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July 4, 2016 Tags: , The Pod 11 comments
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There’s a 1,000 ways to leave your lover, but even more to miss a penalty. Italy and Germany went at it hammer and tongs for 120 minutes of enthralling Euro 2016 quarter-final action – only to produce one of the lowest quality (and most entertaining) penalty shoot-outs in history. Rant Euro Cast covers this and the rest of the quarter-final actions – and looks forward to two semi-finals that will include, miraculously, Wales.

All of that plus your questions, a look at two significant incoming transfers at Manchester United, and Ryan Giggs’ departure after 29 years at the club. Enjoy!

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david Levine - July 4, 2016 Reply

Sad to see Italy lose on penalties – sad to have to wait another few years to watch the Italian gladiators/centurions belt out their national anthem. And really sad to contemplate the departure of Daniele Di Rossi and Gigi Buffon from the national team. Buffon, in particular, is at his very best when belting out the “Fratelli Italia” with passion in a dream-like trance.

david Levine - July 4, 2016 Reply

As for Ryan Giggs, who sat beside TheMoyessiah and LvG for the past three years, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”.

Giggsy was a great player but a pretty loathsome individual (do we really need to know more than that he carried-on with his brother’s wife for six/seven/eight years ?) and a SAF-toady.

bobbynoble - July 4, 2016 Reply

‘A SAF toady’ – what the fuck are you on about?

By all means slag Giggsy off for screwing his brother’s wife, but why criticise him for remaining loyal to the manager who guided his and many other players’ careers during United’s golden age? Are the likes of Beckham, Scholes and Ronaldo also toadies, all are strongly loyal to Sir Alex? That adds up to quite a knot.

Denton Davey - July 4, 2016 Reply

TIme for him to stand on his own two feet – he was “gifted” the job of assistant by Moyes/LvG in order to mollify SAF. There’s no evidence whatsoever that he has any of the qualifications to be a manager in his own right.

Stretford Enders - July 4, 2016 Reply

@UtdRantcast @Teejsound huzzah

DropD - July 4, 2016 Reply

YES, been waiting for the next one.

david Levine - July 4, 2016 Reply

MrJones and OneMata and a bag of ca$h for John Stones ??????

SK - July 5, 2016 Reply

What is with you chaps and wanting to dropping Wazza. It’s so irritating and now its boarding disrespectful. Moyes got him on a huge contract, Hodgson made him captain, LvG made him captain. They all centred their teams around him. Its no secret Jose likes him, hell he almost got him 3-4 years ago and I remember in the press conference after the Chelsea match that year Jose said “he belongs to fans”. Jose will do exactly the SAME THING as the other managers have done. Now are all these managers plain incompetent? are they all idiots? Wazza isn’t as good as he used to be but he’s still a class player. Lets not ride the media train gents, the same train that made Sterling the best thing since sliced bread. Appreciate your own.

Rich - July 5, 2016 Reply

Wazza isn’t as good as he used to be; Sums up United over the last few years. Not sure why Mourinho would build a team around Rooney. I’d be surprised to see him still at United by the end of the year. I’d love to see him prove me wrong. Can’t see it though. I wrecking he might retire from international football this year as well.

SK - July 27, 2016 Reply

He loves playing footy for the 3 Lions, I highly doubt he’ll retire. Okay maybe JM won’t build a team around him but he’ll definately be the figure head, Jose’s go-to man. I can bet my mortgage on that. United have been poor, we expected that to happen after SAF left but he’s been one of the better player since then. Look I’m not saying he’s set the world alight but he’s not a bad as last season suggested. He’ll come right.

Opti - July 5, 2016 Reply

Surprised less is made of France’s VERY light schedule with a fat week between all of the knockout games… definitely a factor, and surprising to see them lose the 2nd half to iceland anyways. I think Germany will trounce France… overrated side with no defense.

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