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Rant Cast 202 – the window SLAMS shut

On this week's pod, regular Rant Cast presenters Ed & Paul look back on Manchester United's disappointing fixture with Burnley at Turf Moor. The scoreless draw came amid another insipid attacking performance from the Reds, although manager Louis van Gaal will be pleased with a clean sheet. It was also the occasion of Angel Di Maria's debut - the £60 million Argentinian appearing for 70 minutes in central midfield. Burnley followed the humiliating defeat at Milton Keynes Dons in the … more

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Reds depart as Van Gaal makes squad his own

There is little surprise in supporters' obsession with the transfer market; new faces, new names and the hope of better results to come. In Manchester United's recent decline this fixation has become all the stronger - a collective yearning that … more

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Angel Di Maria

The beginning is the end is the beginning

It is the metaphorical morning after Manchester United's humiliating defeat to Milton Keynes Dons in the League Cup. Probably, one of the club's worst performances in recent memory; right down there with any from the David Moyes era. Even considering … more

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Burnley v Manchester United, Turf Moor, 30 August 2014

Burnley v United: Ángel debut is heaven sent

If Louis van Gaal's start at Manchester United has been anything but auspicious then few will blame the veteran Dutchman for seeking a little help from above. Requests of the Divine are common in football, of course, although it is to a far more … more

MK Dons v United, 26 August 2014

MK Dons v United: Reds venture into the unknown

Strange times these at Manchester United. Not only is United's side distinctly average, but the Glazer family has sanctioned more than £120 million in spending during this summer's window to correct the failure; £200 million over the past 12 … more


Rant Cast 201 – Angel delight

In this week's Rant Cast regular presenters Ed & Paul look back on Manchester United's insipid draw with Sunderland at the weekend - a game that leaves the Reds on just one point after two Premier League matches. United laboured to a scoring draw … more

Wayne Rooney, Michael Keane

Ponderous Reds yet to find a new identity

“It’s a process and that process needs time," pleaded Louis van Gaal on Friday. It is perhaps the key message for Manchester United supporters to digest after Sunday's turgid draw with Sunderland on Wearside. Van Gaal has promised … more


Media Digest: owners, captains and Arctic Monkeys

For many, Sunday is a day spent in the company of family and friends, reading that unfinished book, or watching a new episode of a favourite show. Over at United Rant it’s spent catching up on the beautiful game. Join us, in Rant’s weekly round-up of … more

Sunderland v Manchester United, Stadium of Light, 24 August 2014

Sunderland v United: Van Gaal gives up on title

It wasn't supposed to be like this. Losing at home was a David Moyes thing - all seven of them in the Premier League last season. Ground zero of Manchester United's worst campaign in more than 25 years. Louis van Gaal's appointment was, by … more

Cristiano Ronaldo

United’s failure is a belief in the alchemy of youth

In the cold light of Manchester United's fateful dawn one can still feel the intoxication. Like a Saturday night drunk, stirring on Sunday morning amid the cold pizza and lager cans strewn across the wreckage once called home. Yet, … more