Poll: Should David Gill resign now?

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David Gill, the Manchester United ceo, has launched an extraordinary attack on thousands of fans who wear green and gold at Old Trafford, dismissing scarf wearing supporters as a “minority” who “don’t understand” why they’re protesting and will “never be happy.” It’s not the first time Gill has lashed out at the fans he no longer speaks to.

But with other ceo who consistently insults his customers normally asked to resign, should Gill now go?

Should David Gill resign now?

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sprite - May 28, 2010 Reply

Gill never said G&G protesters doesnt understand what they are talking about nor did he say that they will never be happy.. he said that they are a minority, and that it would slowly fade away.

Adam - May 30, 2010 Reply

In my opinion, I hate David Gill, he is the biggest liar around. I am not for the red knights and I am not a great fan of MUST but they are trying. Personally I would just rather focus on getting Glazer out than worrying about MUST or whoever. David Gill lies about everything though, green and gold till the club is sold


Steve - May 28, 2010 Reply

Think about it… You dislike Gill… i don’t really like him that much either.. But, I DO prefer him being the CEO, than some Glazer appointed muppet that has no interest in the club apart from their pay packet.

He’s no worse than Ferguson, both compliment their employers (stupid not to really) and both have criticised fans over their time.

Better the devil you know ….

Ed - May 28, 2010 Reply

“A lot of people understand what it means but a lot of them don’t.” – David Gill

“We couldn’t have been much more successful in the last three years … But they are never going to be happy.” – David Gill

I’m not trying to misrepresent anything. Direct from the horses mouth.

DMac - May 28, 2010 Reply

This has put fuel on the fire,which means it will keep spreading and will last.United fans have and are being used by these arrogant parasites.David has been a good servant.He is at heart a good man,so I suggest he stays on and keeps making statements such as these.As this will help the fight go on.
We are not in the minority.We are THE MAJORITY.If we were the minority,his employers would not be afraid to turn up at the games.

John Smith - May 28, 2010 Reply

DMac, the anti-Glazer movement is and always has been a vocal, visible minority both at Old Trafford and in the world of United fans. The G&G campaign has put the Glazers on notice that the fans are watching and are passionate about the club. That’s enough for now. It’s done what it was set up to do. Let’s move on.

OP - May 28, 2010 Reply

I really don’t understand what a lot of the Utd bloggers expect Gill to say.

I firmly back Green and Gold (United’s sould never sold) but I can’t understand us getting angry at him for not bad mouthing his employers.

We all know he isn’t too keen on them – he said as much, before they became his bosses.

He kind of has to tow the line – as does SAF

tony - May 28, 2010 Reply

David Gill has been at Utd since 97 and is a great ceo for the club, he loves Utd and will defend til the end and knows the true state of the club from the inside unlike the sheep protestors, today it will be revealed in the quarterly reports that Sir Alex has £95m in the bank to use if so wishes. And it is only at minority who back g&g (158k) as the Utd familia stands at 330M and the majority bcks the red & white of Man Utd and loves the club first.

Ed - May 28, 2010 Reply

Well just so we’re clear on the facts, the money left in the account when results are revealed today has already been earmarked for PiK repayment – its in black & white in the bond doc. Just won’t be used this side of the financial year end. There’s a £75m credit facility that will be used for any transfer spending.

John Smith - May 28, 2010 Reply

Well, it hasn’t been earmarked, has it. The bond document gives the Glazers the ‘option’ to take money out. It’s not compulsory. But anyway, don’t we all want the high-interest PIK debt to be paid off? Isn’t it the ‘toxic’ debt that MUST always talk about?

B Hargeaves - May 28, 2010 Reply

Making such comments was inadvisable and patronising to supporters. However it is not a resignation offence and, on the whole, he does a good job.

The Club needs to realise though the genuine and justifiable concerns the fans have about the level of debt and its sustainability. There is no doubt that such fans are a majority (in the UK at least) and his comments are likely to fuel the protest rather than reduce it.

DinoTheDog - May 28, 2010 Reply

Mr. Gill is an employee. His employers are the Glazers. Is it a surprise he is loyal to them?

simpson - May 28, 2010 Reply

under Gill And Glazers Manchester United Squad Become Average Squad.
We Know Money Not Available 2 Buy Quality Players.
Money Only Available For Only Cheap Unknown Player.

SydRed - May 28, 2010 Reply

United have become an average squad? If an average squad wins 3 PL in a row, wins 2 Carling Cups, wins the CL and reaches the final of another CL then average it is. Think before you write.

Real Red - May 30, 2010 Reply

Syd .. some of these tykes shud have lived thru the 70s.

Spot on mate.

LUHGG .. Luv Utd Hate G&G

John Smith - May 28, 2010 Reply

It’s silly knee-jerk reactions like this poll that discredits all fans. I’ve given up the G&G protest because it’s run it’s course. Gill and the Glazers know how we feel and I just want to get behind the team and be bothered about ownership. If in future years a new bidder comes forward, I might get interested again.

Sam - May 28, 2010 Reply

Let Gill and Fergie tow the picket line in public; at the end of the day the Glazers are their employers, they won’t openly criticise the people paying their wages, and neither would anybody else. However, I would like to think that, privately, their opinions are very different, even if they aren’t vocal about them.

John Smith - May 28, 2010 Reply

Tony, I supported the G&G campaign but not MUST. They promised the knights they’d deliver 100,000 protesting fans in return for being funded. Is it any wonder that their membership shot up from a few thousand to 150,000 in a week and then stopped. They got their payday and membership stopped going up. Anybody could sign up to MUST at the time with any name and any number of times. The Citeh fans who work with me were adding the Glazers’ names, Mickey Mouse, etc. It’s a falacy that MUST have 150,000 supporters or that they have anything to do with the G&G campaign. They just sold scarves at a profit.

Branz - May 28, 2010 Reply


tony - May 28, 2010 Reply

we are all entitled to our own say and that what makes it great as we aint all in one world- some rather back the protesters (rk&must- bunch of liars), while others rather just back the club (those who know) and believe the truth…freedom of speech aint it wonderful.

aj - May 28, 2010 Reply

david gill is right as the protest is getting old and we do have cash and plenty of it including a nice transfer kitty of nearlv 100 million which is club money not this credit crap, and 158 thousand is not a lot when we have 333 million fans and i will back fergie, gill and manutd to the end.

Tone - May 28, 2010 Reply

He’s now wrong, though, is he, when he says many people don’t know what the green and gold is supposed to represent? The point of the whole thing was to only wear those colours, until the club was sold. The majority of people with scarfs have club merchandise on, too. As long as that’s the case, the protest has no real effect on anything. Green and gold is the minority. People who want to get rid of the Glazer’s may be a majority, but, like me, many of them have not backed this protest.

Liam - May 28, 2010 Reply

It seems like a few here are content to ignore the elephant in the room. As Gill himself said, “We couldn’t have been much more successful in the last three years: we won the league, we were Champions League winners and runners-up and we won the Carling Cup, but they are never going to be happy.”

This is what really annoyed me. Did winning trophies and the resultant prize money significantly reduce the debt? No. Has continued marketing and merchandise increases? No. Has continued and sustained turnover increases? No. Has increased television revenue? No. Where are they gonna get the money from?

My fear is that whilst United are of course still making money, it will go to debt reduction and not squad improvement. With all United’s main rivals getting stronger and investing in their squad’s (some very heavily), this has me seriously worried.

Ed - May 28, 2010 Reply

I joined the investor call today and Edward Wodward the United chief of staff basically said success does not equal money. It’s a myth, he said, “that you have to win the Champions League to make lots of money”. Group stages are enough in his view.

The Glazers don’t give a toss about trophies or a winning team.

John Smith - May 31, 2010 Reply

Ed, you don’t think that it being an INVESTOR call that the subject would be financial and not football? God give me strength. No wonder the Glazers won this round with thinking like that. If we ever want to do anything about the Glazers we’ll have to rid ourselves of the dull, complacent so-called leaders we have. They’ve failed dismally. We need new blood to campaign. Drasdo and Bones failed us because they had their own agenda. They care even less about the fans than the Glazers.

Kerry - May 29, 2010 Reply

With no Red Knights bid and no other bidders on the horizon, I’m hoping everyone will get behind the players and the manager. We can’t achieve any more with the G&G protest; that’s run it’s course. The Club has beaten MUST in this war. I think it would be better if we purged MUST of the idiots at the top and find some new blood who won’t cock up so often.

Real Red - May 30, 2010 Reply

Too right, Kerry.


Luv United Hate Green & Gold

John Smith - June 2, 2010 Reply

I have to say that I agree with this. Those clowns have urged boycotts every year, spent 6 years promising doom and damnation which never comes to pass, try to damage the club at every opportunity and even went so far as to legally challenge the club. They’ve taken the red knights’ money and now they are discredited.

We need a supporters group with the emphasis on support, not conflict. Not a group who set out to damage the club and it’s reputation.

cloud - May 30, 2010 Reply

Haha, well look at this, the Glazer rentboys (and gals) are out in full force now. I hate toffs and it’s people like the above that make me feel embarrassed to support Utd, it’s no wonder we have such a bad reputation. Keep it going though, it makes me even more determined to see a change of ownership.

Real Red - June 2, 2010 Reply

Hey Cloud 9.

You’ll get a change in ownership and after a few years you’ll be moaning about them.

They’re all the same, son. Seen it. Done it. Got the t-shirt.

And, no. I’m no rentboy or toff. Just a realist.
It’s guys like you that make true reds feel embarrassed.

John Smith - June 2, 2010 Reply

Ah well. The red knights have thrown in the towel. Don’t believe this guff about them biding their time. They’ve got rid of the Nomura bid team and ended the contract with the PR company and told their small group of interested investors to spend their money elsewhere. I just don’t know why they aren’t being straight with the fans.

Ed - June 2, 2010 Reply


John Smith - June 3, 2010 Reply

My wife Alison works for Nomura and knows Andy McNaught well. As she’s a mad keen Red like me, she asked what the red knights statement meant and he told her. Unimpeachable really.

Real Red - June 3, 2010 Reply

Sounds like pillow talk to me John.

John Smith - June 4, 2010

We were in bed when she told me. How did you know. Peeping tom?

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