Rant Cast 164 – the bright side

Rant Cast

On this week’s Rant Cast regular presenters Ed and Paul take in all the fallout from Manchester United’s home defeat to West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League. The 2-1 loss was United’s second league reverse in succession, but was also notable for David Moyes odd team selection and bizarre substitutions.

In midweek United traveled to Ukraine to meet Shaktar Donetsk in the Champions League. David Moyes’ catennacio tactics secured the Reds a creditable 1-1 draw, but at what price?

We give away two @RossoBianoNero hats and take in your questions. And finally, we look ahead to United’s Premier League trip to Sunderland at the weekend.


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  1. half way through still waiting for the bright side ha

  2. RobDiablo RobDiablo says:

    I’ve only got ’round to listening to two of the recommended, United related podcast alternatives you gave me. One was alright, but the other had such a ‘recorded in the bathroom’, echo-y sound that I immediately stopped listening. In any case, I’m still here; haven’t missed a RantCast yet despite taking a few knocks. I did, however, think about wearing a ‘Rooney band’, so I could pull it over my ears when people talk about Fellaini’s “assist” (what rubbish!).

    Fellaini’s performance in Ukraine was a mirror of the changing role he has come to play in the United side. Purchased, ostensibly, to be the CM we desperately needed and unable to fill that role, he has drifted forward, where he is less useless. So, United are still in need of midfield reinforcement, and Fellaini has become just another reason Kagawa won’t get in the side.

  3. Typically I love the RantCast intro song. Normally it makes me happy, on occasion it even makes me dance. With how things are at the moment, though, today I just felt like I was being mocked by some far-too-happy, singing islander. How long are we going to give it before we have Paul overdubbed to make certain lines a bit more current?

  4. 19 and Counting says:

    Paul, you were not the only one laughing at that Iniesta story. I don’t know who is doing a worse job – Moyes or Woodward?

  5. Violent Banana says:

    Always look on the bright side just 6 games in? We’re so fucked aren’t we

  6. Some points…

    1. Ed had a incredibly deep analysis of Utd’s woes on the site, but to me nothing has changed and the analysis was overdone. We have no midfield. Period.

    2. Rooney is WC. And he has no one around him. How many goals would he score in the 99 side? If we had lost him, how BAD would we be?

    3. Fellani is awful. At fault for two goals against City, part of the problem in an Albion goal. He does not tackle, track back and his passing is questionable. A waste of space.

    4. Kagawa will not play. Ever. And it’s a shame.

    5. Yes, Ed. We SHOULD have signed Ozil. twice now. It hurts that we did not. The one and a half comment is spot on….

    6. I agree with blooding the youth. Why not play J (the Dutch) and Zaha? They are ones for the future. We are playing has-beens. Young and Nani? Why? They are terrible and clearly not good enough.

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