Rant Cast 263 – Van Gaal Bus-ted

May 11, 2016 Tags: The Pod 10 comments
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Just when Louis van Gaal’s side has seemingly reached its nadir along comes a fresh blow. The FA Cup semi-final victory over Everton was a high, only partially puncture by a limp home draw against Champions Leicester. In fact, Manchester City’s home draw with Arsenal gave United real hope of making the Champions League and redeeming a season. Then came two dreadful performances on the road: in victory over Norwich City and defeat to West Ham United.

Ed and Paul look back on United’s win at Carrow Road and defeat in East London. Just how has Van Gaal allowed his team to retrench into old habits, even with the injury crisis over and progress supposedly being made? There are your questions and a look ahead to the final game of the Premier League campaign against Bournemouth at Old Trafford.

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bobby noble - May 11, 2016 Reply

Seventeen points behind Leicester and expectations are still too high. Eff off van Gaal.

Ivan G - May 12, 2016 Reply

17 points behind a hard working well organised team that fights for each other, always intent on going forward with a manager who can change tactics and get the best out of at best good players……. sound familiar????…. that’s what WE used to be.
Two things need to happen and quick….. Straight after the FA cup win or loose… thanks and goodbye to LVG….same goes for Woodworm..a ditherer who is costing us big time as getting new players and manager is concerned….. personally hire Mourinio for the short term….. with the intention of a long term appointment when we are reastabished at the top table.
Make no mistake, if Woodwork and LVG carry on we will be a top ten team and that’s it…. is that good enough for a global franchise?????
Come on UTD wake up for Christ sake…. think big and act quick……

Shailesh - May 11, 2016 Reply

Useless Dutch pancake that he is, his pressers are even more irrrrrrrritating !

Ben - May 11, 2016 Reply

WONDERFUL song choice! Great pod again guys.

Marco - May 11, 2016 Reply

What do you lads think of the story that Van Gaal ‘pulled the plug’ on the Sanches transfer? The gutter press are spinning this as evidence that the old fraud will remain in charge for 2016/17. Personally, I think that’s a load of old cobblers but the poison dwarf gives no indication that his infatuation with Van Gaal is diminished in any way. Maybe the shareholders will give him a reality check.

NazManUnited - May 11, 2016 Reply

@UtdRantcast @Teejsound Play in the CL? Can’t beat shit teams away in the PL

SKW - May 12, 2016 Reply

Herrera was awful. Awful.

Can we be done with him, please?

And Rooney, does he pay these commentators to talk about how great a “deep” midfielder he is? He was terrible. Terrible. How is the guy anywhere on the pitch? At all?

Sam - May 14, 2016 Reply

I actually like that you guys are more willing to call it like it is, as opposed to another popular United Podcast I could mention. You guys are never needlessly jerks for the sake of it, you just call a spade a spade.

Sam - May 14, 2016 Reply

Also you handled the Leicester winning the title thing with more grace and dignity than a certain host on this other podcast, lol.

Sam - May 14, 2016 Reply

Oh and I wasn’t the only one who noticed the 3 minutes of dead air at the end of that was I? 😛

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