Rant Cast 183 – (not) sacked in the morning

February 28, 2014 Tags: Rant Cast 8 comments
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On this week’s Rant Cast Ed & Paul look back on another disastrous week for Manchester United. David Moyes’ side may have won at Crystal Palace in the Premier League, but defeat to Olympiakos in Athens might just have ended the Reds’ season in February.

United’s 2-0 victory at Selhurst Park was earned with not only a fine Wayne Rooney goal, but a change in style that saw both Adnan Januzaj and Juan Mata start in a narrow formation. It turned out to be a short-lived experiment, with Moyes’ outfit returning in Athens to methods tried and unfortunately trusted by the Scot. Olympiakos’ fast-paced attacking on the break proved to be far too much for United, leaving the Reds needing to win by three at Old Trafford in mid-March.

Also on the pod this week: your questions, David Moyes’ future, Rooney’s new contract, and a look ahead to the summer transfer window!

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Ian - February 28, 2014 Reply

I read this week that the players are bemused by Moyes’ tactic that central midfielders should stay behind the ball. That would explain why Cleverley and Carrick are always so far back and why we see so many square balls.

If that’s really the case (and not made up in the papers) then Moyes is very much to blame.

Phila - February 28, 2014 Reply

I am surprised Moyo is still there

Deluded Dave Moyes Fan Club - February 28, 2014 Reply

Direct from the Official Manchester Lunatic Asylum……..A Club spokesman said

Young is as good as Nani,who is as good as Fellaini,who is as good as Wellbeck on the left wing,who is as good as Smalling playing at right back, who is as good as Kagawa on the wing.(A Complete waste of a central midfielder) who is as good as Cleverley playing anywhere….but are all better than Lingard,Rafael,Zaha,Chicharito and Januzai according to Moyes the Magnificent…….Well he did buy Darren Gibson from us…………

Rio,used sparingly last year ,was overplayed at the start of the season,along with Vidic,and now the squad operate at a speed just above stationery …..No movement, where once there was….confusion between the strikers,….Carrick is done..(No matter what his wife says)…Giggsy please stop now….The following have been injured so far and are nothing like the shadows they once were ….never mind the players they once were…Rooney,RVP,Rio,Vidic,Jones,Evans,Carrick,Rafael,Nani,Chicharito,and Kagawa…..The following have been undermined by Moyes trying to sign players behind their backs Evra,Rafael,Kagawa,…..The following were signed as overpriced midfielders Mata and Rodney Trotter Fellaini…..

We have a Clown who has never beaten the scousers….never won anything and never will ,teaching the Premiership Champions how to play football his way……Are United Crazy?……

‘Old Trafford’…..as it is now known the ‘Theatre of Nightmares’…….A complete Madhouse where tactics,substitutions,player acquisitions,style of play,and the retention of a complete doughbag of a manager,is nothing less than MADNESS…..OLD TRAFFORD once THE THEATRE OF DREAMS…….NOW AN ASYLUM for THE INSANE….

Please stop the ‘He needs time crap’………it is sheer insanity

red1961 - March 1, 2014 Reply

agree with every word!!!

SKW - February 28, 2014 Reply

Who cares about how much money we will have this summer? Who will come to UTD with this mess?

Ed, Moyes has to go now. Could you fail for seven months on the job and keep it? And as you have said, City and Chelsea not struggling with their new managers.

Mark - March 1, 2014 Reply

Exactly.. Who cares how much he will have to spend..
He’s already wasted half of that suggested 150mill with Fallaini.. (Who I think was bought solely cos Moyes likes his hair), and then Mata who although is a great player is being played out of position by this clown to absolutely no effect.

Moyes is the problem. I’d actually prefer Everton’s current manager Roberto Martinez over Moyes anyday, at least he has his side playing attractive football (and winning more games than us). Moyes has brought nothing but a downward spiral to every facet of our game so giving him more money to blow would simply be putting a golden bow on the turd sandwich he’s creating

red1961 - March 1, 2014 Reply

This was lifted from the Guardian and left me speechless. We are now entering the surreal.
‘Moyes has installed a bespoke facility that houses whiteboards, computers, high-definition screens, iPads and other state-of-the-art digital technology at United’s training ground.’
Barca, Bayern and Real must have been quaking in their boots
Is this where we have finally bottomed out?
I was born across the road from The Cliff in Salford and every Saturday I would go to watch the A and B teams to illustrate how long ago this was I remember watching Stiles and Giles play. I have never felt angrier and more detached from the club.
This shambles was so avoidable. Pick JM and give him money. Why did this not happen? I believe one day we will all hopefully get to know the truth behind the bizarre appointment of Moyes. Something smells.
Could you please explain this weeks share fluctuation.
Rumours abounded that DM was about to be sacked- shares go down
Sacking denied- shares go up
Yesterday 3 days after the worst performance ever by a United ‘team'(Believe me I have seen some atrocious performances) the share price rises by 2.8%.
Are the Glazers driving up the price to sell more shares to fund the rebuild or are the parasites doing it to sell the club? I can’t see any sane person clambering to buy ,what in effect, are second-rate non- dividend generating shares that do not even give the purchaser voting rights in a company that is so atrociously managed at it’s most important coalface
Maybe I am living in a strange inverse parallel universe or the reptiles are planning some other odious activity to feed their insatiable greed for other peoples money
For me this is how bad it has got. I live and work in Zurich. I work with supporters of United,Liverpool, Ipswich, Portsmouth, Basle, Grasshoppers,FCZurich, Bayern, Borussia Moenchengladbach and a few other minor teams.When we were beaten by Basle I returned from a meeting to find my office decorated with Basle scarfs. Now when we lose nobody bats and eyelid , in fact they avoid eye contact knowing the pain and anger I am feeling. Swiss TV commentators were laughing at us on Tuesday!!!
There was only one person angrier than me in the whole of Switzerland and that was a Greek – Swiss colleague of mine, who whilst supporting Bayern, has a soft spot for United. The reason for his anger was the fact that all his family are Olympiakos- hating PAOK supporters from Salonika. Even some Greeks feel betrayed!!!
We have under this clown and his ‘dynamic staff’ garnered an international reputation for being an embarrassing ,laughable joke.
Every year I am assigned targets ,like any business if I fail to meet these targets I am in big trouble,a briefing session would take place and my ‘future’ assessed. Moyes had 2 targets (apart from finding out where he could purchase a whiteboard and finding out what an iPad was) The targets were minimum 3rd place in PL and quarter finals of CL, both of which he looks like failing spectacularly to reach.
Reminds me of the school report assessment ‘sets himself extremely low goals which he frequently fails to meet’. Surely this is enough reason for him to be given the boot.
A truly epic cock- up from appointment to present of biblical proportion!!

red1961 - March 1, 2014 Reply

Reference to computers and whiteboards I have a vision of Arthur Daley driving out of the gates at Carrington and Muppet Neville sat in front of a 1970s East German VDU attached to a Commadore 64 running the software package ‘Football Manager 1981’

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