Poll: would you want Jose at United?

Reports today suggest that the Manchester United board is lining up Jose Mourinho as successor to Sir Alex Ferguson. The Scot, 69 this year, will retire at the end of next season according to the reports. Mourinho is one of the few managers with the personality and track record to succeed Ferguson but would you want him at Old Trafford?

With league titles in Portugal, England and Italy and the Champions League title in 2004, Mourinho comes with a copper-bottomed guarantee of success. But the Portuguese coach’s explosive personality also ensures controversy, while critics can also point to the dour style in which Mourniho’s Chelsea side often played.

Would you want Jose at United?

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  1. aussiehopper says

    Ive always thought a more defensive coach has the wood
    over an attacking coach, and thats where a lot of
    Jose Mourinos success has come from, yes i would like
    to see him at Man United.

  2. says

    There would never be a dull moment…..Talk about mind games……..Yes He would continue the success…..Forget O’Neil……He is ABSOLUTELY not up to it.and I am Irish….ask the Villa supporters……..Blanc is a possibility…he has the intellect….as has Ollie Solkjaer…………But the US parasites must go…….Nothing they will do,will change our minds….THEY HAVE RAPED THE CLUB,THE FANS….AND WALKED ON THE GRAVES OF SIR MATT <THE BABES AND BESTIE……Yes to Jose…….No to the Glazers

  3. Scott says

    1. He is rubbish in the transfer market – something United simply cannot afford.
    2. He does not know how to play attacking football – just like with the others, he would strip us of our flair players and pad up our squad with central midfielders, setting us up to play boring and defensive football.
    3. He has never brought through youth.

    So what’s he got going in his favour? He’s got the “personality” for it apparently. Well, if being an arrogant cunt is “personality” then fair enough, but I will be horrified if he ever becomes our manager. People forget what he did to Chelsea. With all the money in the world he could only manage two titles, before falling way short of the mark (and us) in his third season.

  4. says

    My answer is yes,

    Just because united cannot fail in the league or champions league, as there is a bigger financial need to feed the mounting debt. Mourinho is the person who can deliver success consistently and have the ego/personality to answer critics if United falter.

    If the club is taken over from Glazers by some wealthy consortium or person who have deep pockets, i would like a long term replacement.

  5. Kelly Kelly says

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! Mourinho will destroy the house that Fergie built. Mourinho will kill the United philosophy of building the team from theground up. Our youth system will be quashed as Mourinho is all about BUY BUY BUY and not DEVELOP DEVELOP DEVELOP.

    A mercenary coach is not what United needs. We have Ole Gunnar Solkjaer ( he is a United through and through.) The last I checked he is doing a great job and will do wonders with the first team as the the head coach when Fergie is gone.

    I will support an Ole/Blanc combo rather than an attention whore,pertulant,opportunist called Mourinho. Just as United is suffering under the Glazers so will it be if Mourinho ever took over form Fergie.

  6. says

    If it’s just about winning then Mourinho’s the right guy. He’s a fantastic motivator and, depending upon your point of view, either very protective of his players or a monomaniacal egocentric who wants the lion’s share of the credit. Having been a United fan for 50-odd years, however, I believe he’ll turn the club into another midfield clogging blaah boring team who win everything ugly and put you to sleep. I’d much rather see Carlos Queiroz step in as General Manager and give the big job to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

  7. Scott says

    Myq – Mourinho is always given a great team. Porto were 2nd in the league by 1 point the year before he took over. Chelsea were 2nd in the league and in the semi-finals of Europe. Inter were Italian Champions.

    But after two years at Chelsea, things went sour and he couldn’t win the league (we absolutely battered them in the title race 06-07). He’s been at Inter for a couple of years and again we’re seeing the pattern again, with Roma now top of the league.

    I’d say he’s had quite a lot of money, considering he was given a team that who were already Champions. Quaresma (€18.6 million), Wesley Sneijder (€15), Muntari (€16 million), Diego Milito (€25 million), McDonald Mariga (€10).

  8. RobDiablo says

    Jose is NOT the man for United. Will he take a pay cut, or eat up that much more of what little the Glazers allot for transfers? Can he manage an exciting, attacking football team? I don’t think so. Cheatski have four players I would absolutely be ashamed to have in my side: Captain Cuckholder, Cashley, Bollock, and Drogba. That’s just over one-third of their starting eleven. Under Mourinho, United would become as dull and dirty as his Porto and Chelsea sides. I couldn’t support a side like that.

  9. eddieTheRed says

    I think Jose would be a good choice to be United’s first manager in the post – Fergie era. He’s one of the few managers who has the calibre and confidence to step into the space left by the greatest manager who has ever lived and deliver a winning team.

    I see him as a 2-year or maybe 3-year manager and then to move on. By the time he leaves United the heat would be taken out of the position and the next successor could come in on his own terms, rather than constantly living in the shadow of SAF.

  10. eddieTheRed says

    When the time does come for SAF to step down United will have no shortage of takers for the position. As well as Mourinho I think Martin O’Niell, Pep Guardiola, Roy Hodgson, Avram Grant, Fabio Capello, David Moyes and several others will put their names forward.

    No-one can truly replace Fergie – he does so much more for the club than simply coach the first team. Outside of the first team duties he can often be found at some field watching the next teenage sensation or at the odd reserve game – not to mention work done for charity and representing the club at social events, funerals, etc.. No other manager works as hard! No other coach would dream of doing as much for his money!

    Whoever is chosen the owners must choose carefully because this move will define our team for a generation to come and will determine whether or not we look forward to Saturdays. I for one, hope and trust that they will get this decision right.

  11. Curtis says

    I’m surprised it took almost 20 comments to come up with David Moyes’s name. I think he would be a great manager for the club. Look at what he does at Everton with a shoestring budget. Makes good signings. Takes players who are has-beens (Saha, Howard) and makes them good. He knows how to put a team together and alter according to circumstances. Change of shape when Donovan came in, change of shape when Arteta got fit and Donovan was there, change of shape pulling in Yakubu so that they weren’t left stranded when Donovan left — and that was all this year. We might ask if he could manage the prima donnas. But we also might ask if we want prima donnas.

    Hogdson would also be a great choice, he does magic with Fulham, but he is getting up there in years. Bring David Moyes in and be ready for 15 more years of total dominance, that’s what I say.

    Although Quieroz and Ole would be a good team too.

  12. Frogman says

    Mournihno for a few years then bring in Ole! He will feel every defeat and know the importance of every result not as a manager but as a fan :)

  13. stevethered says

    After the display inter gave during the week, ive changed my mind ,Jose is the man. The only problem is that he’s a short term manager, 3 years at the most after that he’ll be gone. Blanc, possibly or even Ole but they will need more time. Not O’Neil and ive got doubts about Moyes. How about Giggs with Queiroz as his assitant.

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