Poll: do you care about the Europa League?

Manchester United kicks off the Europa League campaign against Ajax on Thursday, in what promises to be the glamour tie of the round. With 3,000 United fans heading out to Amsterdam it is a tie for supporters, but having crashed out of the Champions League in December, very much second best for Sir Alex Ferguson’s tie. Yet, with United out of the Carling and FA Cups already, the Europa League represents a realistic shot at silverware this season.

Ferguson claims that United will take the competition seriously, with a strong squad heading out of Manchester on Wednesday morning. But what about the fans… do you care about the Europa League?

Do you care about the Europa League?

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  1. Dinkinflicker says

    Whilst its a tin pot competition, it does bring back nostalgic memories of the CWC in 91. What a fucking night that was.

  2. Lloyd says

    Do not care what competition it is whether it is the dog and duck combination eleven or EPL …i want my team to win the effin lot….as a failed footballer myself…nothing beats the feeling of winning a trophy….I want to win even when i am playing with the kids…I bet all the other teams not competing would happily swap places

  3. vlad says

    If you don’t care then maybe you don’t care about a cup result against, say, lowly West Ham? Let’s only turn up against Prem opposition? Yeah, and ignore Citeh, too.

    Of course i care, as long as the team cares to turn up, that is. And Cleverley gets games, too.

  4. Andrew says

    Couldnt give a flying fuck about it. A European replacement for the league cup – blood the youngsters. Let’s give Pogba a good run

    • says

      Brown – Cup Winners’ Cup ended in 1999, although essentially competitions merged into one because most cup winners now go into the Europa League. But the Europa League trophy is the old UEFA Cup trophy… and UEFA regards, for records purposes, the UEFA Cup/Europa League to be the same thing. So that’s the legacy.

  5. 19 and Counting says

    Fergie cares about the Europa now as we’re likely into the QFs but let’s see how he and supporters feel if we don’t win it – and there’s no guarantee we will. How much money are we getting playing Europa football and not playing CL footy? And if we don’t add qualityto the squad in the summer, it could be a repeat.

  6. max says

    united need to care about the europa league if they dont then they are not the team they used to be! united need to pull together and really make an impact on tonights game, i belive they can if they have the motivation!!!1 do it united you know you can!!!!

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