Rant Cast 104 – Bilbao’s paradise

March 9, 2012 Tags: Rant Cast 13 comments

On this week’s Rant Cast regulars Ed and Paul look back on Manchester United’s hard-earned if not fully justified victory over Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane in the Premier League. We discuss the defeat to Athletic Bilbao at Old Trafford – another in a series of sub-par performances from Sir Alex Ferguson’s players in Europe this season.

We talk youth – Paul Pogba’s impending departure to Juventus and why economics and ambition play a part; what does the Frenchman’s departure mean for the rest of the young players at Old Trafford? And we look back on the Academy side’s win in the FA Youth Cup and upcoming semi-final with Chelsea.

We debate managers – in the week of international women’s day could a female ever manage in the Premier League? We talk sweets, Pokemon, Harry Redknapp, Newcastle United and take all your Twitter questions!

Finally, we preview United’s fixture with West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League this weekend, and a trip to Bilbao for the Europa League return leg.

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triggs - March 9, 2012 Reply

For the record, I’m a cool 20-something listener.

Paul - March 9, 2012 Reply

Awesome. And did you like Pokemon as a kid?

triggs - March 9, 2012 Reply

Nah, more of a Henry’s Cat fan

Paul - March 9, 2012 Reply

A classic.

DeadRevel - March 9, 2012 Reply

I don’t think Pogba leaving is down to the Glazers. It doesn’t make sense. Why would we spend money on Rafael and Fabio (3MIL each), 10MIL on Smalling, 15MIL on Jones etc if we were worried about overspending on youth? It’s just greed on Pogba and his agent’s behalf and probably a ‘guarantee’ from Juve that he will get lots of games. Whether or not that will be true remains to be seen. My belief is that in 3 years Pogba will have played the same amount for Juve and got the same amount of money than if he had stayed with United. After 3 years he will probably have done better staying at United.

DeadRevel - March 9, 2012 Reply

p.s. I posted that before listening to the podcast, so ignore it if it’s not relevant to your economics / Pogba discussion.

vlad - March 9, 2012 Reply

Victoria Beckham-Adams for the Manageress?
Strong American connections, too.

Zi Indefatigable - March 9, 2012 Reply

I loved Pokemon but was too poor to have any of the physical toys/cards.

Gopher Brown - March 10, 2012 Reply

The bottom line is that no matter how good Bilbao were, we should be beating them. Are our standards really dropping so far that we can accept a loss at home to the 4th best team in Spain, in a competition which we want to win, if they play well?

Obviously, the 20th league title would salvage our season in a great way, but is there not a danger that the number 20 would, once again, paper over the cracks in the squad and divert the manager’s attention from how short we are in central midfield and full-back?

DeadRevel - March 11, 2012 Reply

Short in full back? Rafaael, Fabio, Evra, Smalling, Jones, Fryers, Valencia?

Midfield I’ll give you.

Yeah I’m a 20 something ex-Pokemon fan.

RedAlert260599 - March 13, 2012 Reply

Rafael, Fabio, Jones, Valencia. Not one a real full back. I can’t see Rafeal or Fabio making it past the end of this season. Lightweight liabilities.I agree wth Gopher, we are short at full back.

19 and Counting - March 11, 2012 Reply

“Roman Abromavich is the Vladimar Putin of football.” LOL

Great pod again guys.

MK - March 12, 2012 Reply

Top notch, I love this podcast! Keep up guys it’s a therapy this lonely Man Utd fan in the North East.

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