Rant Cast 123 – chants, damn chants

In this week’s show regular presenters Ed & Paul look back on Manchester United’s thumping victory over Wigan Athletic at Old Trafford. In one of those clichéd ‘games of two halves’ United battered the Latics with three goals inside 15 second half minutes.

But the game was marred by a post-match controversy over anti-Liverpool chanting, which has been covered just about everywhere this week. Did the media get the tone and accuracy of the coverage right, and what should United fans do next, especially with a match at Anfield coming up on Sunday.

We move on to the midweek game against Galatasaray and another sub-par United performance in Europe. Indeed, it is now 18 months since United put in a really convincing performance in European football.

We look ahead to the trip to Liverpool, and the Capital One Cup tie with Newcastle United at Old Trafford.

Finally, we take your Twitter questions and give away a Paul Scholes shirt to one lucky listener!

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  1. Clive says

    The ‘double’ save De Gea made against Galatasaray should have been a single save. Watch it again – De Gea guides the ball to the Turkish lad when a better keeper would’ve caught it or punched it to safety.

    I really think you are placing too much emphasis on distribution rather that the crux of the goalkeepers job. Plus I always feel slightly calmer when Lindegaard is playing…

    • says

      Clive – he gets it to the edge of the area and well to the side. I’ve heard some nonsense about De Gea but that’s right up there. There’s no keeper who would/could/should try and catch a shot struck that fiercely from close range because all they’ll end up doing is dropping the ball in front of goal.

      And there’s no coach who’d advocate it either. Let’s clear this emphasis bit up too – De Gea is a better decision maker, has better reflexes, saves more shots and has better distribution. Just so we get the parameters of my argument clear :)

      All in my humble opinion of course.

  2. Sidsidney says

    Heh, nice poem, Paul

    And nice choice of music at the end

    You’ve inspired me to compose a choral chant about the state of United’s midfield

  3. Clive says

    The more I watch the clip, the more I feel I’m correct. De Gea should actually be pushing that one out to the side or even behind for a corner, but definately NOT into danger as he does. Also I’m not sure he needs to be that far off his line either, but that’s being hypercritical!

  4. Shinji-san says

    De Gea is much better and those criticising him are deluded. You’ve clearly been brainwashed by the English media who not only want to unsettle a United player but are also prone to the typical English “if they’re not big ‘n hard they’re not a real footballer” bollocks. I
    And it’s this kind of anti-De Gea bullshit that means England will never win an international tournament.
    Joe Hart has made far more mistakes recently but doesn’t get criticised… why? Because he’s big, arrogant and English. So therefore better. An English mistake is still superior to a foreign success.

    Nationalistic conservative right wing football at it’s worse.

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