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April 14, 2014 Tags: Rant Cast 22 comments
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In a bumper episode Ed & Paul look back on Manchester United’s week, including European defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich. It was the final truly competitive match of United’s season – a campaign that has now included 14 defeats across four competitions.

We discuss United’s performance in Munich – a match that mirrored the draw at Old Trafford, only for defensive errors and Bayern pressure to tell as the Germans ran out 3-1 winners in the Allianz Arena.

On the domestic front the Reds thrashed Newcastle United at St. James’ Park – a performance that saw Adnan Januzaj, Juan Mata and Shinji Kagawa combine to such great effect. We ask whether it was luck or David Moyes’ judgement that brought the trio together.

We take your questions, talk transfers, and look ahead to United’s fixture with Everton next week.

Rant Cast is taking a well earned break next week. We’ll be back on Friday 25th April.

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Georgy_Best - April 14, 2014 Reply


Gloves - April 14, 2014 Reply


damn - April 14, 2014 Reply

yay Rantcast!!

Dave 'Bassett' Moyes Fan clubDeluded Dave Moyes Fan Club - April 15, 2014 Reply

Will this summer be as hilarious as last?…..Will Moyes sign Lescott and Richards..?…….Will Moyes and Woodward become the President and Vice President of the State of Delusion…Will Liverpool win the league….Will Everton finish 4th…..Will Fellaini develop speed, dribbling technique, learn how to tackle, shoot, pass to his team mate,….?…Will Moyes stop looking depressed?…..Will the thought of winning something, scare him shitless…..like it did this season…..Personally if he had any decency, he would resign and admit that he is deluded and out of his depth, then we might have some respect for him!

Scott - April 15, 2014 Reply

Favourite comment this week

Undertaker record over. He won every year under Fergie. Soon as Moyes comes, another record broken #moyesmovements #moyeseffect #MoyesIn

Gloves - April 15, 2014 Reply

Ed says ” Moyes wouldn’t pull Rooney off!” Clearly applies to on the pitch only!

Daithi Ryan - April 15, 2014 Reply

The big question is … why was Moyes ever appointed?
His record was one of zero trophies won, zero league titles won and never managed a top English club.
Great credentials for managing Manchester United aren’t they?
The outcome has been:
More losses at home than any season since the Premier League began!
More defeats to teams with dismal records at Old Trafford since Sir Alex took over!
The biggest points deficit of a team which had previously won the PL the season before!
And no doubt should Moyes be allowed to continue – and spend big money in the process – the dismal records will also continue because he has taken on a job far too big for his limited expertise!
In my view and I have written to many a forum with the same opinion, 1 man stands out as the ideal candidate to manage Manchester United… Jurgen Klopp!!!
He has the same passion for the game as Sir Alex had. His teams play attractive, penetrating football. His man-management skills are top rate. His ability to identify a player at the right price is outstanding – reference Lewandowski, Reus etc AND finally he has won the Bundesliga TWICE and reached a Champions League final PLUS beating Bayern in their own backyard on Sunday 3-0!
Klopp at United would attract players like Reus and Kloos without any problem meaning United would once again be feared by other teams playing against them.
The Glazers should cut their losses and pay off Moyes for letting him continue will cost a hell of a lot more money in transfers and salaries if bringing in more Fellainis and such like.
Dump Moyes asap and bring in Klopp and then watch United go!

United1961 - April 15, 2014 Reply

One Day the True Story of Moyes appointment will come out

Tom Parkinson - April 15, 2014 Reply

The true story is already out. Fergie appointed him. Simple as that.

giggyjon - April 15, 2014 Reply

Brilliant work gents. I am increasingly dependent on your podcast to assist me in attempting to rationalise WTF is going on at my beloved United.

I am now 100% Moyes out for the first time, having wanted to stay with the manager whilst we were still in the Champions League, albeit with hope as my only strategy.

Everyday that Moyes now remains at our club is another day lost and another day in which he can continue to dismantle club traditions and levels of expectation that have been positively evolving for decades.

He is just so clearly out of his depth that it is simply not possible to imagine that he could ever be a successful manager of United.

For God’s sake somebody show some leadership (even a Glazer) and realise what this guy is doing to the club (albeit inadvertently) with his negativity and his fractured perception of what success is.

I fear though that this will not be the case and egos will dictate that he will get another season and therefore presumably his hands on c£100m.

The damage that he could do could take many seasons to repair. We are at a critical point in our history, the wrong turn here and we may be subjected to seasons of mediocrity.

Onkar - April 16, 2014 Reply

I think its better to sack him by giving him 25 mn as compesation and bring in Van Gaal for free and give him 75 mn than to give this clueless man 100 mn to burn.

Paul - April 18, 2014 Reply

Would be way way way less than £25m to pay him off 🙂

Benny - April 16, 2014 Reply

I’ve taken pains to go through Everton blogs and read through articles of 2008 even. I found out that Moyes’ ineptitude is well entrenched even more than I had thought. With what I read about him, the hoofball tactics, his clueless swagger, mediocrity, decent manager but with very limited abilities – the same things we complain about him was what Everton fans complained as far back as 5 years ago. It was sweet relief obviously, to be rid of him, and now we’re stuck with the bad material. This man is simply bad news to United. He isn’t the right manager for Manchester United. Whoever appointed him in the first place did us all a great disservice. That said, I don’t expect to see anything looking like David Moyes in the dugout next season. Else, my bile will precipitate. #Moyesout

Onkar - April 16, 2014 Reply

I feel for you man, as going through the United Blogs / Matches now a days a big pain and you walked that extra mile to go throgh Everton one… BUt then is it any new, we always knew all this. The only person who was delusional about it was Fergie who else…

joe jordans missing teeth - April 16, 2014 Reply

Are we sure Klopp will come? Will Van Gaal? I’m no fan of Moyes but to begin a Chelsea like rotation of gaffers is not what we need either. When ‘the appointment’ was made there were essentially 2 options Mourihno and Moyes. Now suppose Mourihno had got the job and things went this badly, imagine his reaction, he would split the clubhouse, start forcing people out, gouge a couple of eyes, then quit.
I’m wondering if the deciders at United new this type of season would be inevitable and so picked Moyes because he would handle the backlash better?

Onkar - April 17, 2014 Reply

Had Jose been appointed bro this Carnage would never have happend for sure. He is a proven Winner.

Daithi Ryan - April 17, 2014 Reply

I have no idea if Klopp would come to United but look at the current situation at Dortmund.
Constantly losing players to… Bayern Munich.
Who has the most financial clout in the Bundesliga? … Bayern Munich.
Who is going to win the Bundesliga by the proverbial mile each season?… Bayern Munich!
Is there a constant theme here?
So, Klopp stays at Dortmund, he is unlikely to do any better that be second best unless winning the Champion’s League and added to that should he have any player(s) who perform very well, who is then going to come knocking?
Klopp could move to United, have the pick of the players he wants in the knowledge that those players know he has a proven record upon his CV.
He speaks perfect English and my comments before outlined his credentials.
You ask would he come to OT?
Now that’s the 64,000$ question but if taking into account what I have written, what would you do? Be second best or be one of the best along with the Bayern’s, Barca’s and Real’s?
I wouldn’t find that difficult to answer but then I’m not Jurgen Klopp!

joe jordans missing teeth - April 17, 2014 Reply

I think Klopp would be perfect too, and with his big rival poaching his players whenever they succeed, yes I think the time is right for him to sign with us. Whether the United board acts at the end of the season or waits till Christmas could be crucial. If Moyes is allowed to bring in 200 million worth of tomato cans then Klopp may not want to bother.

Benny - April 17, 2014 Reply

Whoever comes isn’t a major headache much as keeping David Moyes is.

I wonder what had happened to people telling themselves the truth. Much like if you go to any weed joint and ask anybody there to come and become the Manager of Manchester United, he’ll step out to ‘try.’ Even if someone is determined to do their best, is their best, really the best?

David Moyes’ best is at best, mediocre. Manchester United is not a place that mediocrity thrives.

SKW - April 21, 2014 Reply

I think you can totally do an entire show for weeks on end about hating Moyes. As Everton match showed. The situation has become dire.

omarmc - April 24, 2014 Reply

Well, he is gone now.
I don’t think MUFC will say who the new manager is until after the world cup.

I am happy he is gone, but I don’t see next season being any better.

Klopp has ruled himself out.
Vaan Gaal isn’t available until after the WC
It is too late for Jose to come.

Ian - April 25, 2014 Reply

Come on, hurry up with the next episode. It’s not like there’s nothing to talk about!

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