 8, 2013 Reply

“: Six months and it’s all crap – ta ra Moyes! – #unitedrant”

Can’t disagree with this! @r1chbaker

Stevie D - December 8, 2013 Reply

You’ve not sold that too well lad!

Dayus D red - December 8, 2013 Reply

I agree with all you have written in this article but you should’ve gone a step further to equally blame SAF for leaving behind a team less quality to a coach with little experience . For more than 3yrs he stubbornly refused to address the MF problem. He chose a coach with little experience at this level and gave him a free hand when it could have been better to insist he must work with the experienced coachs already at the club. The bottom line is we are stuck with Moyes. I can’t see him been fired at least for now. But for once SAF made a wrong choice and we are all going to pay for it.

Stevie D - December 8, 2013 Reply

It’s been a poor start for Moyes, no doubt. However, he hasn’t inherited a brilliant squad from Fergie, despite United winning the title last season. There’s a lot of deadwood there, especially in midfield – the names are obvious and don’t need mentioning.
We’re missing Michael Carrick big-time at the moment. Whether you rate him or not, he’s our only decent central midfielder at this point in time. Yes it was possible that Carrick would get injured at some stage of the season, which made it even more vital for Moyes to strengthen in this area.
RvP allegedly acting all Dutch and spitting out his dummy will not help anyone. The last thing we need is our best player sulking and darkening the mood even further.
Moyes simply had to make signings during the summer that would improve the squad. He couldn’t take the same squad Fergie had, and hope to get as good results as Fergie. There was no way that was every going to happen, no matter what potential Moyes may (or may not!) have. The board will obviously take their share of the blame for that, particularly the new chief Ed Woodward. Fellaini was not the answer, and is proving the case all the time. Moyes is paying the price for that now.
However, I think calling for his head a bit premature. He needs at least a season to find his feet, to get his head around the size of the job and to make some signings of his own. Anyone underestimating the size of the task in replacing Fergie needs to wake up and smell the reality. This was always going to be an extremely difficult season. Lets just hope Moyes can sign one quality midfielder in Jan, and hopefully the squad can turn a corner and do the typically brilliant United post-Christmas run to get us into contention for 4th spot.

Jim Graham - December 8, 2013 Reply

Dean Deano Heywire Heywood

Graham - December 8, 2013 Reply

Um not in the group of supporters who want Moyes out. I never wanted him in the first place.

His whole ethos is wrong and his knowledge of tactics and team selection must be bought into question. If his idea of a good buy is Fellani Then god help us in the winter transfer I hate to think what he has in mind if anyone. Moyes will end up losing United a small fortune by the end of the season, I estimate somewhere close to £50 million.

Some have suggested giving him a couple of years, with the damage he has inflicted on United in six months, I would hate to think where we would be with another 18 months of Moyes. I got my FA badge in 1972 and have supported United for over 60 years. Keep Moyes and expect to be a middle of the table team until we appoint a manager who is fit and able to bring United back into contention both domestically and abroad.

tourettes@ the KOB - December 8, 2013 Reply

One thing has become abundantly clear, Moyes hasn’t the right mentality to manage United. The view that playing “OK” was enough at Everton, but FFS, this is united !! the mediocrity that has been churned out so far this season is threatening to destroy the club for seasons to come. Fast forward to the end of this season and united finish outside the top six, which top players are going to come to united for next season, they will all recognise that the era is definitely over.
Also tactically, watching the awful first half performance yesterday, what changed in the second half ? nothing, Moyes hasn’t a clue. Newcastle’s keeper could have read a book during the game yesterday, Moyes’s training and tactics has turned us into a shambolic pub team.
We all appreciated that the season after fergie would be a change but we never expected the fall would be so steep and dramatic.
The January window must be used to out the dead wood, Anderson, Cleverley, Nani,and especially Young and Fellani, and get at least two quality midfielders to help rescue the season, along with someone at the helm, fit for united whose attitude is that winning matches and trophies is expected and not a mis-placed hope.

JA - December 8, 2013 Reply

I lost count of the number of times, Evans or Vidic launched the ball forwards. Hoofball is not the way United play.
Krul literally did not have a save to make yesterday. The game could have gone on to Christmas 2014 and United would still not have scored.
Moyes out.

JA - December 8, 2013 Reply

Sorry, one save by Krul, with his feet from Hernandez who was put through by a sublime ball from RVP. RVP should hav been on the end of the pass though, not passing from half way line.

Richard Jones - December 8, 2013 Reply

“: Six months and it’s all crap – ta ra Moyes! – #unitedrant” interesting read

JPL - December 8, 2013 Reply

As an Everton fan who sat through 11 and a bit seasons of Moyes I feel qualified to pass comment on his managerial ability.

First, the positives – he came to Everton at a low point in the club’s history. Relegation battles were the norm and fans expectations were low. Over the course of 2 or 3 seasons Moyes changed those realities towards finishing in the top half of the table. He even picked up some great players for a song (Arteta, Cahill etc.) and brought Rooney through to the first team. In short, he established a decent launch pad to further success.

Now for the negatives. Moyes failed to capitalise on the platform of stability. As better players arrived at the club the system and style of football failed to evolve. He was (and still is) an extremely cautious coach, preferring the rule “don’t lose” over “let’s try to win” (Martinez is a breath of fresh air in that regard, and whether or not he is up to the job at Everyon in the long run, many fans are enjoying his positive view right now). This is visible in his team selections, “tactics” and substitutions (shutting up shop on a 1 goal lead with 15 mins to play is fairly standard).

Many Everton fans accepted this as “success” but as I mentioned in the beginning expectations were at an all time low when Moyes arrived. One of Moyes main failings is that he failed to win away to any of the so called big four in 11 years and 40 odd attempts. As a fan you knew the drill – pitch up, make yourself difficult to beat and hope to “get out alive”. This would invariably lead to a “respectable” 1 or 2 goal defeat, a pat on the head from the home manager and back to Goodison to collect some of his 4 million quid salary.

Before last Wednesday’s game I experienced something I hadn’t felt in 12 years – butterflies in my stomach. I genuinely didn’t know what the outcome would be for the first time in over a decade. I thought we could lose but I also thought that we could win because I knew Martinez would go to try and play / attack. Yes, there was some luck involved in the result but you make your own luck. This is the difference between Moyes and Martinez (or any other attacking coach, for that matter). Many of the Evertonians who failed to see his limitations were predicting the apocalypse when he left. Now, they are delighted with where we are heading.

Moyes wento to OT because he didn’t have the resources to match his ambitions at Everton. Why does he feel the need to bring Everton coaches and players with him to United? After he has tried the old “managing expectations” routine one too many times you will get tired of him. I got frustrated as an Everton fan who remembers our traditions and decent sides of the not too distant past.

Damian Garside - December 8, 2013 Reply

Ironically, it will probably be Manchester City who we will need to thank for Moyes getting the chop. When they come to OT and destroy us, compleley outplaying us on all areas of the game it will be just too much to bear.

Will Robinson - December 8, 2013 Reply

“: Six months and it’s all crap – ta ra Moyes! – #unitedrant”


dangerf1eld - December 8, 2013 Reply

Jesus Christ, reactionary much? Moyes inherited a squad that, even last season, had to play Phil bloody Jones in midfield from time-to-time. Yet Fergie’s inability to strengthen the midfield is something we sort-of chuckle at amongst ourselves now. Moyes wasn’t helped by the board in the summer. Let’s be honest, he probably thought United could get business done, perhaps he didn’t even know how ham-strung we are financially. But look at the types of players he did want to bring in. The board let him down. Fellaini isn’t good enough, he’ll probably never be good enough, but Moyes needed *something*. The other thing that noone seems to be commenting on is the prolonged absence of our ONLY decent midfielder, Carrick. Fergie would have found a way to muddle through 1-2 months without him, but he’d been there 20+ years, and it wouldn’t have been pretty either. And while it’s easy, with 20/20 hindsight, to say Moyes shouldn’t have cleared out the staff quite so quickly, it’s nothing Fergie wouldn’t have done. He felt he needed to be surrounded by his own people, the clear central point in the hierarchy. I understand why he did it, even if I don’t agree in this particular case.

Ps – the football has been (with exceptions limited exclusively to games vs. Leverkusen) utterly dire, too, but it was often utterly dire under Ferguson. we can’t expect Moyes to be Ferguson in a season. if the logic is that everything has gone to shit after sacking off some of our coaches, what about the players – all of whom remain.

Denton Davey - December 8, 2013 Reply

Dayus D red @ 10:15: “The bottom line is we are stuck with Moyes. I can’t see him been fired at least for now. But for once SAF made a wrong choice and we are all going to pay for it.”

SAF made lots and lots of “wrong choices” – let’s not beatify the man.

BUT Fergy’s teams were more daring and played with verve and speed even though this became less and less true over the post-Rome period (after 2009) when the quality of the team slowly deteriorated.

Two great attacking goal-scorers – CR7 and Carlitos (love them or hate them they were both great for UTD) – were replaced by Dimmy, the square peg in a round hole. SAF was proven right with Chicarito and lucky with RVP. TheWayneBoy plays “when he wants” and, it seems, plays where he wants, too.

SAF’s midfield became a shambles – Giggs/Scholes and ThreeLungPark got old; Hargreaves was a one-season wonder and then a perma-crock. SAF was terribly unlucky that DarrenFletcherinho got sick and lost his physical ability to compete just as he was becoming a corner-stone player. And, you could argue that he was very, very lucky that Michael Carrick stayed healthy throughout their time together.

Now look at the situation – Pogba left in snit about playing-time (not just money); YoungTom is just not good-enough; Anderson – what an unprofessional waste of talent ! – and now AgentMoyes tries to rectify this clusterfuck with TheBigFella who was ridiculously over-priced, over-paid, and under-qualified.

The attacking players – not the wingers ! – are fine; the central defence and first-choice wing-backs are OK, too. The keeper is on his way to greatness.

BUT the hole in midfield and on the wing is just awful – a lot of that is down to the chickens coming home to roost since the quartet of Keane/Giggs/Beckham/Scholes has now been replaced by MC16 and TheThreeStooges. Everyone saw this happening – SAF acted like King Canute and yet kept his feet dry. The timing of his departure was perfect – for him, not for UTD.

AgentMoyes was the wrong choice; he foolishly jettisoned SAF’s staff and made two disastrous decisions – first, his transfer-market targets/activity was awful and, second, he drilled the players in TheEvertonWay. Is it any wonder that they’re now Toffees in disguise ?

That said, I’m torn as to whether (or not) he should get more time – on the one hand, TheArse might just be over-the-hill-and-far-away with a win today but, on the other hand, the top4 is still within reach as the other suspects trip over themselves while TheLads are still in with a chance for the three cup-competitions.

So, I’d give him something of an ultimatum – get into the top4 or take a very, very, very handsome buy-out. AND after the disaster of the last transfer window, I’d be very, very reluctant to give him any more money to spend in January.

SKW - December 8, 2013 Reply

I say it is too early a point Fergie makes again and again in his book is about giving managers time etc.

However the disturbing thing is Moyes is not even equalling Everton at moment. Also, if Moyes was chopping and building toward future I would be more inclined to give him a break. But he barely plays Kagawa, does not play Zaha until this weekend, and does not play Januz either. In other words I see no evidence of a long term plan the inclines me to be patient. I see bad football, and stop gap and desperation measures. I also see players who a couple of games aside do not look like the enjoy playing for him.

Mark my words, Rooney and RVP will both try to leave this summer, and then we are really hosed…

Denton Davey - December 8, 2013 Reply

SKW @ 8:28: ” Rooney and RVP will both try to leave this summer, and then we are really hosed…”

Maybe; a lot depends on the willingness of the management team to think-outside-the-box. Clearly, the cycle of winning that began in 2006 has come to an end and some drastic actions are needed.

If this appalling mid-table dreariness continues into the new year then I’d be willing to let them both go on the proviso that TheWayneBoy is shuffled off to CSKALondon (in exchange for Lukaku) and PSG/Dortumund are willing to pay the best part of twenty million (either in ca$h or as a part-exchange for Gundogan) for “the little boy in me” who got what he wanted from UTD (and vice-versa, too).

FootballFantasy – maybe.

A lot depends on how the management team looks at the nature of the first-team squad, the time given for its re-invention, and, of course, money to spend for young, quality players with up-side like Gundogan (and maybe Ross Barkley or Iker Munian or ???) for the midfield and Luke Shaw for left back.

Right now, there is a group of aging, highly-paid stars whose best days are behind them and a core of youngsters who may – or may not – have better days ahead of them. If we accept a best-case scenario for Rafael, KagawaBunga, MrJones, BigManSmalling, DDG, Chicharito, and AdnanJ then it’s a matter of adding to a fairly-solid core. That won’t be cheap (maybe 100 million for transfers-in and next-to-nothing for “loans” involving Nani, Young, and Anderson) but the owners have had a long and relatively-cheap ride with the former-core players who have just completed seven years of fantastic achievements so they are going to have to re-invest because, otherwise, the cupboard isn’t bare but the shelves are hardly sagging under the weight of “world-class” players.)

SKW - December 9, 2013 Reply

I know he is controversial round here, but Rooney has carried us this season. And Rooney and RVP carried us for this past season.

If Rooney leaves we become very ordinary, very fast.

kris - December 9, 2013 Reply

SAF started as a pub manager and ended up a Sir. How on earth can you expect a new pub manager to attend to a Sirs matters? – there is always the need for new reasons and incentives for getting to new places.

Furthermore SAF had no experience with employing premier league managers, and this smells djemba-djemba, liam miller and bellion all the way.

In retrospect, Man utd should have become a foundation with a new president every fourth year in order to conserve and develop the united way.

What we are witnessing now is the downfall anf soon we will all know how Kops have been feeling for the last 20 years.

Proven Quality - December 11, 2013 Reply

The squad needs a massive rebuild. This isn’t exactly as much Moyes’ fault as it is Glazer’s and to some extent Ferguson’s.
Every team that has a group of excellent players reaching the end of their careers suffers this problem, and needs a transitional period to bring in new signings and youth prospects into the team.
When we pointed this out in June ( people’s reaction was to laugh it off, but the signs are now there for all to see.

Davey ha ha - February 14, 2014 Reply

The man there picked the sucks cessor when we get relegated next year who should we all start supporting instead? I can’t think of another team with no songs and being a shite fan I’m struggling to think of a new team to follow.

Daz - April 9, 2014 Reply

Agree with your arguments. Moyas’ style is very slow paced and incredibly boring to watch. He has paid too much for average players. To me it seems like he doesn’t really know what Manchester United need. Not to mention Rooney has been carrying the team this season. I think Jürgen Klopp would be a great choice.

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