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Cristiano Ronaldo

United’s failure is a belief in the alchemy of youth

In the cold light of Manchester United's fateful dawn one can still feel the intoxication. Like a Saturday night drunk, stirring on Sunday morning amid the cold pizza and lager cans strewn across the wreckage once called home. Yet, United's hangover from Cristiano Ronaldo's wild ride still throbs, blurring clear thought and obfuscating the truth. Like so many drunks United may need to hit rock bottom before redemption calls. Ronaldo's was a special kind of addiction though; certainly … more

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Ed Woodward

Poll: Should Ed Woodward be sacked?

He is the Glazer's poster-child; the man who masterminded the family's 2005 leveraged takeover of Manchester United and has executed on the Americans' vision of a globally sponsored brand. Yet, all is not well with Ed Woodward, United's executive … more

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Marcos Rojo

Rojo deal papers over another clusterf*ck of a summer

These are celebratory times indeed. Not only has Manchester United's executive vice chairman Ed Woodward closed a deal, some 12 days before the summer transfer window shuts, but in a position where the Reds are desperately short. United's calamitous … more

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Rant Cast 200 – same as it ever was

In this week's Rant Cast regular presenters Ed & Paul look back on Manchester United's first game of the season - a demoralising defeat to Swansea City at Old Trafford - and ahead to next week's Premier League fixture with Sunderland. United's … more


United v Swansea: van Gaal faces injury crisis

First game of the season, first injury crisis to overcome. New campaign, new manager, same old problems. Is it something in the Carrington water? Louis van Gaal has been in the top job barely two months, but he takes Manchester United into the … more

David Moyes

Season preview 2014/15

English is a language richer than most; an idiom to suit almost every nuanced turn of meaning, situation and experience. The language of Shakespeare, Morrisey and, well, Wayne Rooney. Take, for example, the belief that lightning never strikes … more

Louis van Gaal

Rant’s Premier Predictions 2014/15

Each year Rant predicts the season ahead. Manchester United's performance, the winners, the losers and the individual stars of the campaign. There have been mixed results over the years - check out 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2013/14 and … more

Rant Cast

Rant Cast 199 – the boys are back in town

In the first Rant Cast of the new season regular presenters Ed & Paul look back on Manchester United's pre-season tour of the United States, talk transfers and preview the campaign ahead. United enjoyed one of the most successful pre-season … more

Rio Ferdinand


Movement of the people. Or, in this case, Manchester United players. By the end of the summer up to 14 first team or fringe players could have left the club as Louis van Gaal and Ed Woodward embark on a major programme of squad restructuring. Whether … more

Ed Woodward

Woodward under pressure as Vermaelen chase ends in failure

Strange business, the transfer window. Take Manchester United's executive vice chairman, Ed Woodward, for example. Ostensibly charged with executing the Glazer family's commercial vision, Woodward has been roundly lambasted for his performance in the … more