Rant Cast 126 – up up and away

October 19, 2012 Tags: Rant Cast 6 comments

On this week’s post international break Rant Cast we look back into the now seemingly distant past to Manchester United’s thumping victory over Newcastle United at St. James’ Park. Sir Alex Ferguson’s wingless wonders gained revenge for a 3-0 loss at the same venue last season, while posing some interesting tactical questions for the season ahead.

Also this week: we talk internationals, with the bulk of Ferguson’s squad away with their national teams. Fortunately for the Scot all should return in rude health for United’s matches with Stoke City and Sporting Braga at Old Trafford in the coming week.

We talk Tom Cleverley’s potential contract, Yaya’s wages, Chicharito, Wayne Rooney’s captaincy, Nani’s terrible form, and Nemanja Vidić’s fitness.

Finally, back at home Liverpool’s Director of Communications took on a Twitter star with hilarious consequences, a crazy Austrian man jumped out of a balloon from space, and we take your – usually odd – twitter questions.

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@Mangha7 - October 19, 2012 Reply


Paul - October 19, 2012 Reply

Thank you very much indeed!! 🙂

CoombesOn - October 19, 2012 Reply

Look forward to the podcasts every week and resent the international breaks even more for depriving me of my Saturday morning rant cast

You chaps have made a pretty superb start to the season

If football podcasting were the Premier League, you’d be top 3 easily

Thanks again chaps and keep up the good work

p.s. Do you think United have missed Phil Jones so far this season? And I mean for his footballing contributions as opposed to his trademark gurns

Paul - October 19, 2012 Reply

It’s going to be really interesting to see how he fits in (football wise. His face will DEFINITELY fit in.)

marlon - October 23, 2012 Reply

Question for the next one – In the debate last night Obama said that if Romney wins, companies who make their profits overseas wouldn’t have to pay taxes. Would that include United? Who would we pay our taxes to?

RobDiablo - October 23, 2012 Reply

The Inland Revenue, I’m guessing. When I lived and worked in the UK, I didn’t pay US taxes, I paid UK taxes.

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