Rant Cast 131 – we drink a drink

November 23, 2012 Tags: Rant Cast 7 comments

On this week’s show – we look back on Manchester United’s double defeat to Norwich City and Galatasaray. While the kids lost in Turkey, the oldies came unstuck in East Anglia. It was one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s less salubrious weeks.

Yet, the daddy of all managers celebrates a new statue in front of the old North – now renamed – stand. In a week for managerial changes, we discuss Roberto Di Matteo’s sacking at Chelsea, and a new Spanish appointment in west London. We also discuss Sir Alex’ possible replacements – could double title winning Ole Gunnar Solskjaer be in the frame?

Also on this week’s show – Eric Cantona, a Rogues XI competition winner, we take your Twitter questions and a new feature on the show!

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Allan - November 23, 2012 Reply

About Galatasaray, something I didn’t see many people speaking of. Besides Nick Powell, who really had a great performance, I thought Phil Jones comeback was truly outstanding. He played where he plays best, where he really could be a World Class player, and had and almost perfect performance. Blocking,tackling, man marking, running.

I’ll be happy to see him again tomorrow playing alongside Rio. Despite being capable of sacrificing himself in other positions, he is in fact a centre half and must develop there.

uncleknobheadforfucksake - November 23, 2012 Reply

giggs and carrick has worked before,

our last successful title run in giggs was brilliant and carrick was carrick, the peak being the three hammerings of chelsea before being creamed at wembley

shite now though

id rather solskjaer than any option bar mourinho, especially shitehouses like long ball moyes

marlon - November 23, 2012 Reply

Wasn’t that a 4411 with Giggs behind Rooney (I assume Fletcher with Carrick at CM). If Giggs plays, that is where he should play.

uncleknobheadforfucksake - November 23, 2012 Reply

it was giggs and carrick cm, park and valencia wide and rooney off hernandez

marlon - November 23, 2012 Reply

that sounds shit

uncleknobheadforfucksake - November 23, 2012 Reply

oh it was

closest weve come to having a centre midfield in the last four years though

Violent Banana - November 24, 2012 Reply

Weren’t they only successful in those Chelsea games? And the main reason for that was Chelsea’s midfield was even less mobile than ours….

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