Rant Cast 255 – West Bromwich Ennui-thon

March 8, 2016 Tags: The Pod 9 comments
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Miserable and predictable, Manchester United’s away form meant it was little surprise that a jammy win over Watford was followed by a disheartening defeat at the Hawthorns. Ed & Paul discuss both games, though they failed to mention that the Hawthorns is the stadium highest above sea level in the country.
Louis van Gaal gets hammered, as—for some reason—does Wayne Rooney. Juan Mata’s ridiculousness is cursed, but hypocritically, ridiculousness is thoroughly embraced when Ed & Paul answer your questions.

There are previews of the Liverpool and West Ham games to come, though they mostly involve the sound of nails being frantically bitten as the season threatens to come totally off the rails.

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RedG - March 8, 2016 Reply

Was surprised to see that the philosophy doesn’t cover playing with 10 men.

Thorsten Soentjens - March 8, 2016 Reply

double post because the team causes double pain????

Thorsten Soentjens - March 9, 2016 Reply

but listening to The Smiths “Heaven knows I`m miserable now” was the most inspiring one ……

Opti - March 10, 2016 Reply

Two losses coming up. Served with a side of Philosophy.

Opti - March 11, 2016 Reply

The appetizer served up at Anfield today was a van Gaal speciality….

I honestly had dreams of LvG turning around the United ship this season up until December, but the loss to Sunderland was the drop. Get rid of this absolutely unimaginative and negative management style. Give Giggs a chance to fail rather than watch this slow-motion-worse-than-cholesterol-blocking-lard-molasses-shit-sandwich-of-a-Philosophy /rant

Richard - March 10, 2016 Reply

I actually think we’ll win against Liverpool. Van Gaal or the players whichever way you look at it seem to pull something out sporadically; enough to keep Ed hesitating. We’ll win a spectacular 5-0 aggregate, and then lose to FC Basel in the quarters.

West Ham: if any team has the know how to kill of Bilic’s attacking football and grind out a numbing 0-0 at home it’s Van Gaal’s United!

jack moore - March 11, 2016 Reply

Please make it stop

Sam Riley - March 12, 2016 Reply

You 2 talk about stats way to much. Should be talking about the slow boring no risk style of play. The decision making has not been to bad. The attacking players are doing brilliant considering they touch the ball in an attacking position 3 times a game. And carrick isn’t finished. He isn’t afraid to pass it forward with quality but van gaal just wants it side to side risk free. He has to go, I’m a Manchester lad living in oz and getting up at 4am to watch this shite isn’t worth it any more. First time I’ve listened to this podcast some good points but talk about the football more less stats unless it’s a relevant stat

Ed - March 12, 2016 Reply

How about you set up a podcast and record 255 of them. Then you can talk about whatever you like!

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