Rant Cast 106 – faster than Tony Pullis on the M6

On another packed show this week: regulars Ed and Paul discuss Manchester United’s thumping Premier League win over Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux. Should the Reds have run up a cricket score?

We ponder Manchester City’s late victory over Chelsea at Eastlands – a win that brought Roberto Mancini’s side to within a point of United at the top of the Premier League. Will victory offer the Blues a confidence boost?

Also on this week’s show, we talk Fabrice Muamba – the football and media communities reaction to the stricken Bolton Wanderers midfielder. Transfers – Nathaniel Clyne to Old Trafford, and the need for a new striker. Tony Pullis’ excuse for speeding, and the Stoke City manager’s top lawyer.

And, finally, there’s a preview of the next Monday’s fixture with Fulham at Old Trafford.

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  1. manutd50 says

    I just looked at Red Issues twitter feed about Muamba – I wouldn’t call it disgraceful – his original posting was very good ‘All the grief junkies so precious about Muamba (alive) have presumably never sent ‘hilarious’ jokes about Whitney or Jacko(dead) #hypocrites

    If he’d left it at that then fine, as its a very good point, however I admit his later ones were well over the top – but can understand his viewpoint.

    • Paul says

      I guess I was overstating it, but it really got to me. Why use a thing like this to make a point like that? Why not have a pop when people are doing the “bad” thing – making the ‘hilarious’ jokes, rather than the “good” thing, of expressing sympathy, shock and support for a man in a terrible situation. To say that anyone genuinely affected by seeing that happen is a “grief junkie” is kind of messed up too, as is assuming that there’s a huge venn diagram crossover between the people expressing visible support for Muamba and the people making insensitive jokes about celebrities who have died. The two things are just not related, and to get on a soap box about it seemed really distasteful to me. But I’m definitely not saying I’m definitely right, just that’s how I felt about it.

  2. Sidsidney says

    Spot on about Sky and The Day Today/Brass Eye. It felt like Sky were waiting for him to die. That felt like that was the inevitable climax to their coverage.

  3. Sidsidney says

    Paul makes a good point about the opposition not daring to press Scholes for fear of leaving space in behind
    Here’s an example http://i.minus.com/iB5CwGoeohOeU.gif
    Ajax fella lazily tries to get tight to him, fails, and United are in. Scholes only touches the ball 4 times. It’s a quick ball round the corner, a simple one two, and an early ball out wide

  4. DeadRevel says

    I once stole a car and when I was in court I told the judge that it would be damaging to society for me to go to prison because I have a massive cock and it wouldn’t be right to deprive women of that.

    It’s compete bollocks but I’m a free man.

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