Rant Cast 239 – the second best French striker in United’s history

September 22, 2015 Tags: The Pod 34 comments
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“What a waste of money,” ran the Mirror headline before Anthony Martial made his Manchester United début against Liverpool earlier this month. How silly that looks now. The Frenchman scored two more fine goals against Southampton in a narrow United victory at the weekend – taking his total to three, and the Reds to second place in the Premier League. If Martial was brilliant, Wayne Rooney was bad. Very bad. Very very bad.

Ed & Paul discuss the contrasting fortunes of United’s strikers, review the performance against Soton and look forward to games against Ipswich Town and Sunderland.

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Ben Hudson - September 22, 2015 Reply

Took me an absoute age to work out who the best French striker was. Thought it was a Bellion joke.

Scott - September 22, 2015 Reply

Saha obvs

bobbynoble - September 22, 2015 Reply


Melissa Vasquez - September 22, 2015 Reply

My Tuesday morning walks are always more enjoyable 🙂

Huw Jones - September 22, 2015 Reply

I just downloaded and listened whilst on a walk. Unitedrant the walker’s podcast.

Emeka - September 22, 2015 Reply

U guys are fools n stupid after all Rooney have done for club and country u guys can just show little gratitude n you are all busy calling him names simply because he hasn’t scored in the league this season even though he scored in the ucl n euro qualifies talking bullshit about him you all are just haters if success n I guess you all are not successful in your field that’s why you v not serious to do or say

Miguel - September 23, 2015 Reply

Don’t listen to the pod anymore then!

William Kyle Morgan - September 22, 2015 Reply

55min of Rooney bashing, tired snide remarks about LVG, and two guys laughing at their own jokes.
I don’t know why I bother.

Ed - September 22, 2015 Reply

To be fair, neither do we

Paul - September 22, 2015 Reply

I blooming LOVE LvG! (The rest is right).

Paul Ansorge - September 22, 2015 Reply

Not sure I’ve EVER made a single snide remark about LvG. All the rest is fair enough.

William Kyle Morgan - September 22, 2015 Reply

Lol! Touché.
Hey…if I didn’t love the show, I wouldn’t listen at all. Cheers.

Paul Ansorge - September 22, 2015 Reply

You’ve made me super self-conscious about laughing at my own jokes. It only happens because we record in separate places.

bobbynoble - September 22, 2015 Reply

What jokes?

Lucas - September 23, 2015 Reply

Paul, we love your jokes and your laugh! Please don’t change!

William Kyle Morgan - September 22, 2015 Reply

Don’t listen to me, man. Lol!
Honestly, you two have one of the more professional sounding shows out there. Seriously…have you heard Can They Score, lately? It’s like they cut it in a restroom. The mic levels are all over the place. One guy’s whispering, one is screaming, one sounds like Darth Vader on a bad VHS tape.
I listen to you two all the time. I don’t always agree with you, but you know your stuff.

Paul Ansorge - September 28, 2015 Reply

William Kyle Morgan Ha, we’re all in trouble if twitter followers define anything…

David Jerome - September 22, 2015 Reply

The rantcast is amazing!

Cristian Portilla - September 22, 2015 Reply

what’s the name of the song at the end?

Paul Ansorge - September 22, 2015 Reply

“Sexy Boy” by Air

Dave - September 22, 2015 Reply

Paul and Ed rock.

Nate-kitch - September 22, 2015 Reply

We love the Rant cast, We do!
We love the Rant cast, We do!
We love the Rant cast, We do!
Oooh the Rant cast , we love you!

The Rant cast *clap clap clap* The Rant cast!

Richard - September 22, 2015 Reply

55 mins of Rooney bashing is exactly why I bother. Clear, well-observed, shrewdly considered opinions that express the frustration of so many fans who love the club and wish desperately that Rooney could muster his many talents to operate at even 33% of the level he showed c.2005-2011 when he was truly exceptional. He’s the biggest problem with this side now, and has been for 3 seasons, because he’s no longer good enough but too big a name to sideline, so we shoehorn him into line-ups at the expense of better options. He either accepts the Giggs/Scholes role of being a useful option and an experienced hand in the squad to use when needed or he needs to go out to pasture in LA/New York.

Scott - September 22, 2015 Reply

William Kyle Morgan: This week’s rantcast was, without a doubt, the worst episode ever. Rest assured, I was on the Internet within minutes, registering my disgust throughout the world.

Bart: Hey, I know it wasn’t great, but what right do you have to complain?

William Kyle Morgan: As a loyal listener, I feel they owe me.

Bart: What? They’ve given you thousands of hours of entertainment for free! What could they possibly owe you? If anything, you owe them!

William Kyle Morgan: Worst episode ever.

Just Sayin' - September 22, 2015 Reply

cast The yin/ yang of #MUFC podcasts.Paul’s sunny optimism clashes well with Ed’s stinging cynicism #NeverTooMuchRooney

Subterranean Steve - September 23, 2015 Reply

If van Gaal treated Rooney just like any other player and not give him ‘special privileges’ for being captain, it would be best for all concerned. Starting with Rooney and keeping him on for ninety minutes, regardless of how poor he is playing, harms both the team and the player himself. If Memphis and Darmian can be taken off at half-time because of their performance there can be no justification for keeping Rooney on when he is contributing so little. It does nothing for team performance nor Rooney’s self confidence and just provides more ammo for his critics.

Bench him, make more use of the likes of Herrera, Mata, Pereira and Wilson in whatever is deemed to be the best combination and let’s see if United can build some alternative attacking options to the current Wazza plus three.

Miguel - September 23, 2015 Reply

Some of these comments are unbelievable, why would have the energy to download a pod. Listen to the whole thing and then still come on here and bash the rantcasters. Guys that do this for free and take time out of their day and week to record and give us the best United pod by far.

I’ve heard plenty of other pods in my day, if I didn’t like it then I just simply stopped listening and didn’t download anymore. I suggest you bashers do the same! U don’t like then don’t listen.

Opti - September 23, 2015 Reply

Outstanding, per normal. Such a great listen!

bobbynoble - September 23, 2015 Reply

Seeing as how Rooney picked up three hundred grand last week for doing fuck all, perhaps he could put a few quid in the tip jar.

Ed and Paul give of their time and money to produce the podcast and I doubt whether they earn as much as Rooney does. Even if their salaries were added together it still might not be as much….I think.

Martin Sheehan - September 23, 2015 Reply

Bit saddened to read these comments. I heart the Rantcast and will absolutely boycott if Paul ditches the joke!!!!!

Sam - September 23, 2015 Reply

Brilliant Podcast, Best United Podcast out there in my opinion. The “Rooney Bashing” is totally acceptable at this present time, he’s provided nothing to the team this season on the pitch. I have been listening to Rantcast for about 4 years now and they still provide great United insight!

Nate - September 24, 2015 Reply

Hey guys! Loved the pod as always. Could we get the contest URLs in the description?


James Ryddel - September 27, 2015 Reply

High quality Rant Cast again. Keep up the good work. Ignore the numpties.

James Ryddel - September 27, 2015 Reply

Agree with Ed about Mata re poor against PSV at number 10, very frustrating, as clearly, he’s not best suited to the wide right position.

Regarding Martial, early days yet and I agree we can’t get carried away, but he really does look like the real deal in the making. All credit to United ref scouting Martial.

As for Rooney, I have just read a (laughable) theory on a ‘United forum’ that the captain’s armband is the reason behind his poor form; there’s none so blind as those who cannot see.

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